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  12. As a two-man crew, we are proud to present to you a list of THIS forum users who have contributed to a greater or lesser extent in the development of our project. ploter, Optimum, Unzy, bracket, Thakiller, Bodih, Mgt Madness, Johnyblob22, biggster, Roy132, chaflie, Quacked, Corey, Professor Oak, A Mage, Mantvis, Graham, Galkon, Format, Zivik, Leon., Makaveli, thim slug, Numbers Thank you on behalf of the World 666 crew. World 666, is a direct project, very firm, which has great hopes, not only as an endless action, but also as learning course of Player vs. Player combat. In our project, you'll get equipment that will never end, and you'll be able to improve your survival skills in real RuneScape during wilderness tours. During the game you will have access to a range of different High-Level equipment for free devoted to e.g. F2P Pking Pure Pking Zerker Pking Barrows Pking Bridding Pking NH Pking Void Pking [video=youtube;chxYGyH-eok][Hidden Content]] After entering the server, players get a few items for the start, where it depends on them in which direction they will go. Of course, they are Maxed on start. Two sigils, and 1 blessed spirit shield. To save the economy of the game, the player will have to create one type of spirit shield, or in the future players will be able to exchange or sell. In addition, he gets 15,000 Blood money. There’s also one Max Cape, And he will have it until the end of his adventures with World 666. Players can add God Capes, or Imbued God Capes, Ava’s accumulator and Assembler to Max Cape, both from Fire Cape and Inferno Cape. At the start they also receive a welcome gift for the Beta. In which there is a randomly generated pet that will follow its owner to the end. After finishing the beta, the only pets you can get come straight from revenants cave (extremely rare). [video=youtube;-veXu7-EYV0][Hidden Content]] Earning game currency on a World 666 server is very simple. The only means of earning is unfortunately in Revenants Cave, by killing players. Or by killing Revenants monsters in this cave, they drop blood money and etherum items. We have created a special system that will help you earn very quickly, with a small commission, but work is a job. No work is disgraceful. By killing a player you can get a single, double or even triple reward, everything depends on your streak: You can sell jars with souls back to Free supplies chest with commision Our server does not have the rank of Donator or Membership, we all dislike when players have extra perks that outweigh our chances. The World666 scheme is mainly Free 2 Play. Do you have any question? Ask them and we will put them here along with the answer to them. From now our updates will be with the included video, reading is boring. That's why it's better to look at it with your own eyes.
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    Mantvis small services.


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