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  1. Hey guys, This weeks update features plenty of new wilderness content, including the Revenant caves and the Mage Arena II mini-quest! You’ll be able to unlock those cool new imbued god capes, or explore the Revenant caves in pursuit of profit or bloody keys. It’s also officially December, and that means Christmas is right around the corner! As always, we’ll be working on a Christmas event for all of you to enjoy over the holidays. Bloody key update: Similarly to emblems, bloody keys can no longer be protected on death. They will always be dropped on the ground. This makes things more interesting if a player with no risk (<3 items and not skulled) manages to pick up a key in the wilderness, as the looter is still at risk of losing their key. Tradable: Considering the previous mechanic (where you can obtain bloody keys by killing a player), it only makes sense that these keys become tradable. Bloody key risk: A value of 500,000 has been given to each key to increase your risked wealth (or your victim’s) for PKP calculation purposes. Mage Arena II: Kolodion has a new challenge for those powerful enough to participate — players with level 75 Magic can embark on a new mini-quest by visiting the Mage Arena. You’ll be tasked with finding and defeating God demons that are hidden throughout the wilderness, with the help of an enchanted symbol which will help you locate them. The locations of these demons often changes, and anyone in the wilderness carrying the enchanted symbol will be notified of this change. Refer to the chart below for approximate possible spawn locations: [Hidden Content] After defeating all 3 Demons(Light, Darkness and Balance), you’ll be able to upgrade your God cape to an Imbued God cape which provides the best bonuses of all 3 regular God capes. Note: You’ll have to use the specific spell for that god: Demon of Light — Saradomin Strike Demon of Darkness — Flames of Zamorak Demon of Balance — Claws of Guthix The demons are very powerful. They can hit up to 43, can use Ice barrage to freeze you, and can even tele-block you for 1 minute. You can also use a Twisted bow on these demons. Any other spell/weapon will prove to be nearly impossible at harming these demons. With this new quest, you won’t be able to purchase/wear the Quest cape until it is completed. Imbued capes: You can convert your Imbued god capes to Imbued Max capes by using the cape on a max cape. God spell changes: You are no longer required to wear god capes to cast god spells. Only the staff for each respective spell. Miscellaneous: Fixed a Herblore bug where you could not see the error message stating your level is too low to make a potion. Staff update: ::giverandom will no longer work on staff members. Revenants cave: A new wilderness cave has been uncovered! Spanning between wilderness levels 17 and 40, this multi-combat cave is home to dangerous Revenants with some interesting rewards for those who are brave enough to enter. The cave is large and contains many normal NPCs such as Hellhounds, dragons, demons and more, but venture deeper into the cave and you will find an area haunted by Revenants waiting to claim lives. Entrances: Two entrances exist in the wilderness: 1. Level 17 Wilderness, slightly north-east of the Dark Warrior’s Fortress. Can be reached by way of Revenant teleport scroll 2. Level 40 Wilderness, slightly south-east of the Lava Maze. Revenants: Revenants are dangerous enemies that can attack with all three combat styles. They also have the ability to heal themselves at low health, as well as being able to freeze their opponents. These are dangerous enemies and should be treated as such! Salve amulets (both the regular and (e) version) will provide Attack/Strength boosts against these creatures (15/20% respectively), as they are indeed undead. Shortcuts: The dungeon is filled with shortcuts to get around more quickly and to make for escapes. These shortcuts all required higher Agility levels, ranging from level 65 to 89. Drops: Bloody key: Unlike the OSRS revenants, Alora’s revenants have a chance at dropping a full bloody key! Heightening the rewards for these creatures, as well as the risk. Remember, keys will always drop on death if you are killed. Revenant teleport scroll: A scroll which teleports you to the level 17 Wilderness entrance. Revenant ether: Used to charge the Bracelet of Ethereum. Tradable. Bracelet of ethereum: A bracelet which can be charged with Revenant ether (can hold up to 16,000 charges) and protects you from damage from revenants while equipped. (1 charge = 1 attack) Tradable. Ancient emblems/totems/statuettes: These ancient artifacts can be exchanged with the Revenant Cave Emblem trader, who roams around the northern part of the Revenants cave, for (all halved on Classic mode): Emblem: 2.5m Totem: 5m Statuette: 10m Ancient crystal: Can be used to create an Obelisk within a Superior garden of your Player-Owned House. Other: Dragon skirt, platelegs, dagger, longsword, 2h sword Rune equipment Noted battlestaffs Noted supplies Magic seeds Slayer tasks: Krystilia can now assign revenants as a Slayer task. Any revenant can be killed to satisfy this task. House update: Obelisks can now be created in your Superior garden by using four Ancient crystals (Revenant drop) along with 4 Marble blocks. You must have level 80 Construction to build this. Grotesque Guardians display: Using the Jar of Stone drop from Grotesque Guardians (and the other requirements), you can now set up a new Display case in your Achievement room! Client fix: Some dungeon entrances were showing up on the minimap as battlestaff icons. These have been fixed and you should now see the dungeon icon with a blue arrow. Enjoy Please report any bugs that you may come across. Regards, Omicron
