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  1. The 2nd Birthday drop party begins in 1.5 hours from this post! Be sure to check out Lowkey's birthday stream: Happy Second Birthday Alora! 🎂 [Hidden Content]
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  4. Hello everyone, Today’s update consists of some general bug fixes and QOL that have been long overdue, as well a bit of new content to freshen things up! The next few weeks, we’ll also be pushing out more bug fixes by going through the suggestion list. In other news… While our priorities at the moment are to fix up the bugs and to get those QOL updates out, we’ll also be working on improving the client (adding new plugins), as well as exploring the possibility of a seasonal tournament system on Alora (similar to DMM) somewhere down the road. This sort of system would offer a cash reward for the winner, and would be run every few months. We’ll post more details soon with our ideas for it (and allow you to chip in with yours) once we’re closer to that being a reality Loyalty rewards: Chompy bird hats: (Thanks to @ for the suggestion!) You can now purchase one of the 3 tiers of Chompy bird hats from the Loyalty point exchange! There are only 3 hats to purchase in the store, but purchasing any one of them will actually give you the entire set of chompy hats in that tier (6 different colors). The cost of each set is not cheap, though, coming in at: 100,000 points for Tier I 200,000 points for Tier II 400,000 points for Tier III These hats are not tradable. If lost on death, you can reclaim them from the Lost items manager for 100k, 200k or 400k gp per hat depending on the tier. Raids 1 changes (Chambers of Xeric): Balancing: Great Olm has been made ~33% less accurate, and it’s max hits on same attacks have been reduced by ~25%. Affected attacks: Crystals beneath feet General head attacks (projectiles) (Rock fall damage was nerfed 25% last update) Tekton’s accuracy and damage have both been nerfed by 25%. Bug fixes: A bug with Vasa Nistirio which caused him to null and the raid to be restarted should now be fixed. A bug which caused Vasa Nistirio to not launch his Rock attacks for awhile if you went through the raid quickly has now been fixed. It was possible for Vasa to use a final attack before dying (while it’s HP was 0). This should no longer occur. Raids 2 changes (Theatre of Blood): Bug fixes: The loot chest would only show 4 items, it will now be able to show up to 6. The loot chest would sometimes show air strike symbols on the interface, this should no longer occur. Additionally, some users have reported crashing after opening the chest and trying to close it, this should also no longer occur. The loot interface is also now more centered on the fixed screen mode. Fixed a bug with the Scythe of Vitur causing it to be able to murder pets (Sorry, little guys). Discord changes: Icon transparency: All of the activity icons (eg. Woodcutting icon) are now transparent (white background removed) to look more appealing. Visuals: The “Training Melee” activity will now have an Attack icon next to it. Being “In-game” without any other action will now show a smaller Alora logo as the activity icon (to differentiate from players who are at the welcome screen and not yet logged in) Bugs: Sometimes, the “Crafting” activity would appear even though you were not crafting. This has been fixed. Crafting will also be more specific, rather than just stating “Training Crafting” it will display details such as “Crafting Battlestaves”. Thieving icon was entirely missing and has been added. When training Slayer, it would frequently alternate between “Training Ranged” (or Melee/Mage) and “Training Slayer”. Slayer will now take precedence so that your status doesn’t update every second or two. Client crash fix: Some users’ clients were crashing immediately after launching (presumably only affecting Linux users at the moment). We’ve fixed this, you’ll need to restart your launcher (alora.jar) to get the latest version of the client which should not crash. The issue was due to the Discord library not being supported on your operating system, and the client not properly handling the exception. In this case, the client will function as normal without any Discord integration. Barrows reward updates: A previously requested feature, your barrows loot will now appear on an interface upon looting the chest! Additionally, your loot will be added to your inventory if possible, and if not, it will be dropped on the ground. Rather than a maximum of 4 times, you can now receive up to 7 rewards from the barrows chest. (Minimum 3) You can now receive Crystal key halves and/or coins (1-100k) from the chest. Lastly, the value of your chest will be displayed in a red chatbox message (Eg. “Your loot is worth approximately 2M gp!”). This is simply an estimate based on exchange prices and should be taken only as a reference. Rare drop yell removals: The following items will no longer appear over yell: Dragon 2h sword Ecumenical keys We debated removing the Ancient crystals as well, but decided against it to not reduce PvP activity. Revenant changes: Revenants will now drop up to 15 ether, rather than the previous maximum of 10. The minimum combat level required to enter the caves has been reduced from 50 to 40. Slayer update: When being assigned an Extreme Slayer task, you can now choose how many of the monster you’d like to be assigned. The minimum size of the task is 3, and the maximum is 35. PvP changes: Scoreboard: The top 30 PKers by killcount list was skipping over the #1 player, which is currently Diedosas. This has been fixed. Smite: Smite was previously not removing enough prayer points from the victim in certain cases, this has been fixed and matched to OSRS. Combat/PvP changes: Ranged weapon speeds: The Twisted bow’s “Rapid” mode was the same speed as the regular mode. It will now fire 1 tick faster while on Rapid. The Crystal bow overall (every combat style) was 1 tick too slow and will now fire more quickly. Magic weapon speeds: All magic spells have a delay of 5 ticks (3 seconds between each attack), but certain built-in spells fire more quickly and were not as fast as they should be. The following trident-based weapons will all now fire 1 tick more quickly (2.4 seconds) than regular Magic spells, matching OSRS and making Magic a more viable PvM method: Trident of the Seas (and (e) version) Trident of the Swamp (and (e) version) Dawnbringer Sanguinesti staff Note that the firing speed is *only* faster when using the built-in spells for these staffs, and that the normal spell delay and melee attack delay will apply if the built-in spell is not used! Scythe of Vitur fix: Although the Scythe’s multi-damaging effect only works in Multi-combat zones, the Scythe is supposed to hit larger creatures (Eg. Cerberus) up to 3x, even in non-multi zones. This has been fixed. Barrage gap: The barrage gap has been increased to the correct distance, meaning that your freezes should land if you are within distance of your opponent (and they are not immune to freezing after just having unfrozen, of course). Magic weapons with built-in spells not working in PvP: Previously, the Trident of the Swamp/Seas and the Sanguinesti staff could not be used in the wilderness at all. Now, they will still not allow you to attack with the built-in spell, but you can use it to manually cast other spells on players (eg. Using a Trident to cast Ice barrage). Red-skull command: You can now red-skull yourself, which means you cannot protect any items whatsoever. The protect item prayer will be disabled for those with a red skull, allowing high-risk fights to take place. Similar to the normal skull command, using the ::redskull or ::redskullme command will give you a red skull for 20 minutes. You can also speak to the Emblem trader to be red-skulled. Protect item will be disabled, and if you already have it enabled upon typing the command, it will be turned off. Notes: You cannot remove the skull until the timer is up, unless you die. A warning will be given to confirm that you want a red skull to ensure that you know what it means. NPC aggressive distance for most NPCs has been slightly reduced (from 4 steps to 3) within the wilderness. Ring of suffering effects: You can now use a Ring of recoil (noted or unnoted) on your Ring of suffering to charge it, imbuing it with the same recoil properties! A maximum of 100,000 charges, equivalent to 2,500 rings (40 charges each), can be stored. Keep in mind that these recoils/charges cannot be removed from the ring. The effect is toggle-able, so if you are training combat and do not want to waste charges, you can disable it. Charges are not lost upon death. Bracelet of Ethereum updates: You can now uncharge your bracelets for 250 ether each. Simply right-click and use the “uncharge” option. Bracelets can now be toggled to auto-loot ether from your slain revenants. You can enable this option (disabled by default) by right-clicking your bracelet and selecting “Toggle-absorption”. Note that this will only auto-loot ether dropped by a monster that you have defeated, and not someone else’s ether that may be laying on the ground. Looting bag “open” option: You can now “open” your looting bag to auto-loot any items that you pickup in the wilderness! This option will save you time when PvMing (or PvPing), and can be toggled by right-clicking the Looting bag and selecting the “Settings” option You can “close” your looting bag with the same right-click option, though it is closed by default. Keep in mind that this only works for items that are tradable and picked up within the wilderness. Vorkath fixes: Attack adjustments (previously inaccurate to OSRS): All 3 Dragonfire attacks (purple, green and red) can now be fully defended against (deal 0 damage) if you are using a Super anti fire and an Anti-dragon shield (or Dragonfire ward/Dragonfire shield). Using lesser protection, such as a regular Antifire potion, or having no dragonfire-protection shield will lead to varying and higher amounts of damage. The white dragonfire attack, which summons the Zombified spawn, will no longer deal any damage to you. It is simply a summon animation/projectile. The dodgeable dragonfire attack’s max hit has been increased from 99 to 115 if not dodged. Protect from Magic will now completely negate any damage from the Magic attack (blue projectile). Jugs: Empty jugs can now be purchased from the Supply shop (Or the Ironman/Classic supply store). You can now fill jugs of water by using them on any water source. Jugs of Wine: Jugs of wine can now be created by using grapes on a Jug of water! It requires level 35 Cooking, and will grant 300 Cooking experience. You can drink Jugs of wine to restore 11 hitpoints. Miscellaneous: Client optimizations: We’ve compressed the size of the client (and dependancies) that is required every time there is an update which should make the downloads significantly faster. Removed an unnecessary login message that would display for Elite Ironmen. On rare drop announcements, the kill # would always be one too high. For example, if you get a rare drop on kill #50, the announcement would say 51. This has been fixed. Fixed broken yell/clan chat for Official Graphics designer rank. Attempting to add feathers to dart tips will no longer work if you don’t have any free inventory spaces. Website: Vote script bug: A bug which occasionally gave duplicate auths for voting has been patched. We hope this update improves your experience on Alora, and as always, please make sure to report any bugs that you find immediately Regards, Omicron
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    SimplicityPs - Released

  6. Hello everyone, I apologize for the delay in getting this update out, after the Theatre of Blood release (and subsequent hot fixes) I took a bit of a break. Thankfully, I’ve managed to squeeze in a fair amount of content, QOL and bug fixes since then for everyone to enjoy and to make up for the wait! The Revenant weapons are now available for those who are brave enough to venture into the Wilderness to claim them… The next update or two will very likely be focused on bug fixes and QOL as well, though we will try to implement content from any OSRS updates (if at all) as usual. After that, we’ve got some big things that are cooking up with Alora that we’re sure you’re love. Keep your eye out for more information soon Updates: Revenant weapons:The Revenant drop tables have been updated with brand new weaponry and equipment! All of the Revenants now have a chance to drop the following:Amulet of AvariceThis amulet will cause all drops within the Revenant caves to be noted. This includes non-revenant NPCs as well! The caveat is that the amulet will cause you to be skulled at all times. If you choose to un-equip the amulet, your skull will fade after 20 minutes. Craw’s bowThis two-handed bow requiring 60 Ranged, when charged with ether, will deal an extra 50% accuracy and damage against any enemy in the Wilderness. It will consume 1 ether per shot, but does not need ammunition (similar to the Crystal bow). Viggora’s chainmaceThe one-handed Chainmace has similar bonuses to the Dragon scimitar, but offers 50% extra Melee accuracy and damage against any enemy in the Wilderness. Stackable with Slayer helmet / Salve amulet effects. Thammaron’s SceptreThis one-handed sceptre has similar bonuses to the Master wand, but will deal 100% more magic accuracy and 25% more damage to any enemies in the Wilderness. Notes for all weapons:Stackable with Slayer helmet / Salve amulet effects.Will consume 1 ether per attack. Ether charged inside the weapon will be dropped on death. Wilderness boss changes:Combat changes:Scorpia’s Melee and Ranged defence has been increased, while its Magic defence has been lowered. Callisto’s ranged defence has been buffed. Drop table boosts:Chaos elemental:Rune scimitar and Rune Sq. Shield added to droppable Wine of Zamorak will now be dropped commonly (5-10, noted) Chaos fanatic:Wine of Zamorak maximum drop is now up to 20 (rather than 10) Pure essence maximum drop is now up to 500 (rather than 250) Scorpia’s uncut gem drops can now drop up to 2x as many. Crazy archaeologist can now drop up to 2x as many Uncut gems and dragonhide, and can now drop between 100-250 Soul runes. Tournament cup:Winners of our more notable events (such as the PvP cup / PvM cup) will now be added to the Tournament cup which can be found at home! The winners of the June and July cups have been added to this list, and it will continue to be updated. Rare drop announcement update:Rare drop announcements