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  1. RSPSi Map Editor v1.0

  2. OsWorld Release (LATEST)

  3. OSRS Map Editor

  4. 718 /rs3 client

    It's the same client you sell retard
  5. SCAPEHD Released

    ?XD ?XD ?XD ?XD ?XD
  6. SCAPEHD Released

  7. 718 /rs3 client

    What bugs do you encounter?
  8. 718 /rs3 client

    I think you can use it on every server, with the right definitions. You need the right cache aswell thou. Example server Hyperion,Edelar I did not test this client. I just deobfuscate so people can see the code and can make this shit client better
  9. 718 /rs3 client

    here you go (it's an easy site where you don't need register for uploading thats why )
  10. 718 /rs3 client

    [Hidden Content] This is a 718 client which supports 830+ textures/maps/item/npcs and objects. How do I get the code? I decompiled a client from a server with weak obfuscation, and reverse engineered it. I release this because to many people make a lot of money by selling this client (idk why they sell something that isn't theirs). Have funn with it, Might not work for you. But you can see the code to change your client. virus scan content
  11. hi

    lmao yolo
  12. hi

    lmao yolo