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  1. ruthlessps Release

    Thanks for this
  2. OsWorld Release (LATEST)

    thx for this
  3. Valius - Released

    anyone have website files for this?
  4. Valius - Released

    So this doesnt work?
  5. Anyone download this? if so anyone have the cache?
  6. VernoxHD HELP!

    I was just using XamPP to do a local run on it..
  7. RuneLive [Current OSRS data ~ Elder Maul ~]

    When are you releasing it?
  8. Vernox RS3 Release

    Anyone still have this?
  9. VernoxHD HELP!

    Hey guys, i downloaded this server, got all of the mysql connections correct, even got the site registration working, but for some reason when i try to connect to the server i get error connecting to server, (ive changed ip to my actual up,, even localhost. And changed the ports) i didnt know if anyone had the same problem and fixed it, if so i would love some assistance! Thanks a head of time, And thanks for reading!
  10. VernoxHD - Released

    Cant get my client to work, not sure why
  11. 132 Data

    Thanks for this!
  12. Graardor | Built off Soulsplit

    Really nice! Good luck!
  13. OS-Exile

    Good luck with your project!