will now show the # of kills / completions where applicable.For example:Old:“Omicron received 1 x Abyssal whip as a drop!” New:“Omicron received 1 x Abyssal whip as a drop! (Kill #33)” This applies to:Rare drops (including boss pets) Raids 1 & 2 loot Inferno completions Raids 1 - Chambers of Xeric:When receiving a rare drop, instead of the announcement saying “Omicron received a Twisted bow as a Raids reward!” it will say “Omicron received a Twisted bow as a Chambers of Xeric reward!” Olm changes:The falling rocks will now deal less damage (max hit of 33 rather than 45) Using Magic against Olm’s Right Claw will now be more accurate. Tekton changes:Tekton’s defence has been reduced overall. Raids 2 - Theatre of Blood:Milestone capes:ToB milestone capes are now available! Speak to Harpert near the Theatre, right next to the Vote booth by the bank. He will award you with capes at the following milestones:Sinhaza shroud tier 1 - 100 completions Sinhaza shroud tier 2 - 500 completions Sinhaza shroud tier 3 - 1,000 completions Sinhaza shroud tier 4 - 1,500 completions Sinhaza shroud tier 5 - 2,000 completions Room changes:Sotetseg:The dark beast boss could be “safespotted” in a way where you would stand under him and flinch hit him. This has been patched, and he is able to attack you regardless of whether you are under him or not. The big red ball (that hits up to 115 and must be split between players) had a bug which caused it to not deal any damage sometimes. This has been fixed. The main attacks that bounce between players have been slightly slowed down. The time that your prayers are disabled for having the incorrect protection prayer up has been reduced from 5 seconds to 3 seconds. Verzik Vitur:When using the Dawnbringer, the player who had it would get the most damage points for this part of the fight (and therefore a better chance at loot). The Dawnbringer will now split the damage points among every player who is alive during the battle, equally, to make it more fair. Nylocas spawns:Solo update:When fighting the boss as a solo player, the special attack with 4 Nylocas spawns that explode was far too difficult. This has been nerfed to 2 spawns for Solo players only (or a team with all players dead except 1). Bug fix:Sometimes, after the “explode” animation on the Nylocas, they would still damage you if you did not appear to be next to them. This is due to the fact that the animation would delay their movement, so it would appear as if they were frozen at that spot that they exploded, but in fact they continued to move towards you. This has been fixed, and they will stop moving upon explosion. Loot changes:The chance of obtaining rare loot has been slightly boosted for any team of any size. The chance of obtaining rare loot has also been boosted a bit more for solo players, due to the difficulty of completing a solo raid. The following loot will now appear more commonly:Avernic hilt Justiciar armour Any other loot has the same rate as before, aside from the overall loot boost that has been applied. Weapon changes:Considering the Twisted bow has a damage boost within both raids (it is less powerful outside of raids for balance purposes), it only makes sense that the new Theatre of Blood weapons also have a boost within raids (and only within raids!) to balance them against the bow.The Ghrazi Rapier, Scythe of Vitur and Sanguinesti staff have all received slight damage and accuracy boosts within raids (both raids 1 & 2). They have been untouched in terms of accuracy and damage outside of raids, though. Scythe of Vitur fix:Now properly hits nearest 2 other npcs (in a 180 degree arc, with your main target being in the centre at the 90 degree mark). Damage is unchanged as it has the same bonuses, max hit and special function as OSRS. The attack animation for the Scythe has been updated to the same one from OSRS. The graphics (red swipe effect) will now look smoother (100% to OSRS, changes depending on direction you are facing) Other:Miscellaneous performance improvements. Boss HP bar / orb changes: (Will require a client restart/update)HP bar has been shortened slightly. The percentage text on the HP bar of the boss would sometimes glitch and not be in the right position. This has been fixed. Fixed the health orbs for your teammates. They will now show the amount of hitpoints your or your teammates have lost. Daily tasks:Fixed the “Win 3 duels” task not working (would credit the loser). Fixed the “Mix 10 Anti-fire potions) task not working. Combat:Ruby bolts can now hit over 100 against juggernauts (Staff with 50,000 HP) to make events go more quickly. Twisted bow changes:The Twisted bow was sometimes too powerful against enemies with a high Range defence bonus, for example, the Pestilent Bloat. Ranged defence will now have a heightened resistance to the Twisted bow’s damage and accuracy bonuses. The overall effects on most enemies will not have changed, or only slightly changed, especially those with no ranged defence. Grotesque Guardians nerf:The hitpoints of Dawn and Dusk have both been reduced from 600 to 450 hp following an OSRS update. Miscellaneous:Chicken is now in the shield slot rather than the weapon slot. Client launcher will now contain the Alora dock icon on OSX. Some vote booths (near banks) were not working, for example the one near the Theatre of Blood. These have been fixed. Dying with a Herb sack / Seed box will now send a red message stating that the contents of your sack / box have been lost. Previously, a raw Karambwanji could be cooked, which would then turn into a Karambwanji which healed 3 hitpoints. This item was removed in OSRS< causing it to be a “null” item on Alora. This has been entirely removed, and Karambwanji can no longer be cooked, only used as bait for Karambwan. Discord updates:The discord icon for the server has been updated to look more professional and uniform with Alora’s theme. Discord Rich Presence:Discord will now be able to identify what you are doing on Alora! If you are in a raid, you’ll be able to let everyone know, and they’ll know how long you’ve been raiding for.Activities included:Raids (both Chambers of Xeric and Theatre of Blood) Pest control, Duel arena, Clan Wars, Battle Royale, Barrows, Fight caves and The Inferno (including the wave you are on). Skilling (any skilling activities provided you are not in a raid or mini-game) Please make sure to report any bugs in the Bug report section. We hope you enjoy this update! Regards, Omicron
  7. Hello everyone, Make sure to check out the competitions for Raids 2 over here: [Hidden Content] The waiting is finally over! The Theatre of Blood is now open for your entertainment. Hop right into it with your most trusted allies in hopes of obtaining epic rewards. You can participate in the Theatre of Blood by using the mini games menu on the teleport interface, or by speaking to the Mysterious Stranger slightly south of Edgeville near the Lost items manager. We’ve spent as much time as we could perfecting this Raid, from the exact attacks and mechanics of the bosses, right down the music that plays in each room. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we have putting it together for you! I’d also like to give a huge thank you to all of the beta testers who helped identify bugs before release. Without further ado… Slayer task changes: Mithril dragons have been moved from Extreme tasks to Hard tasks, where Rune/Adamant dragons are. Cave horrors are now available as Medium a Slayer task! You can be assigned between 40-110 of them. Giant mole fixes: Instance: The Giant mole would often dig it’s way out of the instance, never to be seen again. This has been fixed, and the mole will now always reappear somewhere within your instanced cave. Additionally, the “Time remaining” overlay would sometimes disappear within the instanced mole cave. General: The dig animation will now show up every time (sometimes you would not see it), as well as a new message that tells you that the mole has dug its way out of the fight. Barrage(and other multi spell) PvM fixes: Barrage would only hit other enemies that were within 1 tile of the main target. This does not work well with large enemies, such as the Nylocas from the Theatre of blood. Multi-spells will now hit enemies surrounding the main target based on size. For example, if your target is size 5 and is barraged, any targets within 5 tiles from the central location will be affected. (Creates a much larger radius, allowing you to barrage large NPCs in a stack) Mute timer fix: If you are muted and attempt to yell or speak, you will be told how long is left until your mute is lifted. This timer was incorrect, meaning that even if the mute would be lifted in 5 hours, it would show random numbers (Eg. 24 hours or more). This timer will now be accurate. Raids 1 (Chambers of Xeric) updates: Dragon Thrownaxes are now a much more common drop from Raids. It is too uncommon in-game and should be more accessible for use in PvP. It has been added to the resources table (herbs, essence, etc). Combat fixes: Fixed Torag’s armour set + Amulet of the damned effect being way too defensive, making it almost impossible to penetrate. Smite fix: If you hit more damage than the player’s current hitpoints (eg. 70 with AGS on a player with 30 HP), Smite would previously reduce their prayer points based on the 70 HP removed. It will now base it off of the maximum hitpoints that can be removed from the victim, meaning 30HP in this case. Ruby bolt (e) special attack damage capped to 100. Miscellaneous: Fixed a bug with Dragon Slayer 2 where the quest would show up as green (complete) in the quest tab, but was in fact incomplete as you did not kill Vorkath yet. All defenders from Bronze-Rune (not including Dragon) had the incorrect Defender animation and have been fixed. Fixed a bug with the “Craft 500 Wrath runes” Daily task (would only count 1 inventory as 1/500 (whether you have 1 or 28 essence) When players defeated a Juggernaut in a safe area (eg. Clan wars), their death would not be announced. This has been fixed, and their death will be announced regardless of their location. Fixed a bug which allowed players watching BR to enter the arena and attack people. Fixed a bug with dropped items causing them to appear sooner than possible if someone knows there is an item on a certain tile. Pet drop scrolls / Rare drop scrolls renamed to: Pet booster / Drop booster Fixed a Clan wars bug that allowed players to force teleport out of areas. Theatre of Blood Requirements: You must have a Total level of at least 1250 to enter the Theatre. The Theatre of Blood is now available to any player who is up for the challenge! The Theatre contains 6 different rooms: The Maiden of Sugadinti The Maiden will primarily target the nearest player with a Magic-based attack, but also shoots out blood spawns every so often at every player in the room. Nylocas Matomenos will also appear at 66.6% and 33.3% health to heal her. If they reach her successfully, they will heal her for however much health they have remaining. Pestilent Bloat The Bloat will walk around while severed arms and legs fall from the ceiling. You must avoid the Bloat as well as the falling objects until the Bloat falls asleep, at which point you can deal damage to it. Nylocas Vasilias Hordes of Nylocas will spawn in rapid succession until Nylocas Vasilias, the largest of them, will drop from the ceiling for a battle more worthy of your time. Sotetseg The dark beast, which has attacks that bounce between players. He will also occasionally drag a player into the Shadow realm, where they must solve a maze which other players must try to follow. Xarpus Xarpus begins weakened; exhumed skeletons appear on the floor to heal him. If you stand on top of them, they will not be able to heal him. Eventually, Xarpus will cover the room with acid attacks, so you’ll need to watch your step. At 25% hitpoints, Xarpus will face a single corner for a few seconds. If you attack from the same corner he is facing, you will be killed quickly. You’ll have to coordinate your attacks to survive this wave. Verzik Vitur The final battle is a challenging one -- it beings with Verzik seated on the throne and protected by a shield that can only be taken down with the Dawnbringer. You must time your attacks, hiding behind the pillars while Verzik launches her attack. Eventually, Verzik will walk down to the centre of the room and attack with all styles. Rewards: Justiciar armour Wearing the full set will apply a damage reduction in PvM. The exact formula for the amount of damage reduced is bonus / 3000, where bonus is the player's defence bonus for that particular style. Stacks with Elysian spirit shield effect. Scythe of Vitur Must be charged with Vials of blood and Blood runes. Has a multi-damaging effect which allows you to attack multiple (up to 3) nearby enemies at once. If it is a larger creature, it can deal up to 3 hits on it. Sanguinesti Staff Must be charged with Blood runes. Similar to the Trident of the Swamp, has a built in attack. Can deal slightly more damage than the Trident, having a base max hit of 34. Avernic hilt (defender) Used to create the Avernic defender when combined with the Dragon defender. Blood vials Used to create Battlemage and Bastion potions … as well as many different supplies! Each room has it’s own unique mechanics which will require you to coordinate with your teammates to properly escape the Theatre alive. FAQ: Will this count as a dangerous death for Hardcore Ironmen? No. We feel that this is too limiting, and we’d like our HCIM to be able to participate in this content. Will I lose items if I die within the Theatre? No. Your items are safe upon death. What happens if I die within? You are placed into a prison while your teammates complete the room. If everyone dies, the raid is failed. What if I run low on supplies? There are two supply chests within the raid, at the 30% and 70% completion marks. Depending on your performance, the Vampyres will award you points to spend on supplies in these chests. (Saradomin brews, restores, food, stamina potions) Client updates: A client icon for OSX has been added to the tray. Fixed an issue with the mouse when switching items. Forums: Like button has been upgraded to be more personal! (Smite icon, purple color) As always, please make sure to report any bugs that you find in the appropriate section. Enjoy! Regards, Omicron
  8. Edited: Our RuneSuite account was hacked (?) and we don't know who released this source/client, but it does not have anything to do with Alora. We apologize for the trouble caused to the owners of LetsPK.
