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  1. Web based games!! Another world inside the world however away from rest of the world. The universe of games for sure removes you from this present reality to which you have a place. In the past having a PC at your house was the greatest accomplishment. In those days nobody would have contemplated playing a game on the PC. In any case, presently web based games are the a vital part of our life. One of the most seasoned and mainstream games which upset pretending games online is Runescape. Jagex Gamings Studio is the engineer and distributer of this game. Runescape is considered as the world's biggest allowed to-play multiplayer game. This game is an intelligent game where the players are permitted to speak with different players. This game offers adjustable symbols to the players and permits them to set their own objectives. To play this game one will get two alternatives. The first is through the official site. The other way is utilizing Runescape private servers. Other than authentic website there are numerous private servers online which will permit you to play the game. What are RS private servers? Prominently named RSPS or RuneSuite private server is only a server which permits the client to play Runescape and which an individual who isn't the piece of unique game engineers possesses. The individual who claims the private server can totally change the game played utilizing this server. Who can possess a RSPS and how? Any individual on the planet who approaches the web can make their own private server. There are barely any simple strides to follow to make the private server. One ought to have java Have vital records Web association The initial phase in making a Runescape Private Server is to have a Java code. Download Java's JRE bundle and furthermore Java improvement unit. Introduce them on the PC. When Java is introduced one as to procure the documents required for RSPS. They are called as customer and server records separately. The customer record is only the application which the client needs to stack so as to play. The server record or the server-side contains the program important to run the RSPS which can be seen uniquely by the private server proprietor. Individuals who have zero information on programming language likewise can make these kinds of servers utilizing different RSPS sources accessible on the web. All the necessary records can be downloaded from the online sources. Subsequent to getting the necessary records one can get their game online either through their PC or utilize a leased virtual server. Subsequent stage is to fire up possess Runescape Private Server by opening the run record accessible in the RSPS source document downloaded. Why use Runescape Private Servers? Many will think for what reason to utilize a private server to play when there is an official site. All things considered, there are not many included points of interest of utilizing a private server. There is no uncertainty that official site will furnish you with generally excellent top notch illustrations when contrasted with any private servers. Impediment of playing utilizing official server is you need to pay to purchase things in the game. Up to certain degree, you can play without paying after which you are approached to pay. The private servers permit you to play the game for nothing and there is no compelling reason to make a client account. In the event that you love assuming pretend games you would likewise cherish RSPS.
  2. Nothing is unthinkable in the conjured up universe of Runescape. It is the world's biggest MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) Game where you can experience your undertakings in the realm of Gielinor. You can gain proficiency with the abilities of battle and assembling, progress from the beginner to the grandmaster missions, vanquish your adversaries and otherworldly animals and accomplish such a great deal more. In any case, on the off chance that you need to ascend to the top quick and have your legend arrive at the statures of triumph, you need to enroll the assistance of RSPS (Runescape Private Servers). These are servers made by different players like you where you get a few advantages which let you progress in the game quicker and play with a chose network of gamers like you. Here are a few reasons why you should move to RSPS from the fundamental game: These servers are made by individuals who know the game. They have just arrived at the top and expertise to arrive. Since they have just done everything, they currently attempt to make it stunningly better. They enhance the great highlights and diminish the glitches and spybots that accompany the first game. Subsequently, these servers are frequently improved renditions of Runescape. With RSPS, you gain admittance to a few highlights that are not in any case accessible on the first game. You get heaps of new substance and you can likewise gain admittance to all the part things for nothing! You can investigate the part territories that were recently bolted to you with complete opportunity. A few servers likewise have new smaller than usual games and other interactivity includes that make the game substantially more intriguing. The experience focuses on the RSPS are increased a lot quicker than in the typical game. You can arrive at the most extreme level and open the most elevated highlights a lot quicker on the off chance that you are playing on these servers. You don't need to go through years playing the game so as to ascend to the top and can arrive effectively. RSPS players are a select network of genuine gamers. In the event that you don't care for the jam-packed primary network of Runescape, at that point playing on private servers are an extraordinary method to play with individuals who are really enthusiastic about the game and create solid bonds. You can set aside heaps of cash while playing on private servers. The greater part of the private servers are allowed to download and utilize. Their pay comes generally through advertisements and you are spared from paying the participation charges of Runescape. You get all the advantages of a participation with no of the charges! So if every one of these highlights request to you, or regardless of whether you have been playing the first game for quite a while and are prepared for a change. You ought to disregard the more established form and begin playing on an overhauled Runescape server today! Snap Here For More Info