  2. Hey guys, Today’s update includes many necessary bug fixes and changes (such as with solo raids), as well as some content that we’ve seen requested for a long time (eg. Classic trading post). Additionally, a client update has been pushed with a highly useful QOL update which allows you to use your keyboard numbers to select dialogue options. We’re also working on a few other pieces of big content in the background which will be out later this week, including Mage Arena 2 and possibly the Revenant caves if you guys would like to see this in Alora. Released just days ago on OSRS, the Revenant caves have been a bit controversial due to their drop table which has the possibility of hitting drops such as 100 x Dragon Plateskirts. Although rare, these drops are considered by some to be over-powered which is why we need to poll this update. Vote above and let us know what you think! Classic Trading Post: The long awaited Classic mode Trading post has been released! You can now trade items with other Classic players. Of course, the items listed here are completely separate from the original Trading post. You won’t see normal player’s items, and vice versa. Besides this, it will work exactly the same as the original system. Raids changes: Reward changes: We’ve increased the drop rate for rare loot in Raids, across the board. You are now more likely to receive loot in all scenarios. Bug fixes: Fixed an uncommon bug in Raids that would break the session. Fixed a bug with getting stuck on the tightrope in the final room. Overload pickup bug: If you tried to pick up an overload with a full inventory, and then made space for the overload it would tell you that you already picked one up. This has been fixed. Solo raid changes: Making solo raids more feasible has long been requested, so we’ve made some changes to appease players who are interested in raiding on their own: The hitpoints of enemies in a solo raid are now up to 25% lower. This includes the hitpoints for Olm. During the Vanguard phase, solo raiders are now allowed a bit more lenience when it comes to the Vanguards’ HP regeneration. In a normal raid, if the hitpoints of all 3 Vanguards are not within 25% of each other, they all heal. In a solo raid, this number is raised to 35% to make it a bit easier. Ahrim’s staff update: The staff has been one of the worst Magic weapons in-game and not deserving of being a Barrows weapon. Due to this, we’ve followed OSRS’s footsteps and updated the weapon: The staff is now single-handed instead of two-handed, making it much more useful as it can be used with a shield. The staff now provides a 5% Magic damage boost. Bandos godsword update: The BGS has also been a weapon that dulled in comparison to its counterparts. To combat this, we’ve made the special attack take 50% rather than 65% of the special energy (as per OSRS’ update), which matches the energy requirement for all other godswords. Ring of wealth (i) on death update: This ring would be lost on death in PvP if not protected, due to it reverting to a regular Ring of wealth. Considering it is a donation item for ironmen and the reverted version is essentially worthless, this item will now be added to the untradeable shop just as it would be in a PvM death. Miscellaneous: Veteran/Ex-staff ranks as a secondary will no longer over-ride staff (and other) ranks in-game (particularly when using ::yell). Grotesque Guardians fixes: Dawn will no longer appear at home in the death area. Marble gargoyles will now drop brittle keys as well, but at a higher rate than normal gargoyles (2x as likely) Thermonuclear smoke devil change: The respawn time for this boss has been changed to 10 seconds to allow players to kill it more easily. The Birthday event has been removed. Construction fix: An issue with the cape rack not removing your cape has been fixed. Fixed a no-clip bug with a trapdoor near GE. Fixed a bug with certain dialogues not closing when clicking “continue” or the space bar For example, if you tried to open the Crystal chest without a key, it would send you a dialogue that could not be closed unless you walked somewhere. A miscellaneous Zulrah error has been fixed. A miscellaneous bug with the ::yell command has been fixed. Grotesque guardian changes: Slayer task: You can now receive a Grotesque guardians slayer task. The experience/deduction will be applied after defeating both bosses. Additionally, if you are on a gargoyle task, you can kill the guardians instead. In this case, the deaths of both guardians will be counted. House update: You can now