  9. Hello everyone, Make sure you update your client launcher before playing! (alora.jar) Read here for more details: [Hidden Content] Today’s updates have some heavy focus on the client which hasn’t received any big updates in awhile, where we’ve added some QOL features such as the bank value overlay and the ground item overlay, which should both hopefully improve your gameplay. We’ve also applied some fixes to Daily tasks, as well as added a new “streak” system and the Seed box as a new reward. There are also plenty of other cool updates included today which you’ll see below! In other news, as some of you may already know, OSRS’s planned release date for Raids 2 is quickly approaching, and we’re just as excited as you are! As with the first Raids release, we’re planning to be the first RSPS to release Raids 2, so we’re going to be grinding day and night to make sure you don’t have to wait too long to jump into the action. Keep an eye out for more information on this! Note: Some of these updates may have already been added earlier this week in a silent update, but many are newly available as of today! Daily task changes: Weekend bonuses: Event managers can now enable bonus Daily Task points on the weekends! This will give you up to 2x as many points for completing Daily task. Daily task streaks: (Thanks to @ for the suggestion!) Every day you fully complete your daily tasks will now count towards your streak! You have to complete every day’s set of 3 tasks to keep your streak going, otherwise it’ll reset back to 0 if you miss a day. By completing all 3 tasks every day and building your streak, you can earn streak bonus points (only when fully completing the tasks of that day): First day ~ 0 bonus points (starting the streak) Second day ~ 2 bonus points Third day ~ 4 bonus points Fourth day ~ 6 bonus points Fifth day ~ 8 bonus points Sixth day ~ 11 bonus points Seventh day ~ 15 bonus points ALL days after 7 days (no limit): 15 bonus points Bug fixes: Fixed Coal bag reward: The Coal bag in the shop was the wrong item and did not function as a coal bag. Anyone who purchased this item will automatically have a properly working Coal bag as of this update. Fixed the following tasks: Fish 250 Manta ray Cook 250 Manta ray Cook 100 Monkfish Defeat TzTok-Jad Defeat TzKal-Zuk Complete 1 (or 3) Wilderness Slayer tasks Was completing the task after 1 or 3 kills, not 1 or 3 tasks. Complete 6 Raids This one was working, but only required 5 Raids. We’ve decided to leave it at 5 Raids as this is difficult enough, and have renamed the description to avoid confusion. Shop changes: Seed box added for 350 points. Arclight reduced from 600 to 500 points. Mask of balance reduced from 500 to 250 points. Seed box: The seed box is now available to store your seeds in! This can currently be obtained through the Daily task reward shop, as well as through the donation store. It can store up to 6 different types of seeds, and is able to carry up to 2,147,483,647 of each seed. If lost on death, it can be reclaimed from the Lost items manager for 250,000 GP. Please note that as wth the looting back/herb sack/etc, if you destroy this item, you will lose the seeds inside. Additionally, banking the seed box will bank the seeds themselves as well. Red Dungeon Cavern : Brimhaven Dungeon: A new cavern with a total of 6 Red dragons (and 7 Baby red dragons) is now accessible within the Brimhaven dungeon! The entrance is located in the Steel/Iron Dragons area in the Southern part of the dungeon, with the Red dragon entrance being on the west side of this area. You must have an Agility level of 33 to go through the entrance. PvP/Combat/Wilderness updates: Combat fixes: When attacking another player with Magic, you can now freeze them from a slightly further distance (1 extra step) to avoid your target easily escaping a fight. The Chaos Altar (level 38 wilderness): The altar in this temple will now be highly useful to players due to the following perks: 1. It will provide the same bonus experience as a Gilded altar (POH) with two incense burners lit (the maximum experience in-game) 2. There is a 50% chance of the Altar not consuming the bones that are sacrificed to it. This means that, in the long run, you’ll only need to use half the bones that you normally would to level up. 3. The Elder Chaos druid immediately outside the temple can unnote your bones (and only bones!) for 200 GP each. Prayer drain fixes: General: Overall, prayer was draining significantly slower than they should have been. The drain rate is now more accurate to OSRS for every single prayer. PKP Exchange changes: The PKP shop prices were too low following a recent update and introduced too many items into the economy, so the prices in the shop have been increased by 25%. Slayer updates: Slayer reward changes: Ammo mould has been reduced in price from 15,000 Slayer points to 7,500 Slayer points. Superior Slayer Encounter drops: Some of the Superior Encounters were dropping bars (sometimes up to 15) that were un-noted. These should all drop noted now if they are noted on OSRS. Affected monsters include: Marble gargoyle Night beast Clan chat QOL: (Thanks to @ for the suggestion) Clan chat members are now organized by their ranks (as in OSRS)! This will make it easer to see the top ranked, as well as the owner, in the clan chat list as they be sorted from greatest rank to lowest rank, top to bottom. Raids changes: Tekton’s defence (melee, range and mage) have been nerfed by 40% in Solo raids. This change was requested as it is quite difficult to defeat Tekton as a solo raider. Tekton’s defence in teams larger than 1 player has not been changed at all. Boss drop table patch: (Thanks to @Lowkey for collecting data!) As many players know, Alora’s drop system has had a major inconsistency since day one: Bosses are supposed to have a guaranteed number of drops, and we haven’t been delivering on that feature. To correct this, we’ve matched OSRS’s number of drops per boss and updated it, guaranteeing your loot on boss kills. No more killing the Corporeal beast for zero loot! Here are the affected NPCs: Zulrah Kalphite queen Vorkath 2 guaranteed drops Giant mole Kraken General Graardor Commander Zilyana K’ril Tsutsaroth Kree’arra Corporeal beast Lizardman shaman Cerberus King black dragon Chaos elemental Chaos fanatic Crazy archaeologist Vet’ion Venenatis Callisto 1 guaranteed drop Miscellaneous: Crazy archaeologist and Chaos fanatic are now counted as “boss” kills, and will appear on the Boss killcount records. Toy cat is no longer tradable (loyalty system reward) Corporeal beast fix: Corp could previously hit players in the safe zone (immediately outside of his lair) if someone lures him very close to the entrance. This should no longer occur. Quest tab update: Barrows points will now show up in your quest tab next to your other point totals. Clue scroll guide link: ::clue/::clues/::clueguide now redirects you to the Clue scroll guide made by @ ([Hidden Content]) Client updates: Rank icons in Private messages: Previously, when someone PMed you, the only icons that would appear were Moderators and Administrators. After this update, you’ll be able to see icons for all of the following ranks: Ironmen: Regular, elite, hardcore, ultimate Classic players Server support We’ve chosen to leave out donator icons at the moment, simply because it isn’t necessary to display them over PM (whereas it can be useful to know that the person you are speaking with is Server support, or even an Ironman) Item names overlay: You can now choose to have item names displayed over ground items! This setting is completely optional, and you can find the toggle for it in the settings tab. It is turned off by default. It will show items that have a High alchemy value of more than 50,000 GP in a special colour. Bank tab value overlay: A new toggle has been added to show the value of your bank tabs! Notes: If on the main tab, the entire value of your bank will be presented. If on any other tab, only the value of that tab will be presented. Untradable items do not add to the total value of any tab. The value used will be the highest of the exchange price or the high alch price. IMPORTANT: Please note that this is often not the exact market value, but a rough estimate based on previous trading post prices. You can toggle this setting in the settings tab. Enemy health box update: When attacking an NPC or player then running away (or eating), their HP box disappears. From this update forward, their HP box will stick around for 5 seconds before disappearing, as long as they are still online/alive. This means you can eat or switch weapons without worrying about the box disappearing. Bug fixes: Fixed an issue with some users (on 32-bit Windows OS) not being able to enter HD after downloading the client (or re-installing it). It will now work properly, but if you were previously affected please delete the entire (C:/aloracache/) folder and re-launch the alora.jar client.(Thanks to @ for pointing this out!) Shop updates: Our shop hasn’t received any love in awhile, so we’ve added some new exciting items to revitalize it! We also added numerous ironman donation items, since many Ironman/classics have expressed interest in obtaining higher donator ranks but didn’t have many items to spend their tokens on. New additions: Instance tokens have been added! These tradable tokens will allow you to create any instance of your choice! While having a token in your inventory (or multiple, as they are stackable) you can create an instance without spending and GP. These tokens come in packs of 10 from the shop, which costs 70 tokens. Cosmetics: Cow outfit Equipment: Shayzien armour set Elite void set (with 3 helmets) General: Tome of fire Herb sack Seed box Imbuement scroll Changes: Many items were moved from the General tab to the Supplies tab: Anglerfish, Dark crab, Super combat potion, Dragon javelin and Dragon bolts. Website updates: HTTPS Support (SSL Encryption) Our domain is now SSL certified! You may have already noticed this if you’ve seen the green padlock and “secure” text next to the URL. This long overdue procedure will offer increased protection while browsing our website. Vote changes: RSPS-Page has been removed from our vote page due to frequently failing to correctly notify us when a player has voted. This means that there are now 6 websites to vote on, and you need to vote on 5 in total to get your auth. (though we recommend all 6 as this helps the server tremendously!) Before: After: NOTE: You must update your client to play after this update! NOTE2: The game will not work at all if you are using the .ZIP client and do not re-download! The .ZIP client does not auto-update like the .JAR client (alora.jar), and you will need to either start using the .JAR client located here. If you always use alora.jar, simply close and restart your client. You’ll know if you need to do this if you see the following error: [Hidden Content] We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please report any bugs in the correct section or directly to me in a private message Regards, Omicron