  3. weighs up guys and I'm really excited to say that so head scape will finally be releasing in just a few days in the past few months the developers have worked really hard on this I'm really excited to see that it's finally coming together and the release date is going to be this Friday so Friday the 20th of December at 7 p.m. GMT plus 1 7 p.m. UK time pretty much which I think is 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time if you're living in America make sure you're there this Friday and of course we're gonna be having some really huge prizes up for grabs on the release so as you can see on our announcement thread we're giving away four different prizes so these are gonna be awarded to the first player to max on a regular account an ultimate I am an accountant a hardcore I'm an accountant and any mode but with the classic mode enabled and as you can see each winner is gonna be able to choose one of these four prizes for PlayStation 4 and Xbox one an appendix which with neon blue air and neon red joy controllers all $500 worth of store credit and if you don't want any other controllers you can also choose to receive three hundred and fifty dollars in PayPal and the players you come second or third will each receive $100 store credit each and as well as that we also have a discord invite competition and that's gonna last for a bit longer until December 25th so Christmas at midnight that's when the winners Louie pick so in order to enter all we have to do pretty much it just created invite filling to never expire and then send it to your friends so only new players basically count you can invite current players and if you G in any way you'll be disqualified essentially but there will be five winners for this contest so first place is gonna receive a 100 millisecond and the hundred dollars worth the store credit second place is gonna get fifty mellow seven and third place is gonna get twice by milla seven and fourth and fifth place get twenty-five dollars of store credit so yeah there's a lot of prizes off for grabs and if you don't come in the top five for every ten refers you get your receives so hand mystery box yeah overall there's thousands of dollars of prizes being given away so you definitely want to make sure they're on the release and it's only been like a day since we released and number five only has five invites so you could very easily win this disc will defend just by inviting like ten of your friends for example heat comes second place and when fifty mil oh seven G fees so yeah definitely make sure you answer that disc with competition so you guys are probably wondering what updates we've done that wall so enscape has been in beta so since the 28th of august all the way up to the 19th of december these are pretty much the updates we've done so we actually have fully Jameses Eric so every single room has got random rotations as well to be able to scout raids just like OS RS and as you can see it's the first raid release to notice arrests and we decided to in order to give you the fully proper service experience is very important that we do 100% replication of it here on slogan scape so yeah use dynamic map generation and means every raid we do will be different from the last you can expect that to be fully working and there's so much stuff that's been reworked as well I'll link this right in the description if you have a read throw yourself but this way too much to go over in this video as you can see the developers have been very very hard work like the list just goes on and on see ya the server is in much better shape than it wasn't the last release and if you're wondering what happens to your accounts flash donations on the last release unfortunately the accounts are all gonna be reset that's pretty much the fairest way so you will lose all your progress unfortunately but if you did there Nate on the previous relief we're gonna be refunding 50% of purchases made on the previous release one week after our initial release in the form of store credit so some of you guys are probably wondering why smart hundred percent well basically the reason for that is a lot of people did donate on the release but they got cleaned so those people are still gonna be refunded 50 percent of their purchases even though they might have lost everything I know a lot of people probably donated it and were still raped by the time the previous soundscape shutdown yeah unfortunately without rowing the economy this is gonna be the fairest way to ensure everyone who donated on the previous release does get fairly refunded and how the accounts are gonna work is form accounts will be integrated with game accounts so if you do want to make sure you have your name make sure you register on the forums since you'll be using your forum credentials to log in game so your forums password and your ingame password will both be the exact same and we recommend to use a new unique passes that you've never used on another rsps it's the easiest way to make sure you don't get hacked we also have two-factor authentication on the forums so setup to make sure your account is completely safe anyway let's talk about the service features itself so if you didn't play the previous release so enscape has a lot of content a lot more content than most service so first of all we have a really cool teleporter as you can see it has a service cape logo in the middle of it and it's like animated it looks really cool in my opinion but as you can see we have pretty much almost every single piece of our source content so ranging from like Rock revs all the way to rune dragons which a very little service actually have we have the Monica Rose pretty much every Slayer dungeon you can think of like fossil Island the Hydra dungeon and when you click on each of these there's actually like a picture of the stuff you can find in there or combat level they are the location like whether it's safe or dangerous