kick players from your house. Simply use the right-click “Kick” option and your player will chase after the other player until you reach them, at which point they’ll be kicked. Members of the owner's clan can also kick from the house provided they have the minimum kick rank requirement (follows the clan chat settings) PvM Lectern fix: Some bosses were bugged due to the use of a cannon. For example, if your cannon started damaging a boss, the time at which you started attacking the boss would not register. So if it takes you 1 minute to kill the boss, but your cannon did the first 30 seconds, your kill time would be 30 seconds. We’ve fixed this bug, and we’ve tried to remove all known unrealistic kill times from the PvM lectern. Combat/Wilderness updates: Combat fixes: Freezing fix: A bug which caused players to still continue running to their destination even if they get frozen has been fixed. A frozen player will now be stopped right in their tracks as soon as the freeze lands. PJ timer changes in Edgeville: The PJ timer is currently set to ~5 seconds all across the Wilderness. This is still the default PJ timer, but for players in Edgeville (up to level 10 wilderness), the timer has been doubled to 10 seconds to make PJing less of a grievance in 1v1 fights. Wilderness updates: Bloody chest: Loot rate update: The loot rate from the chest has been heavily increased across the board, making it easier to get worthwhile rewards from the bloody chest. Make sure to try your luck at opening the chest after this update! Skulling function/warning: You will now be skulled once you open the bloody chest. Before you open the chest, you will be warned that you will be skulled (if not already skulled). If you are already skulled, no warning will be issued. Bloody keys spawn: To make the wilderness more eventful, we’ve added a new hourly event in which players will be able to get a free key in the wilderness! Every 45-75 minutes, an announcement will be made to all players that a key will spawn at a certain location in 3 minutes. Eg. “News: A Bloody key will appear at the Rogue’s castle in 3 minutes.” This will give players a bit of time to prepare and gather supplies in case they encounter any fights on the way to obtain the key. The location of the key is random and the locations available are spread across the wilderness. With that being said, most of the locations are deeper in the wilderness. Client updates: QOL updates: Welcome screen “Space-to-continue” This means you won’t have to click the “Play” button on the welcome screen to get into the game. Just hit space! 1-2-3-4-5 keyboard keys: You can now use the number keys on your keyboard to select dialogue options rather than having to click them! This works for all dialogues, and combined with space-to-continue, you’ll never have to use your mouse again for dialogues. Mini-map icon fix: Some of you may have noticed that the minimap has been missing the icons (bank/poll booth/cooking ranges/etc) for quite some time now. This broke awhile back and I hadn’t noticed until recently. It has been fixed for the entire map. Client timer fixes: The way that client timers are initiated has been redone. This is primarily intended to fix the bug where a player could yell “Oh dear, you are dead!” which would cause your death timer to show up. This will no longer happen. Client background/logo update: The background/logo on the client have both been updated to match the most recent homepage/forum design. Forum updates: The profile photo upload limit has been increased from 500kb to 2,000kb. Additionally, some groups were only able to upload a 150x150 photo, but this has been increased to 200x200 for all groups. Before and after: Enjoy Regards, Omicron
  3. Hello everyone, I apologize for the late update! Of course, yesterday was Alora’s birthday, and I wanted to push the update then but was conflicted between continuing to work on Grotesque Guardians or just pushing the event by itself. I decided it’d be a much nicer update to have the new gargoyle bosses released alongside the birthday event, and that is why it was postponed. Nonetheless, the update is here and you’ll be able to participate in the event and hunt down those new gargoyle bosses right after! Note: You will need a client update to play following this update! For most of you, this simply means restarting the client and clicking "Yes" when asked if you want to update. For those of you who have the RAR client, you'll need to re-download it manually from the client page. Miscellaneous: Duel arena fix: Items can no longer be picked up or dropped within the Duel arena. Engine performance update: We’ve made some changes to the game engine in hopes of reducing the processing delay of players every cycle. We’re going to continue to monitor this and make the necessary changes to ensure that the server doesn’t lag after extended periods of uptime. Trade interface fix: Very often in-game, the second trade window would say “You are about to trade: Item” without listing the items in the trade, or would show “Trading with: Other” instead of the other player’s name. Both of these issues have been fixed. Thieving update: You can now thieve