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    OSRS Map Editor

    Very nice thanks!
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    Biotech's Introduction

    thanks man!
  3. biotech

    Biotech's Introduction

    Hello everyone my name is Biotech and I am a very very new Dev/Owner I do not know a whole lot yet but am working on learning as much as I can over time. I currently am looking for some people to help me develop my server and help me get it running so I can host it. Im not in this for the money as I work a full time job this is just a passion of mine and I would like to have a good server with a player base that loves it and wants to see it prosper. If anyone wants to help just hmu thanks PS I have a couple different sources that are developed a fair amount one of them has almost all data for raids just missing some of the mapping and then I also have a Ruse source that is developed but I have no idea what went wrong as the databases for it are a little funky at the moment could use some help

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