  10. Hello everyone, This update took longer than anticipated due to Daily tasks taking a ton of time to configure, as well as some unprecedented circumstances that took up some of my time, but I’m thrilled to announce the release of this new system! The Daily tasks will give you that extra challenge each and every day, while working towards your goals, which could be short term monetary gain (bloody/crystal keys), items that will increase your efficiency (Arclight, Propsector kit) or simply going for that fashionable cosmetic! (Achievement armour, western banners) Whatever your goal is, we know that you’ll find something in this update to enjoy On top of this, we’ve got some other long awaited updates such as the Kurask cave expansion, and some much needed PvP updates including a rotating Hotzone system. I’ll let you read the details yourself below! Daily tasks: Daily tasks are now available! (Thanks to @ for the awesome idea) Mr. Daily can be found in Edgeville bank, and he’ll tell you which tasks are available today. Features: 3 daily tasks, one easy, one medium, and one hard. These tasks are changed every 24 hours, based on UTC (server) time. Each task will give a set number of points, typically 3, 5, and 10 for easy, medium and hard respectively. Extreme Donators will receive an extra 1, 2, and 3 points for each task respectively. Legendary Donators will receive an extra 2, 3, and 4 points for each task respectively. Uber donators will receive an extra 3, 4, and 5 points for each task respectively. Full completion bonus: If you complete all 3 of today’s tasks, you’ll receive an extra 12 points! Typically, this means a maximum of 30 points per day can be earned, while donators can receive up to 42. All game modes can access this shop. (iron/classic included) What types of tasks are available? There are many different tasks that are randomly selected each day! The same task will never be given back to back, but can be given two days after. Some examples include: Easy: Cut 50 gems of any type — 3 points Claim a vote auth — 3 points Use the high alchemy spell 100 times — 3 points Medium: Harvest any 3 herb patches — 5 points Complete 3 raids — 5 points Chop 300 Redwood logs — 5 points Hard: Gamble a Fire cape — 12 points Earn 425 Runecrafting points — 10 points Kill 35 Krakens — 10 points What types of rewards are available? General: Bloody key, Crystal key Anglerfish, super combat potions Looting bag Shayzien outfit (tier 5) Mask of balance Dark totem New items: Prospector outfit — provides 2.5% Mining experience when full set is worn. Dwarven helmet — Highest crush bonus for a helmet in-game Arclight — Extremely powerful sword against demons (provides 70% accuracy and damage boost, but requires charges from Ancient shards) Achievement armour set 1 Achievement armour set 2 Western banner 1 Western banner 2 Kurask expansion (task-only): A Kurask expansion area has been added in the Fremennik Slayer caves! This area can only be entered by players who are currently on a Kurask slayer task (solo or duo) to ensure that it does not get over-crowded. Notes: 9 new Kurask spawns are available in this area, complementing the original 6 Kurasks in the non-task area. The west side of the task-only area contains an intentional safespot which allows you to range/mage/halberd Kurasks with ease. Propsector kit added: This outfit, which provides a total bonus of 2.5% more Mining experience when worn, is now available for purchase in the Daily tasks shop! Boosts: Helmet: 0.4% Jacket: 0.8% Legs: 0.6% Boots: 0.2% Full set bonus: 0.5% Total bonus: 2.5% The prices in the Daily Task reward shop are based on the experience given by each piece and are perfectly scaled. For example, the jacket (0.8%) is 4x the experience of the boots (0.2%), and is 4x the price. Items dropped on death fixes: Ironmen’s items would not last as long on the floor as normal players. This has been fixed. The UIM update last update was bugged in some circumstances, and should now work as intended (tested). Fixed a bug with some untradable items (eg. Ornament kit amulets) disappearing more quickly off the ground. The timer on the client for how long until your items are visible to other players (or completely disappear, in the case of Ironmen) was showing a time longer than it should have been. It will now be more accurate. Bones on Altar fix: Ironmen (specifically Elite) will now receive bonus experience from using bones on their own player-owned-house altars, as well as Elite being able to receive bonus experience from their partner’s house altars. (This was broken last update) Fixed instance-kick issue Sometimes, if players are wearing a Ring of Life or Defence skillcape inside of certain instances (zulrah, vorkath, kraken, etc) which you can teleport out of, the ROL/cape would teleport you out even if you had high HP. This will no longer happen, and you will only be teleported out at low HP (<10% of max HP) as intended. Raids fix: Some of you may have noticed a bug that occurs periodically within Raids which causes you to enter another player’s instance when trying to enter the final room for the Olm fight. This should hopefully be fixed as of this update, but will need to be tested over time as it is a hard bug to reproduce. If it is still broken, please report it as soon as possible. Clue scroll fix: A clue scroll calling for players to wear certain equipment and bow outside the Legend’s guild was asking for an Oak longbow or Regular longbow to be worn. As this is not skiller friendly, and the Regular longbow cannot be obtained, we’ve updated it to ask for a regular (normal wood) short bow instead. Fire wave/blast fix: When using the Fire wave spell with the Tome of fire equipped, you will now receive a 50% damage boost as intended. Storage box changes: Although the item limit is 10,000 per stack within the Storage box, we’ve increased the amount of gold that you can store within the box to 1,000,000 (1M) GP. Karambwan fishing in Fishing guild fixed: There is now a Karambwan fishing spot on the northern dock of the Fishing guild. Serpentine helmet uncharging: Uncharging/dismantling the Serpentine helmet would give you a chisel every time (chisel dupe). This has been patched, and dismantling will no longer grant you a chisel at all. Seers agility course fix: The first obstacle (wall climb) was giving way more experience than any other obstacle, causing players to simply teleport back to Seers village after the first obstacle. This obstacle has been nerfed, but the entire course will still give the same experience. The last obstacle will give the most experience. Miscellaneous: Pickup sound fix: When picking up an item, sometimes another player would get it first (eg. At a drop party) but the pickup sound would still play for you. This was confusing, and ultimately disappointing (see: drop party) and has been fixed so that the sound only plays if you truly received the loot. PVP/Combat Updates: Bloody key changes: Bloody keys can now only be picked up by players who are at least level 57. Bloody keys can now be dropped upon killing your Bounty target! The rate at which these keys drop is based on your Wilderness level as well as your target’s risked wealth. Guidelines for wilderness levels: 50 Wildy: 2.5x as likely 35 Wildy: 1.5x as likely 20 Wildy: 1.25x as likely 10 Wildy: 1.15x as likely The majority of the influence for risked wealth is in the <100M range, meaning that if the target’s risked wealth is greater than 100M (eg. 2b) it will have essentially the same chance as someone who has 100m assuming the same wilderness level. Prayer fixes: Some changes to prayer determination in combat have been made to make the effect of your selected prayer take effect more quickly. Zamorak godsword special attack timer: The timer for the freeze effect is 20 seconds, but the client timer would show 30. This has now been fixed. Dragon claw special attack boost: The accuracy of the special attack has been increased. Berserker necklace special effect: The berserker necklace effect was only working for the Obsidian maul (Tzhaar-ket-om), but now works for all of the intended weapons: Toktz-xil-ak (sword) Tzhaar-ket-em (mace) Toktz-xil-ek (dagger) Skotizo updates: Drop table improved with new items: Bloody key Amulet of torture Necklace of anguish Teleblock effect: With these improved loot additions, the risk of fighting Skotizo has increased… anyone attacking Skotizo will take on the challenge of being teleblocked for 2 minutes and 30 seconds! Hotzones: The hotzone feature has been revamped! Hotzones are now rotating spots where you will earn double PKP. The zone will rotate every 30 minutes and will always be different than the last one. Possible zones: Edgeville Mage bank East dragons Dark castle Demonic ruins You can see whether you’re in a Hotzone or not in the bottom right corner, and you can also view the current hotzone in your quest tab. You’ll also receive notifications globally when the hotzone changes. Dragonhunter crossbow fix: The effect of this weapon on Dragons/Olm/Wyverns was underpowered and has been corrected to 30% increased damage and accuracy. The Arclight is now available! Available in the Daily tasks reward shop This sword, requiring level 75 Attack, is extremely effective against demon type monsters with it’s 70% increase in accuracy and damage against them, making it more effective than the Abyssal tentacle. The affected creatures include: Imps Lesser demon, Greater demon, Black demon Abyssal demon Nechryael, Nechryarch Demonic gorilla Skotizo Porazdir (Zamorak boss from world bosses event) Charges: This sword holds charges (up to 10,000) for its effect. Charges can be added by using Ancient shards on the sword, every 3 providing 1,000 charges. If there are no more charges, the sword does not provide any accuracy or damage bonus against demon type monsters. Untradable reclaim: Upon death, this item will go to the Lost items manager and can be reclaimed for 500,000 GP. Enjoy Regards, Omicron
  11. Hello everyone, We're back with a few content updates / bug fixes this week, mostly pertaining to the Elite Ironman release last week which was hugely successful. I'm thrilled to see so many people enjoying the new game mode, and hopefully these bug fixes and content updates improve the experience even more! Elite Ironman Storage Box: Due to popular request, Elite Ironmen who have partners can now share a storage box with their partner! Located next to Paul in Edgeville, this box allows you to deposit up to 14 items which are shared with your partner. Any items that you deposit will be left in the box until you or your partner retrieves them. This box is perfect if your partner is not online at the same time as you are, and you’d like to leave them some supplies. Although the maximum number of items is 14, you can only store 10,000 of any specific item within the storage box. Elite Ironmen who do not have partners cannot use this box as storage. Miscellaneous: Fixed duel arena no movement bug (“I can’t reach that!”) Limpwurt seed is now tradable. Fixed a bug which would technically cause the game to think you were a Hardcore ironman when you weren’t, causing your status to be downgraded upon death. Fixed the “huge” crossbows on the “How many would you like to make?” Interface when stringing or creating unfinished crossbows. Sapphire ring Crafting level requirement fixed (from 30 to 20) Duo Slayer changes: Previously, you were able to receive tasks that involved an instanced boss (eg. Zulrah, Grotesque Guardians, TzTok-Jad, etc). This will no longer be possible. If your partner finished the task, your counter would still say (Task: 0 Green dragons) without resetting, causing you to have to kill one more. This will no longer happen. XP Counter fix: A bug which caused your XP counter to go negative at high amounts has been fixed. Elite Ironman changes: House altars: You can now receive bonus experience from using bones on your EIM partner’s house altars. Thieving changes: When pickpocketing, your level/equipment bonuses will now have more effect on your thieving success rate. You should fail less often, overall. Tournament ring: For the EIM pvp tournament (and future tournaments), a safe-death PVP ring has been added. You can type ::tournament to teleport to the spectator sidelines around the ring, but competitors can only be teleported in by staff members. Ultimate Ironman update: When dying to an NPC, Ultimate Ironmen’s items lost on death (NOT applicable to PvP death) will now last 60 minutes before disappearing. After the 60 minutes, the items will become publicly visible for a few more minutes. This is intended to help UIMs temporarily drop their inventories by dying to an NPC, allowing them to more easily participate in certain types of content (particularly wilderness content such as Mage Arena II). NOTE: We will not be responsible for your losses if you are unable to recover your items due to a server update. There is always a 5 minute timer before a server update, which should be plenty of time for UIMs to get their items back. Dwarf Multicannon fixes: A bug allowed players to set up a hunting trap (eg. Box trap or bird snare) next to someone’s cannon, causing it to disappear. This has been fixed, and traps can no longer be set up near a cannon. Additionally, to prevent people from putting cannons in typical trap areas, cannons can no longer be set up in Feldip hills, the Donator zone, the donator Chinchompa cave or the Black chinchompa hunting area. Website: Fixed EIM highscores pages for specific skills (not Overall) showing (Solo) for all players, even if they have a partner. Added ReCaptcha + new registration questions when signing up (to prevent spammers from registering) We hope you enjoy this update Regards, Omicron