cakes from the Ardougne cake stalls with level 5 Thieving. Lost items shop update: New items that will be protected upon death: Jonas mask: Reclaim cost: 250k Birthday hat: Reclaim cost: 250k Zulrah fix: Sometimes, Zulrah would be invisible once it goes down under and wouldn’t come back up again for a long time. This should no longer happen, and you’ll be able to see Zulrah as soon as it comes back up. Inferno fix: JalTok-Jad should no longer go invisible in the final wave. Birthday Event: Claus the Chef is distressed and in need of help! He’s preparing a huge cake for all of Alora to celebrate, but can’t seem to get it right without special ingredients. Talk to Claus in Edgeville, near the western house (where the cooking range is) to see what he needs to make the birthday cake for this year’s celebration. You’ll be sent on a journey across Alora to obtain these items, but you’ll be rewarded with a cool celebratory item that will help you remember this event for years to come! Store update: The Halloween sale has been extended as it overlaps with the Birthday event — but we’ve also added an exclusive Birthday item to the store! Birthday balloons: These tradable balloons will be available in the store for the next few days until the sale ends. Grotesque Guardians: Recently released in OSRS, this pair of Gargoyles — Dawn and Dusk — terrorize the rooftop of the Slayer tower. You’ll need to find a brittle key — occasionally dropped by regular Gargoyles at a rate of about 1/121, to unlock the portal to access the roof. These gargoyles are highly unusual, and you’ll need stay on your toes while fighting them to make sure that you can leave the rooftop alive! Notable Rewards: Granite dust: You can mix this dust with Cannonballs to make Granite cannonballs. These cannonballs have a max hit of 35 rather than the usual max hit of 30. You can only have one type of cannonball in your cannon, so if you still have 10 regular cannonballs left in your cannon, you’ll need to fire them all before loading any granite balls, and vice-versa. Granite hammer: A hammer requiring level 50 attack and strength, with a special attack that has one powerful swing at 50% increased accuracy, requiring 60% special energy. Granite gloves: Gloves requiring level 50 defence, slightly superior to Adamant gloves. Granite ring: A ring requiring level 50 defence. Can be imbued with a scroll, effectively doubling its bonuses. Black tourmaline core: Can be merged with Bandos boots, leaving you with Guardian boots — which have the best defensive melee bonus in-game. Jar of stone Noon: Arguably the coolest looking pet now available in Alora, which can also be changed to it’s gargoyle variant, Midnight, through the metamorphosis option! Notes: This is a safe death, which means you’ll keep your items, BUT a dangerous one for HCIM who will lose their rank if they die here. You’ve been warned. Level 75 Slayer is required to enter the portal. Another huge thanks to @Chase for the wonderful work on the homepage slogan (Grotesque guardians await you)! Good luck with the birthday event & gargoyle hunting! Enjoy Omicron
  4. Hey guys, Today’s update brings with it a few Halloween events, including the ability to find some rare pumpkins if you search diligently through the world! You’ll also have the chance to help out the Grim reaper, who is located at home in Edgeville, to stop something devastating from happening this Halloween. Halloween updates: Pumpkin season! There are several locations around the world where pumpkins have been witnessed growing from the ground! These are not easy to find, and will likely not re-appear in the same place twice. Get hunting, and find yourself a pumpkin to call yours! Hints: Pumpkins will grow near grassy areas (usually the greenest areas), typically not too far off the beaten track. This means that you won’t find them in areas that are unused/unreachable in Alora (eg. Priffidinas), but you could find them near the boundaries of a city in a place that would not be frequented. Think outside the box! There are only a limited number of pumpkins existing in the world at any given time. Once one is found, another will respawn elsewhere. It is unlikely for a pumpkin to spawn in the same spot twice, although it is possible, just not right after it is picked up (some time must have passed). Jonas event: The Grim Reaper has had a thorn in his side which he hasn’t been able to shake off! As you will soon find out, not all ghosts are friendly, and a particular ghost — Jonas — has been attempting to escape the spectral realm. You’ll have to use your cleverness to solve some riddles and find all of the locations where Jonas’ ghost has been before he is able to escape. Some areas are outside of the usually travelled parts of Alora, (eg. In the desert), so make sure to keep your horizons broad to solve these riddles! Website updates: Halloween additions: You have probably noticed the slightly spookier than usual logo. Big thanks to @Chase for designing it! You’ll also notice some bats flying around on the homepage! Store updates: Marble blocks can now be purchased by ironman / classics. Halloween/Birthday Store Sale: Double token bonuses: Buying tokens will now reward you with double the usual boost: For example, buying $40 worth of tokens would get you 50 free tokens. Instead of 50, you’ll get 100 tokens while this sale lasts! For a limited time, the following items are available in the shop: Black h’ween mask Jack lantern mask Scythe General updates: Food: Baguettes are now edible Pumpkins are now edible Superior Slayer encounters fix: When being faced with a Superior Slayer encounter and having immediately teleported before, the encounter would sometimes spawn in the newly teleported area (eg. Your house, or Edgeville). This will no longer happen, as the encounter will only spawn near the location where the Slayer NPC had died. Scythe holding animation fixed Construction head mounts permanently fixed: KBD head, Abyssal demon head, KQ head, Kurask head, Basilisk head, Cockatrice head Clan chat fix: Staff/support ranks will now override ironman/classic symbols in clan chat messages Secateurs added to the following shops (for Construction build requirements): Farming supply shop Classic supply shop Ironman supply shop Light ballista update: This ballista can now fire Dragon javelins. Herb sack fix: Herb sack is no longer stackable. Herb sack should now go to the lost items shop if lost on death, although all items within will be dropped. Bonus XP change: If you go AFK and leave your account logged in, your bonus XP will eventually stop going down (after a few minutes of being AFK). This way, even if you leave your account logged in, your bonus XP won’t run out for no reason. To get you guys started, I’ll give away the location of the first pumpkin. Remember, once this one is picked up it won’t spawn here again! Good luck Happy Halloween! Omicron
  5. Hello everyone, Today’s the day! Construction is now officially released; let’s dive right into it! First of all, I’d like to apologize for the delay in bringing this update to all of you, I would’ve liked to have released it much earlier but we had other updates prioritized over construction for awhile, combined with other things that came up and slowed progress. Thanks to everyone for being patient and not turning construction into a meme. Well, that last part isn’t entirely true.. Nonetheless, the update is finally here and ready to be enjoyed! With this being said, we’re also getting into the swing of more frequent updates, and you can expect a Halloween event very shortly Most of this update is related to Construction, but we’ve also managed to throw in a few bug fixes and small QOL updates alongside that. This skill is huge, and I am expecting there to be at least a handful of bugs, so as always, please do report those as soon as you can so that we can get them patched up! Server updates: Item requirement fixes: Dragonhide bodies (g) These items had missing requirements, such as the Black d’hide body (g) not requiring 40 defence or 70 ranged. Light infinity bottoms: This item now requires level 25 defence and 50 magic. Slayer helmet All of these helmets now require 13 defence to wear. Heavy/Light ballista: Although these items technically don’t have a requirement on OSRS, you need to fully finish Monkey Madness 1 & 2 to equip them, which includes receiving a defence experience reward which would bring you to 33 defence. This requirement has been added to the item to balance out pure PvP. White armour: All pieces of white metal armour now require 10 defence to wear. Shayzien armour: All pieces now require 20 defence to wear. Arcane spirit shield: Previously required 75 Defence, 75 Ranged (?). Now requires 75 Defence, 70 Prayer, 65 Magic as intended. Construction preparation package: Plank making: The sawmill operator north-east of Varrock can now can now turn your logs into planks! For a cost, of course: Normal logs - 1,000 gp each Oak logs - 2,500 gp each Teak logs - 5,000 gp each Mahogany logs - 15,000 gp each Plank Make spell: The lunar spellbook will now allow higher donator ranks to cast the Plank Make spell to quickly turn your inventory of logs into planks! The cost of making planks is 70% of what the Sawmill operator would typically charge. For example, Normal logs would be 700 gp each rather than 1,000! Normal logs: Super+ Oak logs: Extreme+ Teak logs: Legendary+ Mahogany logs: Uber+ Tree health: The following trees will now last longer: Mahogany: Over 4 times longer Teak: 1.5x longer Mahogany trees: Mahogany trees can now be cut down! You can find these trees in their usual spots around OSRS, as well as a few trees that have been added to the Donator Zone. (2 on the south side of the island, and 3 on the north) Fixed donator zone wall clipping bug (near Slayer master) Clan chat icons: When speaking in a clan chat, your rank icon (eg. Classic, Donator, Veteran, etc) will show next to your message, similarly to yell. Bonus Slayer points event: Administrators will now be able to enable bonus Slayer points for weekend events! Miscellaneous: Herb sack will now go to the lost items shop for 250K GP. Ironman fix: When creating new accounts, ironman ranks would be added as secondary groups, when they should be primary. This has been fixed. De-ironing bugs have also been fixed. Any ironman