and the difficulty as well for example with a chrome dungeon it says like the level of the hydras and the difficulties is hard it does the same thing with like bosses as well so as you can see we have a ton of bosses on his so god wars aura smoke Devils so yeah I think this is actually really cool it says the difficulty as well and we even have a custom boss called the void champion so this actually drops super in void which I'll explain later on that's pretty much the only custom boss we have at the moment we also have a lot of minigames obviously like I talked about earlier fully working gems is Eric and theater blood one-to-one with us or s we also have a custom minigame called trousers Eric although since I think we added dynamic regions will probably be adding that a bit later on and yeah pretty much every other Osiris minigame you can think of as well including the inferno we also have losses scaling teleports wilderness teleports and all the city teleports as well including Isaiah which very little so exactly how so yeah we have fully workings there you can run along everywhere in here anyway let's explore the home a little so there's actually a rejuvenation pool right here where you can restore your prayer head points supposed to take everything pretty much there's also collection chests so how this works is every single day you get a free daily reward so I believe you can see that here so from day one you get some blood money ranging all the way up till the infernal party at which you get at following 16 days in a row so yeah that's some really cool rewards you can also see what current bonus Renaissance occurring there's a $0.50 bonus xp Evan and you can see if that will drop race on if there's any event bosses or if there's a bonus smoke pointer then and if the well of goodwill is filled as well see ya you claim a reward right there so I think I've already claimed my role for today which was 1500 blood money so just south of the home we have an infernal chest now this is a really popular feature so basically you can get the infernal key by combining three different infernal key parts and you can let you get those from killing anything like even cows there are an Android drop you can combine them together to make an infernal key as you can see here and then you just open the chest so these can give oh my god oh I know that was an infernal bow but yeah that's a samurai god booster yeah opening these basically gives you a rare chance of getting infernal weapons which are some of the best items in the games and they also give God booze you can also get so enscape mystery box get a lot of cool stuff you can get colossal armor as well which is really cool and yeah we just opened ten we didn't get any info no weapons unfortunately but I will show them off so a lot of you guys might be a bit turned away by the fact that the server has custom items but trust me we only had customs that actually fit in so with our stress so there's no like Pikachu's running around world or something like that these actually match like the theme was SRS and like Osiris could add these all items and game themselves like it looks really clean in game as you can see like we're not I got a delivery dick you looking customs for example cm I personally think these are pretty cool and you can see the stats in as well so this is the infernal Bo's has a plus 80 range strength bonus which is pre open and funnel Warhammer has a plus hundred strength bonus the infernal staff which has some pretty good magic bonuses and finally the infernal longsword see yeah those are all Grail weapons you can get from this infernal chest and just next to that we have the well of good world so you can see the amount that nice Pete billed for its ton on 1.5 times experienced extra pest control points and double drops as well see ya that's just donate like 30 mil and we can donate towards like pthey points so yeah be sure there we go so we can see that we've donated to us well and it's now granting everyone one hour of bonus pest control points which is pretty cool and also right next to it we have a really cool-looking upgrade table so you might be wondering what the hell these two things else it's actually the blood twisted bow and the blood type of better so since this is the bait ward I just spawned some cm basically use this and I believe you get a 30% chance of turning it into the blood virgins so let's just right now ah we failed unfortunately alright let's try the slide we lost both so yeah also 35% but yeah I will spawn in the blood versions so yeah this is what they look like and yeah again I think this does look really clean so this has the same stats as a regular twister boat except it has a slight chance of healing like 50 cent of the money you hit it sort of has like a Soul split effect built into it which is really awesome and yeah this is what the blood size of it looks like as well so yet they both look really clean in my opinion but you might be wondering that sounds really overpowered but obviously the amount of Tebow's and sights is gonna be really Rev considering the difficulties like the same as Osiris and the only way you can get them is from race by the way they will not be added to the donator store so it's not gonna be that pay to win and obviously even after that the only way you can get the blood virgins is by using it on this upgrade table you only have like a one in three chance to upgrade it so yeah a few people will probably be losing their sites and Tebow's so only a limited amount of people ever be able to use these items but anyway we also have a gamble area south over here including potty Pete now he's actually a host so he hosts 55 times Steve you're or 35 or higher he'll double our gold see you can bet gold on him plan token all blood my so yeah let's just spell two more cash back on him and we rolled a sixty one down all right we actually won nice yeah you can also flower poker over here and there's also dice over that you can roll as well so that's pretty cool and you can buy metal seeds in this shop over here and there only one GP each so yeah seeds are really cheap so you can flower poker really easily and another thing we have like right next to the