  12. Hello everyone, Happy Easter! We hope that everyone enjoys this holiday weekend spending time with their family, friends and loved ones. Today’s update is primarily focused on Holiday events — Easter and April fools specifically! We’d also like to update you guys on the status of Elite(Duo) Ironman: As the vote has passed, we’ve confirmed that this game mode will be added, and have begun working it. We hope to have it out in the very near future, possibly in the next update. Keep an eye out for this update, and in the meantime, we hope you enjoy the following update: Miscellaneous: Random events will no longer occur at the Wilderness agility course. Fixed an issue with rare implings not respawning in Puro Puro. Fixed a bug where sometimes retaliating to someone who just attacked you would skull you. (If the damage was 0, and a melee hit) Fixed equipment switching bug: (From recent OSRS update) Equipping an off-hand item whilst there is a two-handed item equipped, or when equipping a two-handed item with an off-hand item already equipped, the item being unequipped will now land in the inventory slot held by the now-equipped item. See the below example for more information. When you equip something to a slot where another item is already equipped, the game usually puts the unequipped item in the same inventory slot that you’d just freed up. For example, if you equipped a dagger to your right hand, and you’d got a mace equipped there already, the mace would go to the inventory slot where the dagger used to be. However, this didn’t happen for two-handed items. If you’d got a two-handed weapon equipped (e.g. Rune 2h sword), and you equipped a shield, the sword would be unequipped, but it would not always land in the inventory slot where the shield used to be. Similarly, if you’d got a shield equipped, and you equipped the 2h sword, the shield would be unequipped but would not always land in the inventory slot where the sword used to be. The game will now aim to make the unequipped item go to the same inventory slot that you’d just emptied, where possible. So when you’ve got a Rune 2h sword equipped, and you equip a Rune Kiteshield, you should now find the Rune 2h sword goes to the inventory slot where the kiteshield had been. April fool’s event: We’ll let you find out about this one yourselves! There are two separate April fools additions this year. Easter event: The Easter Bunny above the Falador hills is in need of help this Easter! You can get there quickly by speaking to his son, Milkee, at home in Edgeville. You’ll have to help his other son, Chocco, within the Easter caves under Falador, to make sure this Easter goes exactly as planned! You’ll be rewarded accordingly. Rewards: Eggshell platelegs and platebody Easter egg helmet This item was available from last year’s Easter event, but if you do not already have it, it will be rewarded again. Peaceful/holy/chaotic handeggs Shop updates: A 25% sale has been applied for Easter! It will last 1 week, so take advantage of the bonuses while you can. You’ll receive 25% bonus on ANY token purchases. Easter box added: This item, similar to a Mystery box, can give you any of the following loot: Fully bunny suit (comes together) Full chicken suit (comes together) Easter basket Easter ring Cost: 1000 tokens Ironman/classics can also purchase this item. Happy Easter! Enjoy Regards, Omicron
  13. Hello everyone, Today’s update contains a ton of background updates, particularly those that will help us combat the use of third party programs on Alora, which will translate into a more fair and enjoyable experience for everyone. Aside from this, we’ve tried to squeeze in some cool content, QOL and bug fixes into this update. Additionally, it has been quite some time now since Fossil Island was released on OSRS, and at the time we had let it slide to focus on construction and other updates that took priority within the past few months. We don’t think that full Fossil island is necessary, nor is it worth the time to implement when it could be better spent elsewhere, since it is somewhat dead content on OSRS at this point. With that being said, there’s no reason that the the important parts should not be available on Alora, those being the Wyverns (and their drops), as well as the Herbi pet. With this update, we’ve included just that Updates: Yell update: Staff/support team members that are also ironmen/classics will no longer have their rank color changed to their donator color. For example, if you are Global mod but also Super donator, your yell tag would be green. It will now stay green as it should be. Rune pouch update: Wrath runes can now be stored. World bosses update: World bosses now drop loot for the top 3 hitters instead of the top 2. The loot rate for the pets has been increased by 1000%. The loot rate for Staff of Light & Hilts have been increased by ~35%. ::event area update: You will no longer lose pets when dying at ::event. Graceful recoloring: You can now recolour previously coloured Graceful pieces! Previously, you could only use your Marks of Grace to colour the plain (beige) Graceful set pieces. You can now use it on any piece (eg. To colour from Blue to Red). Note that you still cannot get back the original beige colour without re-obtaining it from Grace. Slayer fixes: Thermonuclear smoke devil was not attackable while on a dust devil task. This has been fixed. Mutated bloodveld and Greater nechryael kills will now count towards your Bloodveld/Nechryael task. Farming fixes: The tool leprechaun will now note both grimy and clean herbs for you. Hunter fixes: Sometimes, a box trap would create an “empty” bugged trap which you could not remove. This has been fixed. Bar-note perk for donators: Bar drops from dragons can now be auto-noted for donators! You can toggle this perk through Ellen in the Myth’s guild, which means you must have completed Dragon Slayer II as with other perks. Alchemy warning: When alching high value items, a warning interface will appear to ensure that you did not accidentally alch a party hat or something valuable. High value items are classified as having a value (alch, shop or trading post) of more than 1,000,000 GP. (1M) Fletching fix: Previously, you could only fletch short bows and long bows when using a knife on a log, except for normal logs. You can now fletch crossbow stocks for any type of log, and not only normal logs. Taverley dungeon agility pipe: Players with 70 agility can use the Agility pipe to Blue dragons from the ladder in the Taverley dungeon. Barrows loot update: The number of supplies given from the reward chest has been greatly increased (up to 20x the old amounts), but is also now randomized. Runes: Water ~ 1-1,960 Death ~ 1-998 Blood ~ 1-445 Chaos ~ 1-1,398 Mind ~ 1-2,889 Nature ~ 1-285 Ammo: Bolt racks ~ 1-445 Rune bolts ~ 1-165 Addy bolts ~ 1-265 Vorkath fix: Zombified spawn was too fast to kill before it exploded near you. It will now sit for 2-3 seconds before walking towards you to allow for extra reaction time. Vorkath’s damage through prayer has been reduced, especially for Magic attacks. Dragon hunter crossbow will now provide a 30% damage boost on Vorkath. Ranged strength fix: Ava’s assembler now provides +2 Ranged strength bonus Assembler max cape now provides +2 Ranged strength bonus Monkey (completionist) cape also now provides this +2 Ranged strength bonus New Dragonstone bolt fix: Some of the new bolts were missing their damage boost on the special attack, specifically: Diamond dragon bolts (e) Dragonstone dragon bolts (e) Onyx dragon bolts (e) Opal dragon bolts (e) Pearl dragon bolts (e) Miscellaneous: You can no longer add yourself to your ignore list. Random PM Disconnection bug fixed: Although not fully tested since it is difficult to reproduce, we believe we’ve found the reason that sometimes groups of players would simultaneously DC after receiving a weird gibberish PM. If the bug appears again, we’ll look into it to try other solutions. Staff and server support can no longer be ignored in-game. You can add them to your ignore list, but it will have no effect. Fixed a bug where you would see loot from a different plane (eg. Being on the 1st floor of a building) that should only be visible on the ground floor. Inferno bug-fix: Fixed a bug where the ranger in the Inferno could get “stuck” and not attack you back after being frozen. Shadow sword is now tradable. Silverlight sword attack animations fixed. Tome of Fire update: When worn, the tome will now provide 50% damage bonus to any fire spells, not only the Fire surge. Untradable item drop bug: Fixed a huge bug with untradable items being dropped. Many of you have dropped or died with untradable items only to have them disappear 60 seconds later. A popular reported item for this is the Amulet of Torture (or). We’ve fixed this bug, and made it so that untradable items will be on the ground for just as long as normal items are. Lizardman shaman fix: Wearing Shayzien T5 armour (from achievement shop) will now reduce the green acid pool damage from the shamans to 0. It will also not allow you to be poisoned by shamans. Combat fixes: Sometimes, “dead” players would still be able to attack. For example, if you DDS spec a player which kills them, they would still be able to attack once (while their hitpoints are 0) before dying. This will no longer happen, and the dead player will simply die without executing their final spec/attack. This will also slightly change the dynamics in the duel arena, since the player with the first hit will have a considerably higher chance of winning. Risk protection nerf: Since risk protection complicates multi-pking with clans and really any non 1v1 situation, we’ve made it so that risk protection is disabled for 2 minutes after combat. This means that if you’ve attacked someone, anyone can attack you for the next 2 minutes. Everytime you attack a player, this 2 minute counter is reset. This means that as long as you are in combat, you will always not be under the protection of the risk protection mechanism. Teleblock update: Teleblock immunity will now last 30 seconds as opposed to 60 after teleblock wears off. Myth’s guild “Mythical metal shop update”: This shop will now sell the Dragon battleaxe, primarily for Ironmen/Classics to obtain. Dragon battleaxe special attack fix: The Dragon battleaxe special attack is now functional: Consumes 100% special attack energy: This drains the player's Attack, Defence, Ranged, and Magic levels by 10%, while increasing their Strength level by [10 + (levels drained / 4)]. The strength boost is comparable to that of a super strength potion. However, depending on the player's combat levels and preexisting boosts, it can raise strength by up to +21. Zahur has been added: Zahur can provide many Herblore related services, including: Cleaning of grimy herbs to clean herbs, regardless of your Herblore level: For a cost of 500gp per herb, Zahur, can clean an inventory of herbs in an instant. Note that she cannot clean noted herbs. Decantation of potions: This is identical to the service provided by Bob Barter. Completing Unfinished potions: Zahur can take all noted ingredients (herbs + vials of water) to create Unfinished potions for you! The cost of this depends on your donator rank: Normal player: 3,000 gp per potion Donator: 2,750 gp per potion Super donator: 2,500 gp per potion Extreme donator: 2,250 gp per potion Legendary donator: 2,000 gp per potion Uber donator: 1,750 gp per potion Master donator: 1,500 gp per potion Example: Vial of water + Toadflax = Toadflax potion (unf) Notes: No experience is gained by this. Your herblore level does not matter for this process. Battlestaff crafting + orb charging: Orb charging: You can now charge orbs! Having the required Magic level, simply take the required runes (see the relevant spell in your Magic spellbook) to the obelisk which you would like to charge your orb at and use the unpowered orbs on the obelisk. The available obelisks are: Air, earth, water and fire Battlestaff crafting: With charged orbs, you can now craft battlestaves! You can use your charged orb on a battlestaff to be presented with the crafting options. The requirements and experience gains are as follows (before your experience rate multiplier and other bonuses): Water battlestaff: 54 Crafting 100 experience Earth battlestaff: 58 Crafting 112.5 experience Fire battlestaff: 62 Crafting 125 experience Air battlestaff: 62 Crafting 137.5 experience Anti-bot system: We won’t get into too much detail on this update, but we’ve implemented a number of methods to help us detect players that are using 3rd party programs. We’re committed to ensuring that players use any type of software that is against our rules to gain an advantage will not be welcome on Alora, and we will continue to improve our detection methods to be able to quickly detect and ban these players. Fossil Island content: Herbi pet: This pet can now be obtained through the Herblore skill! Creating potions will yield the highest chance of obtaining Herbi, but cleaning herbs has a very slight chance as well. Wyvern cave: The Wyverns cave can now be accessed! Ancient Wyverns are lurking within this cave, waiting for the unprepared adventurer to add to their piles of bones. You must have a minimum of 82 Slayer to harm these wyverns. The wyverns have a drop table with a wide array of loot, with the most valuable item being the Wyvern visage: The wyvern visage can be used to create the Ancient Wyvern shield. This can be done by using it on an Elemental shield while having 66 Smithing and 66 Magic. The Elemental shield is commonly dropped by the Ancient wyverns. These wyverns can be assigned as a Hard slayer task. They will also count towards your Skeletal wyvern task. The Dragonhunter crossbow will deal significantly more damage on these wyverns. The cave can be accessed through the teleportation wizard’s dungeon teleports. Requirements: 82 Slayer 4 Quest points Teleport interface update: Two new teleports have been added: Donator Zone Ancient Wyvern cave Website: You can now use a mobile-friendly version of the forums! When browsing on a mobile device, a message at the top of the page to switch to the mobile version will appear. If you do not see this message, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a “Use Mobile version” link on the bottom right side of the page near the “Terms of Service” link. You can easily switch back to the full version on your phone/tablet by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking the “Full Version” button. Award updates: Awards are now resized to a maximum of 25x25 pixels. This allows for a more neat and uniform award area. We’ve also cleaned up the awards container, gave it a border, in-line title and spaced it out properly. Media: We hope you enjoy this update Regards, Omicron