who could not properly de-iron should now be able to. Any bugged HCIM (eg. Died and weren’t de-HCIM’d) are now regular ironman. Stomp animation blocked within wilderness (it was causing delayed movement with special attacks which made rushing much harder to notice) Skeletal wyvern hint message for Slayer fixed. Double doors can now be opened on higher planes (2nd/3rd floors of buildings) Fixed dice bag turning into Granite clamp placeholder occasionally when withdrawn from the bank Super Mystery boxes buffed: Super Mystery boxes have been buffed to give less junk items (eg. Single barrows pieces) and will now give rarer items more often. Diamond bolt fix: Regular diamond bolts (not the (e) version) were very underpowered due to incorrect ranged strength bonuses. This has been corrected. Bond opening bug: If you were an Uber donator and opened a bond, you would be set back to Legendary. This has been fixed. Staff update:. ::giverandom This command can be used to induce a random event on a player who is not in the wilderness, not in combat, and who has not had a random event within the past 5 minutes. Clue scroll updates: Clue scroll steps reduced to match OSRS: Elite scrolls: Reduced from 7-11 steps to 5-7 steps Clue scroll emote performance QOL: When performing certain clue scroll emotes (eg. Cheering at Druid’s circle), the area in which the emote would work was very small. This has been slightly increased for most clues. Farming update: Compost has been added to Vanessa’s shop. This is also used to build certain objects in construction. Birds nest update: Nests are now slightly more common, and the chance to get a good nest (eg. An egg, ring, etc) has been increased as well. Gods egg offering update: Offering gods eggs now has a much higher chance of giving Evil chicken outfit pieces (3x as likely) Construction: The long-awaited Construction skill is now released! There are so many details and aspects of Construction that are nearly impossible to list on this update thread, but general features include: All rooms functional (main floor / upstairs) All objects within rooms buildable This includes special achievements objects such as hanging a KQ or KBD head in your house! Public/private houses — chose to have guests visit your house and kick them out whenever you’d like. House tab setting between Edgeville/house Right-click your house tab to set whether you want it to take you home or to your house! House pet: Why shouldn’t Construction have its own pet? We don’t see any reason why not! The luckiest of players will obtain the House pet while building any piece of furniture within their house! Note: Having a gold hammer in your inventory or bank will increase your chance of obtaining this pet by 20%! Construction supplies: The Estate agent has 3 shops for Construction supplies: (all available to Ironmen/Classic players) 1. Basic supplies (Saw, Hammer, Soft clay, Nails, Bolts of cloth, Limestone, Granite, etc) 2. Garden supplies (Bagged hedges, trees, flowers, etc) 3. Exclusives (Gold leaves, Skulls, Clockworks, Paintings, etc) Supplies not in the shop(s): Magic stones / Marble blocks: Both of these items are not in the shop, but they can be obtained through the following methods: Many NPCs will drop them from the Rare Drop Table (RDT) (shared by most NPCs) The Ring of wealth (i) can increase your chances to hit the Rare Drop Table. The Magic stone is far less common than the marble blocks. Both items are possible rewards from the Crystal key chest at home Both items can also be purchased from the web shop Max cape changes: With the introduction of Construction, it will now be a requirement for the Max cape! Anyone who has the cape will no longer be able to equip it until they master the latest skill. This also applies to the Completionist monkey. Pools of energy: Pools that restore all kinds of energy (special, run, prayer, stats, hitpoints) can be built by all players in your house. As you all know, donators already have a rejuvenation pool in Edgeville to use with a 3 minute cooldown. With this in mind, we will allow non-donaters to build/use pools in the house but the delay will be as follows: Non-donator house pool: 7 mins cooldown Edgeville donator pool: 3 mins cooldown Donator house pool: 1 min 30 secs cooldown Fishing trophies: There is a rare chance you might find a larger than usual fish the next time you go fishing! Big bass, Big swordfish and Big sharks are now lurking in the waters and can be occasionally caught. These larger fish can then be hung up on the wall in the Skill hall of your house. Rates: Big bass: 0/950 Big swordfish: 0/2250 Big shark: 0/4500 Note: You can also now hang up your monster heads on your wall in your house! Eg. KQ or KBD heads Demon swords: Demons across the world now have a slim chance of dropping swords that can be hung up in your house: Darklight, Excalibur, Silverlight Demons that drop these, from greatest chance to lowest: Crystal demons, Black demons, Greater demons, Lesser demons House altar bonus experience: Altars: Oak altar - 0% bonus experience Teak altar - 10% Cloth altar - 12.5% Mahogany altar - 15% Limestone altar - 20% Marble altar - 25% Gilded altar - 30% Incense: Any of the 3 incense burners (torches/candles don’t count) boost the base experience by the following percentages when they are lit up: 1 burner: 25% 2 burners: 50% Note: Ironman and Classic players cannot use other people’s gilded altars, only those in their own house. Pet house: You can now place pets inside your menagerie, and whenever you enter your house you will find them roaming freely within the menagerie room! To reclaim these pets, simply click on the pet house and select “Remove pet” to view the list of pets. You can have up to 8 pets inside your Pet house depending on the type of house. Oak - 2 Teak - 3 Mahogany - 4 Consecrated - 5 Desecrated - 6 Nature house - 8 Servants: You can hire a servant by speaking to the Estate agent! There are five servants: Rick (level 20) 2,500 coins Cost per item: 50gp Trip time: 60s Maid (level 25) 5,000 coins Cost per item: 60gp Trip time: 30s Cook (level 30) 15,000 coins Cost per item: 100gp Trip time: 17s Butler (level 40) 5,000 coins Cost per item: 150gp Trip time: 12s Demon butler (level 50) 10,000 coins Cost per item: 250gp Trip time: 7s Features: Follows the owner around the house Fetch materials from the bank for a cost: (time taken / cost to retrieve listed above) Planks (all types) Soft clay Limestome bricks Steel bars Bolts of cloth Gold leaves Marble blocks Magic stones Un-notes items Any item can be un-noted (except bones), taking the same amount of time as fetching from the bank (and same cost) Payment: The cost for the servant is taken every 8 times they perform a service. For example, after the Butler fetches items from your bank 8 times, the Butler will ask for payment of 5,000gp. If denied, your Butler will quit and you will have to pay the House agent for a new one. Missing features: Construction is such a huge skill and it was truly the most time consuming piece of content that I’ve ever worked on for Alora. I tried to fit in as many features and complete as much of the skill as I could, but we’ve taken enough time to create this skill and there are of course some pieces missing. There are many things you can do inside your house. As previously mentioned, not every single thing is functional, as some things would take too much development time and not provide much content. For example, the games room works in that you can create all of the objects, but you can’t actually play the games within it. Many things do work, though, such as: Cape rack, Boss topiary, Boss display, Boxing ring, Gilded altars and more. For the sake of this post not turning into an essay, I’ll let you guys figure it all out yourselves. The largest, and arguably only important piece of content that is missing at the moment is the ability to build dungeon rooms, which will be released in a future update once we’ve worked through any bugs presented with the current release. Store updates: Pharaoh’s sceptre: A new custom item is now available on Alora! Found exclusively in the donation store, the Pharaoh’s sceptre is a unique item which has a god-like “hovering” animation when equipped. Construction supplies: Gold leaf Package of 80 leaves for 80 tokens Marble blocks Package of 25 blocks for 100 tokens Magic stones Package of 5 blocks for 150 tokens Crystal saw / Golden hammer These items are sold for 100 / 120 tokens each, respectively: Both items remove the requirement for a saw/hammer to be in your inventory while building in your house, as long as you have them in your bank. The Crystal saw also provides an invisible +3 Construction boost (can be in your bank) The Golden hammer increases your chance to receive the House pet by 25% (can be in your bank) Website updates: Highscores fix: Some players (newly created accounts) were not showing on Hiscores — this has been fixed. Some usernames were showing on multiple pages (eg. On the Fishing high scores, some users with 200m exp would show up on both page 1 and 2) Search fix: 3-letter usernames can now be searched through the forums. Client updates: Ability to tweak volume in the client: Due to request by a user who could not adjust the volume to their liking, we’ve added finer tuning with these commands: ::musicvolume [0-255] ::soundvolume [0-127] ::areavolume [0-127] Screenshot command: (Thanks to @ for the detailed suggestion!) You can now take a screenshot of the client window without the need of any third-party applications! Simple type ::screenshot, ::screeny, or ::screen to take a picture of the window. This will be saved into your cache folder, which is typically located in: Windows: C:/aloracache/screenshots Mac: /Users/*your_name*/aloracache/screenshots If the file cannot be saved (unlikely, but possible) you will receive a red message in-game to notify you that it was not saved. Thank you to everyone who helped with testing (Big shoutout to @@error and @Haris) and @ for helping out with graphics! What are you waiting for? Start building that mansion! Enjoy Regards, Omicron
