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    Zaros 666

    This is the 666 Zaros leaked version, not the up to date version, this was sold by Nomac without any rights from the developers that were not paid for their work. In no way, this should be used to establish a real server as is, it needs a lot more work, and there is some bad design choices that needs rework or changing, as well it contains some critical bugs like in the container system. Unfortunately, I am too busy to provide any media right now, if you can find the project thread, then this version should contain most of it. I will try to update it later when I can. Mega: https://mega.nz/file/DUp3RYYD#BL0wZr7hCX4Ybh05hBhGbh7nTUg7aXCqRAObqzoYllA Credits: Nomac for scamming the team GabrielB (Wolfsdarker) Walied RedRune authors for base (even tho we got rid of most of it's code)
  2. Main Features OpenGL backported from 530 (Literally backported, nothing special) New textures and materials system which uses raw PNGs instead of producing the texture in runtime. Js5 master table has been fixed instead of being hard-coded into the client. Uses native libraries from 742 for all OS, so HD compatability won't be an issue. These are the ones on top of my head, there is probably plenty more. Known Bugs There is a small memory Release in some tiles from a certain angle, they are coming from the animated models not being de-allocated immediately but instead it waits for the GC to call finialize(). There is alpha issue with trees and bushes, which causes edges to seem not seamless and have a gap in-between. HD water have a small bug related to matrices, it is using the wrong matrix for some of the transformations, HD water is disabled by default. There are still tiny connectivity issues that can be easily fixed. Disclaimer I have not touched the server much in this source, I was mainly a client developer with weird requests to do. Use at your OWN risk This client is by no means finished or ready to host, if you don't know how to fix these bugs, then just don't bother using if you care about perfection. The client is currently unstable and has few memory releases. Links https://mega.nz/file/CJAFhCBC#gZuMSwcYj3fS6NimAb9uZdmRXgi-cNaLAyOOyV09NxM
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    Good one

    Not bad, i like it
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    Hi everyone, It's Walied here, Hopefully a better community
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    Hello everyone, my name is Walied as it says, I am 17 years, i have not been active much on another community due to lack of people with knowledge in there, only a bit at rune-server, so hopefully i'll find something different with this community.
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