  14. Hey guys, This update took a little bit longer than anticipated, primarily due to having to spend a few days securing our systems further last week as well as having to implement some preventative measure for bots (which we will continue to do). Nonetheless, the update is here with plenty of new content for you to dive right into! Please note that some game/forum updates shown here may already be in-game from a previous background update. Game updates: Pet updates:Metamorphosis versions:Corporeal critter is now available!This pet is a metamorphosis version of the Dark core dropped by the Corporeal beast. You can switch between the pets as you’d like, and if you’ve already insured your Dark core, your Corporeal critter is also insured (no need to pay twice). TzRek-JadThis pet is a metamorphosis version of the Jal-Nib-Rek pet dropped by TzKal-Zuk in the Inferno. You can switch between the pets as you’d like, and if you’ve already insured your Jal-Nib-Rek pet, your TzRek-Jad pet is also insured. All dialogues for the new pets are also functional. Fixed a bug where the “head” of the NPC in the dialogue would be invisible after metamorphosis. New pets to obtain:3 new awesome looking pets can now be obtained! Through the World bosses event, any one of the 3 bosses can drop their own pet. Once you receive one, you can transform it into any one of the others (metamorphosis). Super anti-fire updates:In some cases, the Super anti-fire effect would not function properly (not reducing damage enough). This has been fixed. Super anti-fire potions can now be decanted. A warning will now be issued before your Super anti-fire protection runs out (in the chatbox). Fixed a bug where Super anti-fire protection would remain after the timer runs out. You can no longer drink Super anti-fire potions with one already active. Vorkath/DS2 updates:You can now kill Vorkath for Slayer experience on a Blue dragon task. Dragonfire ward is now tradable. The “Quest completed!” Interface had a Mage arena II cape on the interface. This has been updated to a Mythical cape. The “Zombified spawn” that shoots out of Vorkath’s mouth will now be shot to wherever you are nearest to. Fixed a bug where Vorkath would disappear mid-kill while “moon-walking” back and forth. Fixed a combat bug where certain NPCs could not attack you back at a certain distance (Eg. Adamant dragon safespot is now patched) Duel bug fix:If a player dced or x-logged during the “countdown” portion of a duel, the player who did not log out would be stuck inside the duel arena, and both players’ staked items would be lost. This has been fixed, and the player who x-logs or disconnects will lose the duel (similar to forfeiting). Box trap updates:Box traps can no longer be triggered by invisible chinchompas. The rate at which chinchompas are “lured” towards box traps has been slightly reduced. Once a chinchompa is caught, it will now spawn in a completely new location rather than immediately under the caught box trap. Make Flax spell benefits for donators:Donators can now make more flax per cast:Normal players: 5 per cast Regular/Super donator: 6 Extreme/Legendary: 7 Uber: 9 Master: 10 Vote shop updates / Ornament kits:With the addition of a new voting website (7 total, 6 required), we figured it’d be a good time to release some new items into the vote shop. These include:Anguish ornament kit ~ 180 vote points:You can now create a Necklace of Anguish (or). The same bonuses apply as the regular necklace. Godsword ornament kits ~ 250 vote points each:All godsword can now be ornamented! There are 4 different kits available in the vote shop. The ornamented godswords all have their correct combat configurations/special attacks/etc. Fremennik Slayer cave shortcut fixes:The “strange floor” shortcut to Pyrefiends now requires level 81 Agility. The “crevice” shortcut from Basilisks to Turoths (previously not working) is now functional and requires level 62 Agility to use. Teleport interface updated:Seer’s village is now available on the Cities teleport page.This was requested so that players could set Seer’s as their home teleport and teleport back there immediately upon completing the Seer’s rooftop agility course (this is possible in OSRS). Additionally, a bug which did not allow you to set your home as Draynor village or the Myth’s guild has been fixed. Both are possible, with the Myth’s guild being a convenient home teleport for Wrath runecrafting. Warning on right-click “Previous teleport” option:When teleporting on the PvP menu (eg. To Dark castle), there is typically no warning issued.This is fine, but when you right-click the Teleportation wizard to teleport to the last location, some players may have forgotten that their last location was in the wilderness. To combat this, a warning will be shown on the right-click previous teleport option if the destination is in the wilderness. Equipment fix:Many items that should not be able to be equipped were equipable through the equipment interface, and have been fixed. Missing item requirement fixes:Dragon chainbody (g) Dragon platelegs (g) Dragon plateskirt (g) Dragon full helm (g) Dragon sq shield (g) Dragon platebody (g) Leaf bladed spear Leaf bladed sword Leaf bladed battle-axe Area fixes:Smoke devil dungeon (including Thermonuclear boss room) is now entirely multi as it is in OSRS. TzHaar city is now multi as intended. This includes Mor-Ul-Rek. Cannon fixes:Slayer Tower basement no longer allows cannons to be set up. Cannons will no longer be able to “steal” other players’ monsters in single combat areas. The cannon will only target NPCs that are either already in combat with the owner of the cannon, or not in combat at all.If the player who is fighting the NPC doesn’t attack it for 6 seconds or longer, the cannon could then damage the NPC. With this being said, players can still technically steal an NPC that a cannon has hit. Since a cannon works in a single zone (as long as the player is hidden and not being attacked), it would be too overpowered if the cannon could hog every NPC in a single area. This is why we’ve given other players the ability to steal NPCs that have been attacked by a cannon (but not if the cannon’s owner is already in combat with the NPC). Dark blue graceful added:This graceful set can be achieved by recovering with Graceful marks just as the other sets are, but the price of each piece is ~1.5x higher.This is simply a cosmetic change, all other effects/bonuses of this set are the same as the other graceful sets. Clue Hunter update:The Helm of Raedwald (Clue hunter set helmet) can now be obtained when completing clues. Dharok NPC update:Dharok the Wretched will now be able to hit players for very high damage when he gets low on hitpoints. Be sure to keep your Melee protection prayer on while fighting him. Additionally, a bug had caused Dharok to always hit 0s, which has also been fixed. His default max hit is 29, but at 1hp he can hit up to 64. Tentacle whip dissolve warning:When dismantling the Abyssal tentacle, a red warning will appear to notify you that you will not get back the tentacle upon dissolving. You will only have the whip returned. Blowpipe nerf:Blowpipe accuracy has been slightly nerfed (~15%) in PvM. Thieving updates:Ardougne knights thieving:You can now pickpocket Ardougne knights for 1.5k each. These are a good option once your Thieving level is a bit higher as you stop failing on them at 95 Thieving. Formula for pickpocketing improved:The failure rate for pickpocketing has been decreased, meaning you’ll fail less often across the board. Battle Royale fix:Multi-spells now work as intended. Previously, an ice barrage would only hit 1 player even if the arena is multi. Kourend Catacombs update:Dwarf cannon can no longer be used here. To allow for Magic training through bursting, we’ve made some changes:Abyssal demons in the catacombs were very buggy. They’d “freeze” and attack you from long-range. Additionally, there weren’t enough of them in the area. Both issues have been addressed. Slayer task changes:Nechrayels can now be assigned by a Slayer master. (35-100) Dust devils can now be assigned by a Slayer master. (55-125)While on a Dust devil task, Smoke devils can be killed and you will still gain experience. Slayer helm / Black mask bonuses fix:We’ve changed the way that Slayer helm/Black mask bonuses work. Previously, if you had a task, your bonus would only work on that exact NPC (Eg. Blue dragon task, bonus on Blue dragon). Now, your helmet bonuses will also be applied to any related NPCs, such as Vorkath while on a Blue dragon task. Completionist Monkey updates:Crush attack bonus increased from +4 to +6 to match the Mythical cape. Ranged attack bonus increased from +4 to +8 to match Ava’s assembler. Staff of Light:The staff of light can now be created! You can create this staff by using Saradomin’s Light (dropped by Commander Zilyana) on the Toxic staff of the dead.It is identical in stats, bonuses and special attack to the Toxic staff of the dead. Miscellaneous:The Samurai kata (hat) now hides your hair when equipped as intended (so that your hair doesn’t poke out of the hat). Changing your gender will no longer reset your appearance colours (skin color included). Dragon pickaxe with ornament kit now has the special attack bar. Mage Arena II demons’ models have been changed:Since these demons are no longer in the OSRS cache, we’ve been forced to replace them with other demons which we can work with. OSRS replaced them with some very cool looking demons which we will be using for other new content, World Boss Events. (see below) You can also no longer damage these demons with melee at all. Previously, you would only hit 20% of your normal damage with melee. Now the damage is as follows:100% - Correct god spell (eg. Flames of Zamorak on Demon of Darkness) 100% - Twisted bow 20% - Any other mage spell 0% - Any ranged/melee attack Salve amulet damage bonus fixed:The salve amulet(s) damage bonuses where not working as intended (accuracy was fine, though). This is now fixed, and both accuracy and damage bonuses should work perfectly. Banshee prayer bug fixed:Prayers will now be turned off when drained to 0 by Banshee’s screech. Bond opening fixed/logged:When opening bonds, Master donators would sometimes be set back to Uber. This has been fixed. Additionally, we’re now logging bond openings for staff to be able to see when players open bonds. Fire strike spell requirements fixed:Now takes 2 air runes instead of 1 (Thanks @) Hit delay bug fixed:While in combat, players could perform certain skillcap emotes to delay damage. Eventually, all the damage would hit the player all at once, but it is a bug nonetheless. Skillcape emotes can no longer be performed while in combat. Event NPCs spawned by admins will now be aggressive towards players (if the NPC is intended to be aggressive) and will walk around rather than staying on the same tile. Edible seaweed and Kebabs can now be eaten (Thanks for the major bug report @uTorrent) Wilderness/Combat changes:Resource gate changes:Resource gate now opens.Previously, this gate would teleport you through. It will now allow 1 person to enter at a time. Cost reduction for donators:The price to enter is now reduced from 10,000 for donators:Master ~ 1k Uber ~ 2k Legendary ~ 2.5k Extreme ~ 4k Super ~ 6k Regular ~ 8k Axe hut changes:Picklocking the axe-hut doors was a bit buggy, sometimes you would not face the door when attempting to pick the lock. This should now be fixed. When frozen and attempting to picklock the axe hut doors, you would not walk through if successfully picked. You should now be able to even if frozen.With that being said, you’ll still be frozen on the other side as well. You can continue to picklock through the doors until you’re unfrozen if you choose to. Bounty hunter QOL:The chatbox message when you’re assigned a target will now say “You’ve been assigned a target: <username>” rather than “You’ve been assigned a target!”