  6. Hello everyone, The website store has been long overdue for an update, and today that has finally happened! We hope that the store update improves your experience, as we've designed it to be less cluttered, easier to navigate and quicker to use. The core functionality of the shop has not changed very much and the update is mostly visual, but be sure to look over the update for a few important changes. In other news... Construction progress is coming along wonderfully! We've made great progress on a few new things such as having rooms on the second floor, changing the look/location/style of your house, plank making (as well as the plank make spell), and many more functionalities such as being able to expel guests from your house and locking/unlocking your house to visitors. We're getting very close to release, so stock up on logs/planks and other supplies, it won't be long Store updates: The store on the website has been given a much needed, huge makeover. The previously cluttered store was hard to navigate, and every action took awhile (since the page needed to refresh). The new design features: Sleek, clean design with larger item images, easier navigation and much more to provide a better experience and match the current website theme. Auto-refreshing cart When adding/removing items to your cart or emptying it, you no longer have to refresh the page. This should make the shop experience far more convenient and less time consuming. Quantity selector with total price shown Ironman symbols: Instead of having ironman/classic tabs, you can now see which items you can purchase in the shop if they have the ironman symbol next to their name. These tabs were previously confusing for regular players since they weren’t sure if they were able to buy items from the Ironman tab. FAQ Page: A table has been added to show all of the donator benefits clearly/neatly laid out side by side. Important changes: Bond changes: The way you buy bonds has changed. You can no longer buy them with tokens, but you can buy them directly with PayPal or BMT (similarly to how dice bags used to work). Dice bag changes: Dice bag can now be bought with tokens. Its price has been increased to account for the fact that you get bonus tokens when you buy tokens, but not when you bought the dice bag in the past. As always, any bugs with the new shop should be reported immediately. Enjoy! Regards, Omicron
  7. Hello everyone, In today’s update, many of you will be happy to know that the Trading post tax has been knocked down from 5% to 2.5%! This means you’ll now barely notice it, as it is exactly half of what it was initially. We monitored the speed at which gold was generated and removed from the economy, and with all the gold sinks (including: tax, well of goodwill, banned accounts being wiped, etc) we’ve actually seen our gold economy slightly shrink. This wasn’t necessarily the goal of the TP tax, although we did need a way to slow the growth of the economy, which we believe a 2.5% tax should achieve just fine and keep prices stable. This update is not as large as usual of course, but we’re focusing all of our resources on Construction at the moment, so this is mostly an update to push out some necessary bug fixes. You can see the progress on Construction here: [Hidden Content] Trading post tax reduced: The % of your sale that goes to tax has been reduced from 5% to 2.5%. New shop item: We can’t get Fossil island out right now due to the full focus on construction, but we know that many of you would love to get your hands on one of the new items in the meantime! Ancient wyvern shield ~ 850 tokens This shield is one of the best Magic shields in the game, with stats comparable to that of the Arcane spirit shield when fully charged. Similar to the Anti-dragon shield, you also receive dragonfire protection wearing this shield. Inferno fixes: Fixed not being able to see the boss on the far right side Fixed distraction monsters on final wave not retaliating to you if you hit them with magic Previous update bug fixes: Redwoods ladder in Woodcutting guild has been fixed Donator zone fixes/changes: The fire has been moved into the bank and other random objects have been removed to make space for it. Slayer master’s (Steve) right click options have been fixed (trade/assignment/rewards) Furnace in DZ is now working Opal crafting has been fixed ::shops command will now bring Ironman to Paul instead of the shop room Godsword special attack animations fixed: For some reason, the previous update broke the old animation ids for the Godsword special attacks. We’ve grabbed the latest ones and pushed the fix. Donator Zone new additions: Rejuvination pool Nurse Altar Battle royale fix: Pressing the ESC key to close the viewing orb interface is now blocked. Object examines added: Objects now have proper examine text! Miscellaneous: Fixed Skotizo randomly despawning on players sometimes (not World skotizo, but player-spawned skotizos) Grim reaper hood is now tradable Fixed killstreak announcements showing the player’s rank instead of their icon (eg. OWNEROmicron just shutdown X’s kill streak) Keep an eye out for construction information soon Enjoy! Regards, Omicron
  8. The long awaited Construction is almost here!
  9. Hey everyone, are you interested in winning 3 bonds on Alora? If so, comment your in-game name in this thread to enter for a chance to win! Note: The winners will be chosen September 15th!