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  1. As you know jagex tried taking us down and put the rsps scene on flames especially in the r-s discord We are back stronger than ever & here to stay! Stay tuned for [Hidden Content] more details coming soon! Also RuneSuite advertiement bidding ending soon check it out:
  2. welcome to the team champ!
  3. Ace

    hello there

    welcome lmk if you need help with anything
  4. Ace

    Showing off my PC

    Damn im jelly
  5. Ace

    $5 Reuploads

    Channel has not been active for like a year with rsps content thats why its only $5 for now until the channel gets active again Great for new and upcoming servers (will update price when channel gets active again) Buy Now Youtube Channel
  6. Galaxy

    Hey you still haven't look at your pm.

  7. Tyluur

    Change this to ScapeSoft 667 


    This was entirely my project from 2013, my author tags are all across the project. No idea what TelekenesisX is either. Lazarus was me as well. 

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