. NPC changes:Many Hobgoblins have been added west of black chinchompas. (Hobgoblin mine) Many Zombies have been removed from the ruins south of black chinchompas. Fixed freezing bug with NPC:Sometimes NPCs would lose aggression towards you after being frozen (and just follow you around stupidly without attacking). This should no longer happen. Teleblock change:Whether the teleblock time will be full or half was previously determined when the spell landed, but the check will now be done as soon as the spell is casted. This means that if you aren’t praying Protect from Magic while the spell is casted, turning it on later will not halve the TB time. (Reported as a bug by players, if this is incorrect please let me know.) EdgePvP changes:EdgePvP (Instance) PJ timer increased to match the Edgeville wilderness PJ timer. A rejuvenation pool has been added to the Edgeville PvP instance. It functions the same way that the regular Edgeville pool does. DDS experience drop fix:The DDS special attack would sometimes still send an XP drop if you hit 0-0. This should no longer occur. Revenant caves minimum combat level:You must now be at least level 50 combat to enter the Revenant caves.This is to prevent the unintended low levels abusing the Leaf-bladed axe’s lack of Attack level requirement to kill the imps without worrying about being killed by other players. The Leaf-bladed equipment is also fixed so it makes this less of an issue, but we’ve added this requirement just in case there are other broken items we are unaware of.This also applies to the Revenant cave teleport scroll. Bloody key boost:Bloody key loot has been heavily boosted across the board. Certain items such as DFS/Arcane spirit shield rates have been increased, but we’ve also removed general junk (ancient staff, d boots, etc) as well as increasing the chance of getting any single rare item. Hunter - Box trap reset option:You can now reset your box traps that have either caught a creature or collapsed.If a creature is caught, you will collect the creature and re-set the trap. If no creature is caught, you will take down the trap and re-set it. This is no faster than taking down and re-setting the box trap manually, it is simply more convenient. Staff updates — anti-bot measures:As temporary bot prevention while we work on automated bot identification and prevention, we’ve added some new features for staff to use to track down bots. Our next update will focus on better random events as well as ways of flagging accounts that may be botting, which will then be sent to staff members for manual verification. New random event:A new random event which will ask players a random question has been added.Topics:General knowledge (eg. Name of the server) Basic mathematics Basic spelling task Dynamic questions:“Player-unique” questions. For example, “What is your current total level?” “Server-unique” questions. For example, “What is the current bonus skill of the day?”You can often use abbreviations for answers. For example, if the bonus skill of the day is Hitpoints, you can enter “hp” and it will suffice. The same random event rewards as the old “Odd one out” event will be given. If the player fails 3 times, they will be jailed and the staff team will be notified. If the player does not answer it within 5 minutes, they will also fail the random. Random events will now also be presented during:Fishing Digging a Barrows grave Boarding the Zulrah boat Runecrafting Agility course obstacles (not shortcuts)Excludes wilderness agility course It is important to note that random events do not show up unless you are actively performing an action (eg. Clicking on something). For this reason, most cases of players failing to solve a random in time are likely to be bots. The only exception is fishing, where you only have a possibility to get a random event on the first fish you catch. (Assuming you are still around for the first fish)If you are semi-AFK fishing, you’ll have up to 5 minutes to answer the question. Agility course fixes:All courses:Less “delays” when clicking obstacles to make the course progress more quickly (there was a 0.6 second delay on many object actions that was unnecessary). Gnome course:Fixed some objects you could quickly click for double experience drops. Fixed a bug where you could “no clip” onto the second floor. World bosses event - Gods’ Battalion: Backstory/Lore: (Thanks to for the awesome idea and creating the backstory!)Before Zorgoth was defeated and his conquest to take over Alora suppressed in Dragon Slayer 2, he opened a pulsating rift located at ::event while he was attempting to summon Vorkath, the undead dragon. From this point forth, every 2-3 hours the 3 demon disciples of Guthix, Zamorak and Saradomin will descend upon the ::event area to torment any players fearsome enough to take them on. Porazdir being a Tsutsaroth demon, who was once one of Zamorak's most trusted generals during the God Wars. Justiciar Zachariah a Saradominist Justiciar, in the elite of Saradomin's army. Derwen is an ancient servant of Guthix. He takes great interest in Justiciar Zachariah and Porazdir, attempting to keep a balance between them. Each of these Demons are essence of what they used to be in the ancient God Wars, originally they were encaged in an endless fight to the death. You must stop these beasts before they reap carnage across Alora! General:Three bosses — each one appointed by a specific God, will spawn together once every 2-3 hours.Attacking any of the bosses for at least 100 damage will grant you with the “Blessing of the Gods”:Granted once any of the bosses die, this give a stackable, bonus experience of 20% for 30 minutes. This is reduced to 10% for Classic mode players. You will receive a chatbox messaging stating when the bonus experience starts/ends as follows:“Blessing of the Gods is now granting you 20% bonus experience for 30 minutes!” “Your Blessing of the Gods has worn out.” This timer saves on logout and will only be reduced if you are active (AFK players don’t lose time). These bosses spawn at the ;;event area which is a safe death, multi-combat area. Possible loot:NOTE: For each boss, the top 2 hitters will be rewarded loot. 6 people will be able to loot in total during each event. Shared:Supplies:White berries, desert goat horn, teak plank, mahogany plank, pure essence, numerous herbs, flax, coal, crushed bird’s nests, grapes, magic logs, uncut gems (incl. dragonstone) Special:Clue bottles (hard and elite) Clue nests (hard and elite) Rare:Staff of light (reskinned Toxic staff of the dead) God boss pet (Baby porazdir, Baby justiciar, Baby Derwen — but all 3 can be metamorphosed into one another, so you only require 1) Unique:Saradomin:Saradomin dragon hide set, cloak Holy blessing Saradomin hilt Guthix:Guthix dragon hide set, cloak Peaceful blessing Bandos hilt Zamorak:Zamorak dragon hide set, cloak Unholy blessing Zamorak hilt Bosses:Saradomin boss - Justiciar Zachariah:Attacks evenly with both Magic and Melee. Can hit multiple enemies with either attack depending on your distance. (Within 2 steps for melee, within 8 steps for the magic special) Weakness:Ranged Strategy:Zachariah’s melee attack is the strongest. Keep your distance and attack with range. Guthix boss - Derwen:Attacks primarily with magic, and sometimes with range. Can hit multiple enemies. Highest hitting of all 3 bosses. Weakness:Melee Strategy:Protect from Magic and damage with melee. Zamorak boss - Porazdir:Attacks primarily with range, and sometimes with melee. Can hit multiple enemies. Weakness:Magic Strategy:Protect from range while keeping distance and attack with magic. General strategy:Combined with the strategies above, try to keep the bosses separated. Since they can all damage multiple players, it is best to not be within fighting distance of 2 or more of them at the same time. Drag each one out to it’s own corner and isolate it. Pet(s):All 3 bosses can drop a pet version of themselves. Once you have obtained one of these pets, you can morph it into any one of the others. In essence, one pet means you have obtained access to all 3: Baby Justiciar, Baby Derwen and Baby Porazdir. You can “Pray-to” these pets for a cool effect/over-head shout. Website updates: A birthday calendar to list today’s birthdays will now be listed on the sidebar of the forums. Highscores will no longer show 2279 total level (all invalid ranks have been fixed). @tagging fixed:A notorious bug was that newly created accounts (through the client) would not be able to be @ on the forums, or @‘d in private messages.This issue should now be fixed for new accounts. Any old accounts’ @tagging should also be fixed. Forums crash (redirect loop) fixed:New accounts created in-game would not be able to properly access the forums without the page breaking. This has been fixed. Easy 2fa link: www.alora.io/2fa will now take you to your use CP 2fa settings page for easy access/referrals. Performance optimizations:Some areas of the website have been optimized for faster page loads, particularly for the first time a user loads our website, but also smaller optimizations for existing users.This includes:Minifying all javascript/css Using google’s CDN for JS where possible Compressing images to reduce file size Removing useless/duplicate scripts Limiting the # of images that can be loaded in a topic preview for recent news on the homepage (rather than loading useless GIFs from an update that cannot be viewed) These optimizations reduce the total homepage size by nearly 50% and increase the page load speed by over 35%. This also applies to the forums, but to a lesser extent. Security updates:Many security updates have been applied to both the website and game. Store updates: New items:The God bosses pet (which can transform between all 3 new pets: Baby justiciar, derwen and porazdir) is now available for 1500 tokens! Rune pouch in the store now has an ironman symbol next to it (has been buyable for some time now, but it was missing the symbol). “Custom Donation” button added to FAQ on shop to link to the customs thread. Client updates: The welcome screen on resizable has been fixed (invalid placement for the Welcome message) Fixed a bug with HD + Resizable on Macs, where your client would be sized incorrectly. We hope you enjoy this update! As always, please report any bugs to myself, staff members or in the correct section on the forums. Cheers, Omicron
  15. Hey guys, The highly anticipated Dragon Slayer II quest is now live! There is plenty of new content to hop right into, including new bosses, new dungeons, new spells, new items and much more. There may very well be some bugs as this is a large update covering a wide array of content, so as always, please make sure to report any bugs that you find in the appropriate section. Without further ado: Miscellaneous: Duel arena fixes: Duel bug (losing items) officially fixed: Thanks to @ and @ for helping to find the bug! It should now be fully patched, including the “tie” bug introduced in the last fix. Also thanks to @ for help on the tie bug. Multiple poison issue fixed: You should no longer be able to be poisoned more than once in a duel. Fixed ::punishments for players with 3 letter names Lumbridge “sailing” update has been reverted/fixed. (Broken map) Fixed Saradomin godsword special attack prayer bug (Prayer going above max level) Battle Royale can now be 1x Combat experience or 330x (regular rate) depending on what option the host selects. Trade bug fixed: When a normal player traded an ironman/classic and got an error message, any other trade they tried to make afterwards (even to normal players) would be declined immediately. This has been fixed. This also fixes the bug where you would lose items while trying to equip them on the Equipment screen. (related to the same bug) Fix for prayer-protection on some NPCs: Using Protect from Ranged against Mithril dragons and Waterfiends will now be more effective. Construction bugs: If you died in the boxing ring as soon as you were expelled, you would lose your items outside of the house. This has been fixed. Additionally, the owner of the house (and anyone with kick permissions) would not have an attack option in the boxing ring, only a kick option. This has been fixed, and the owner of a house (and anyone with kick permissions) must be outside of their boxing ring to kick players, as they will only have an attack option inside. Fixed a bug which caused some players not to be expelled from the house when switching from regular mode to build mode. Total level fix: Total level would always be 2 higher than it should have been (due to 1 level coming from Summoning and 1 from Dungeoneering, but @ won’t let me add those updates and made me scrap the upcoming EoC update so I’ve removed them) and is now fixed. Hitpoint flashing: Fixed a bug where your hitpoints would show ~253 HP for an instant if you were just killed by a player in PVP who dealt more HP than you had. Ignore list bug: Sometimes, ignored players’ messages would still appear in the chatbox or in yells. This should no longer happen. Iban’s staff attack animations fixed: You will no longer kick/punch when attacking with Iban’s staff (staff bash animation added) Slayer helmet (i) from Black mask (i) Previously, you could not use a Black mask (i) to create a Slayer helmet (i). You had to use the regular Black mask, and then imbue the helmet. This can