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  1. Following the drama over at r-s the link was removed and thread was closed. Here is the reupload: [Hidden Content] Mirror: [Hidden Content] Thread link: Known Issues: Long delay if player tries to log on too quickly Small issue in ground item updating, items sometimes duplicate (but can't actually be interacted with) Credits (in no particular order after the first 4): Polar - Could not have done it without all his help. Really great guy and I'm lucky to be able to have him as a resource. Kris - Great guy. Incredibly knowledgable and willing to help a ton if you can show you're willing to learn. Inferno Team Arios Team Klem3n Zion Nomac Displee Bart IlluZive (original Arios web design)
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    Shit bro thanks!
  3. show me that hidden content boy
  4. Would love a copy of this looks fucking awesome
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    How to run Runite

    Then start simple? You do know that this is too much to handle for newbies right?
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