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  1. Looking for a Dev Partner

    the name alone put me off
  2. gamble ps

    autism speaks
  3. How to run Runite

    Then start simple? You do know that this is too much to handle for newbies right?
  4. Looking for dev

  5. Horizon |OS| Looking for beta testers

    So when will this be leaked?
  6. Vernox#129 [Lost Isle]

    You'll need mongodb and gradle to run this.
  7. Yo, runeleak

    I hope to see more activity but we'll see
  8. Obtaining a YouTube Rank

    You seem like a nice dude
  9. Automatic Member donation

  10. Forum Activity

    Its not really as active as it was once
  11. Genesis Release

    Not really something i would use but nice, and its the wrong section btw
  12. Image format is broken but looks good!
  13. Kandarin - The next OSRS PK server

    Seems like a good server, but osrs pk servers are so overpopulated
  14. 423 topic and 423 Intro

    Hope to see you active!
  15. [2011] HD-PvP: Making Pking Great Again! (NEW)

    Looks good, all the servers you announce are always nice and stable, keep up the good work!