now be done with an already imbued Black mask. Salve (ei) and Salve (i) bonuses corrected: Effects: Salve: 15% bonus to attack and strength Salve (i): 15% bonus to range, mage and melee attack and strength Salve (e): 20% bonus to attack and strength Salve (ei): 20% bonus to range, mage and melee attack and strength Notes: Salve amulets now also go to the untradeable reclaim shop. These effects do not stack with Slayer helmet effects, but the highest effect will be granted. Grotesque guardian jar can now be removed from your Achievement room display. Fixed a bug which allowed players to use the “Preserve” prayer after a raid to keep heightened skill levels. Item value fixes: Completionist monkey value increased Slayer helmets will no longer protect over Super combat potions. Fixed a bug with crossbow fletching: All combinations of crossbow limb + stock will now be fletchable. Edgeville PvP updates: You can no longer drop items worth 50k or more (just as it is in the regular Wilderness) Master donator changes: Pest control benefits fixed: 6 extra points + 75k GP per round instead of 5/60k for Uber. FAQ table updated to reflect proper bonuses/benefits. Rainbow icon in FAQ changed to correct in-game icon. Combat changes: Unfreeze distance for barrage (how far your opponent must run away before your freeze ends) has been reduced from 14 to 11 steps. (To match OSRS) This will make it more difficult for someone to freeze you and escape in the wilderness. If your attacker is 12 or more steps away, you will be unfrozen. If they are within 11 steps, you won’t unfreeze until the normal timer runs out. Combat misc: Dragon daggers specials would send an XP drop on a 0-0 hit. This has been fixed. Dharok’s accuracy formula: The chance to hit with Dharoks has been adjusted to account for your hitpoints. This means that the lower your hitpoints are, the higher chance you have to hit, up to a ~50% accuracy bonus. This boost is exponentially calculated, meaning that if you’re at 50/99 HP there will not be a huge accuracy bonus, but there would be one at 1/99 HP. Approximations: At 50/99 hitpoints: (12.24% accuracy boost) At 25/99 hitpoints: (27.9% accuracy boost) At 10/99 hitpoints: (40.4% accuracy boost) At 5/99 hitpoints: (45% accuracy boost) At 2/99 hitpoints: (48% accuracy boost) At 1/99 hitpoints: (50% accuracy boost) Dragon Hunter Crossbow Buff: To match the recent buff in OSRS, this crossbow now provides a 30% damage and accuracy boost against Dragons (including Vorkath), Wyverns and Olm. (As opposed to the previous 10% boost) Duo-Raid changes: To make Duo raids more viable, and reduce the requirement for large parties to do Raids, Olm will now only have 2 phases when in a 2-player party. With 3 or more players, the number of phases has not changed (between 3 and 5 depending on the size of the party). The reasoning behind this update is that Solo raids are still quite difficult to do and not an “efficient” way to raid. This is intended, of course, but there are some timezones where it is difficult to find a large party to raid with, where duo raids would make more sense and increase overall activity for raids. Boss Kill-time reset: The staff team and I have agreed that the kill-times should have a fresh start in 2018 for many reasons, including: Giving players a chance to compete and set new records The ability to abuse some bosses in the past have skewed the kill-times The ability to use a Cannon and get a much shorter kill-time than normally possible was a bug that was present for awhile, so many bosses had illegitimate killtimes. As of this update, the leaderboard for boss kill-times is reset. Note that this does NOT apply to kill counts! Those are not reset (for bosses or otherwise). Dragon Slayer II The highly anticipated Dragon Slayer II quest is here! We’ve written our own unique quest designed specifically for Alora for this quest, and there are some very sweet rewards that you’ll be able to obtain through completion of this quest. You can start this quest by speaking to Glen, who is slightly east of Edgeville bank near the jailhouse. He’ll tell you that he has received some very concerning news and needs your help. Requirements: 6 Quest points 85+ Combat level Completion of the following quests: Recipe for Disaster Horror From The Deep Monkey Madness Lunar Diplomacy The quest ends with the Vorkath boss fight (which can be re-entered after the quest), where you can receive the following items as drops: Notable “Always” drops: Superior dragon bones Requiring level 70 Prayer, these bones give 150 experience (multiplied by our experience rate and any bonuses) making them the best bones in-game. Notable “Rare” drops: Dragonbone necklace: While equipped, this necklace will restore prayer points as they are buried as follows: Bones: 1 prayer point Big bones: 2 prayer points Baby dragon bones: 3 prayer points Dragon bones / Dagannoth bones: 4 prayer points Superior dragon bones: 5 prayer points The necklace also provides a +12 Prayer bonus. You must have level 80 Prayer to equip this necklace. Note: This effect also works with the Bonecrusher. Draconic visage Skeletal visage: This visage can be combined (with 90 Smithing) with an anti-dragon shield to create a Dragonfire ward, a Ranged shield which acts like a regular anti-dragon shield in terms of Dragonfire protection, but also protects against the icy breath of Wyverns. Skeletal ward: This ward can collect charges from Dragon/Wyvern breath and boost up to +50 on some of the base defence stats. You can also discharge the shield on your opponent. Vorki: The elusive Vorki pet has a very rare chance to drop from Vorkath. Vorkath’s head: This rare drop can be combined with Ava’s accumulator to create Ava’s assembler, an off-blue coloured device which has an 8% higher chance of saving ammunition. It is also the best-in-slot cape for Ranged attack bonus. You can combine this with a Max cape to receive a cape with the same bonuses and effects. Jar of decay: You can use this jar to add a Vorkath display in your house. Vorkath boss: The undead dragon is one of the most difficult NPCs to defeat in the game, with numerous attack styles: Melee attack (if in range) Magic attack (bright blue projectile) Ranged attack (spiked ball) Dragonfire types: Normal (red) Poisonous (green) Pink dragon fire — disables all prayers upon impact. High-damage dragon fire projectile This projectile can be dodged, and should be, as it can one-hit you (can hit up to 99) If you are standing 1 tile away from the explosion, you will be dealt half the damage. If you are standing at least 2 tiles away, you will not be dealt any damage. Special attacks: Poison pool: Vorkath will launch acid across the entire area, which you should avoid as it damages you very quickly. Immediately there-after, he will begin to spit rapid dragon fire at you, which you must dodge by running around the map while avoiding the poison pools. Ice dragon fire: An icy dragon fire will be launched at the player which freezes you in an ice barrage. The very next attack will be a zombified spawn which Vorkath spits into the corner of the map, which will immediately start walking towards you. This Zombified spawn will suicide attack you, and since you cannot move, you have two options: 1. Use “Crumble undead” to 1-hit KO the spawn 2. Try to kill it with regular attacks. If you do not get it to 0 HP before it reaches you, it will damage you based on how many hitpoints it has left. You can use the Salve amulets against Vorkath as he is undead. Vorkath can be assigned as a Slayer task (boss task) assuming you have defeated Vorkath at least once. Quest rewards: Access to Vorkath fight Access to Myth’s guild You can purchase a Mythical cape on the top floor, as well as the Dragon square shield right half and Dragon metal shard. Access to Myth’s guild dungeon Access to the the Metal dragon labratory, where Rune and Adamant dragons can be found These drop components to form the new dragon equipment (see below) Ability to make Super antifire potions You can crush Superior Dragon Bones with a Pestle and Mortar, and then mix them with a regular anti-fire potion to create this potion. Access to the Wrath altar, which can be used to craft Wrath runes with level 95 Runecrafting (for use in conjuction with the new Wrath spells) Perks: Speak to Ellen in the Myth’s guild to toggle the following perks: Ability to auto-note dragon bones/dagannoth bones that are dropped Ability to auto-note Mole skins/claws that are dropped I’d like to say thanks to: @ Most of the script for our quest was written by him, so if you enjoy the quest shoot him a thanks for the creativity behind it! @ For letting me use his account on OSRS to obtain data for DS2. @Chase For the awesome slogan on the homepage. @ No reason specifically. Although I did enjoy his recent mixtape, so we’ve paid homage to glen in this quest by giving him his own character! Wrath Runecrafting: Players who complete Dragon Slayer II can now craft Wrath runes! These runes are used solely for the new Surge spells in the Modern spellbook. These grant 8 experience per rune (multiplied by your skilling experience rate and any active bonuses) You can find this altar by entering a cave in the southern part of the Myth’s guild basement, which will bring you up to the island south of the Myth’s guild which contains the Wrath altar. Surge spells: 4 New spells have been released! You do not need to complete the new quest to use these. These spells are only available in the Modern spell book. You must use Wrath runes to cast these spells, obtainable by either purchasing from other players, or crafting them yourself in the Myth’s guild with completion of Dragon Slayer II and 95 Runecrafting. Spells: Wind Surge 81 Magic Max hit: 21 Water Surge 85 Magic Max hit: 22 Earth Surge 90 Magic Max hit: 23 Fire Surge 95 Magic Max hit: 24 Dragon Equipment: You can now create the following pieces of Equipment: Dragon Square shield: This shield can be created by combining the left and right halves of the shield (left half from monster drops, right half from Erdan’s shop on the 2nd floor of the Myth’s guild) with level 60 Smithing. Dragon Kiteshield: This new shield can be created by combining the Dragon square shield, Dragon metal slice, and Dragon metal shard with level 75 Smithing. Dragon platebody: This new platebody can be created by combining the Dragon chain body, Dragon metal shard, and Dragon metal lump with level 90 Smithing. Dragon crossbow: This new crossbow can be created by combining Dragon limbs to a Magic stock (purchased from the 2nd floor Myth’s guild shop) with level 78 fletching, and then with crossbow string. You must have 64 Ranged to equip this crossbow. It can fire up to Dragon bolts (see below) and has a special attack which drains 60% of your special attack bar and hits any enemy in a 3x3 multi-combat area. The primary target will take 20% more damage, whereas other targets will take 20% less damage. For example, if the damage is 10, the primary target will be hit 12 and other targets hit 8. In single-way combat, the attack will still work but only on one target with 20% extra damage. Dragon bolts: (Not to be confused with Dragonstone bolts) A new type of crossbow bolt can now be created! Dragon bolts can be fired from: Dragon crossbow Dragon hunter crossbow Armadyl crossbow To created this type of bolt, you can use Dragon bolts (unf) on feathers, and then on bolt tips. They can be enchanted thereafter. Teleporatation Wizard updates: New teleport locations: Cities: Draynor village Myth’s guild Dungeons: Metal dragon laboratory Bosses: Vorkath Callisto Staff updates: Fixed global logins for some staff members who were having issues. ::localplayers will now provide the exact # of players in your map (up to a maximum of 255) Yell-mute added: You can now ::yellmute or ::yellunmute players. This will disable their ability to use the yell channel, but other forms of communication would still work normally. Forum updates: The Moderating Team page has been re-sorted by the proper order of ranks, as opposed to being alphabetically sorted. It is also now more neatly organized, with dividers between the different sub-teams. You can view the changes here: [Hidden Content] Award system update: The previous maximum of 15 awards showing when someone posts has been increased to 25. Fixed “Recent Activity” on profiles not showing up for players with spaces in their usernames. Master donator “shimmering effect” A shimmering effect can now be seen around Master donators’ usernames when they post. This is to differentiate them from other ranks, since the color effect loops through many different colors and may make you confuse the rank (eg. When the color is pink, it is mistakable for the Ex-staff rank) [Hidden Content] We tried to squeeze in many different pieces of content for players of all game modes, and we're optimistic that everyone can find something to enjoy in this update Regards, Omicron

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