gamble area is a custom that you'll arena see there's no one here at the moment but you could you can actually challenge them and enter this door arena right here so yeah it's really cool so I just wanted to show some other cool custom weapons that kind of fit into a service so we have Celestials so this actually looks for really cool it some Mead stuff and as you can see it has a really cool file effect and we also have a full cat set so yeah this like so like will kept on with promotion yeah this also looks absolutely amazing so yeah we actually have an upgraded version of Floyd as well so this is like slightly better than elite played so I'll leave this looks like 15% extra damage or something when you wear the full set as you can see this one looks really cool as well and we also have the karate sword on here which is pretty cool so yeah we have some really cool looking customs we also of course has some mystery boxes so these will be available in the donator store and these are mystery chess so let's open them up this will die about ascots of primordial crystal rager boots and Vestas longsword not bad alright now for the dragon hunts boxes alright two more cash in arms ripped off so ya think these give us a guaranteed amount of cash and like some other random piece so city in legs scuff them sell them and the final one Derek's body but yeah twelve more cash in tow will still not but alright now for this slowdown scape mystery boxes say these ones are pretty decent but its own escape and the raid mystery bosses also have like a really cool animation over them as well so yeah you can't like party out from these like there's another customer called Tecton I believe which also looks really cool Carroll's clothes from that one day that's unlucky alright hopefully you get lucky oh and the other four that we have left come on oh zeros hood all right I'll take that three left to go what can we pull out come on give us something good tassets oh so close dude that would be nice but cousins plate body Oh infernal mystery box nice so yeah that's actually another type of mystery box which haven't supported my inventory but yet I might as all open that one up and for my last mystery box Oh blue parts yet come on oh no we paused it by one these still your theory that's pretty decent alright okay we got blue and funnel cake mix yeah you can actually use that to color your funnel cake blue I'm sure that would look awesome as well right now for the raid mystery boxes I believe these are the best mystery boxes you can buy so let's see we can get from that CA you have a really rare chance of getting the twister though from these so though you can't directly donate for it twisted Bo you can potentially get it from this mystery box I don't think it's like the visitor is in this box it's the only we can get that is from there's for blood itself and heavy ballista damn it my guess would be the size of it it's gonna be the most expensive item in game by far and come on a little chains go alright nice alright two boxes left to go imagine we get like a toasted bodied yeah I'm pretty sure it's set to be like really rare from these boxes so yeah barely any game will be coming unless you get really lucky of course Oh necklace of anguish damnit we're in between of likes answer in a party aerbook anguish is still pretty decent alright I'll bury lost mystery books for now what can we pull out from it come on oh by Halloween oh if we quit first all the Halloween all cheering are they they're still fairly decent I'll take up Oh another thing we have is fully working achievement diary see I just teleport carefully and completed achievement which is pretty cool so yeah that's another nice thing see another thing we have our event bosses as you can see an enraged grotto just full and Norfolk at the BCAM alright let's just finish this puzzle see obviously this has a lot of HP muffs will myself a perf every which would be available in-game noir just give me some video about stats so yeah we are destroying this thing in the moment but once you killer I do believe it gives you an event key which you needs to open a chest which spawns off to the boss dies and that can give you some really good loop alright there we go it should be dead alright nice so yeah it's one in the vent boss chest and we got an event key from it so let's open up all right so we got oh we actually got training deceased blood money and some purple sweets not bad so there's also wilderness event bosses so yeah as you can see Perez there's just spawn and this also drops from Leo I believe let's kill it real quick right there we go it has been defeated so this doesn't give you a key it just gives you a random or would I believe suit we just got 22 qualms nice it just kills probably play oh good we also have some a of K Ches where you can FK here and I believe you get a certain amount of points where you can buy various stuff as well so literally you can go completely afk if like hours upon end so you could go to sleep just click this chest and you'd still be here so as you can see it scales by your donator rank I believe so tier one is the simplest one and while you're looting the afk points and it's essentially free money so yeah you could do that ages anyway I just wanted to show you guys a quick sneak peek at some of the content that we have to offer so like I said I'm very excited about this release make you guys are here on Friday I will be live-streaming the release as well so make sure you're subscribed with notations on so you get notified whenever I go to lives yeah I'm expecting hundreds of players online so should be very exciting there will be nowhere near as many problems that we had last time of the release like I think last release it literally took us like 12 hours since the expected release time to actually get online and work things I'm really confident that we're not gonna have it anywhere near that many issues this time since we have a much stronger development team and management as well anyway guys I'm also gonna be giving away 10 so hand-scraped mystery box as so as you can see these give some really opened a few earlier and they'll give you a massive head start as well so to be answer to that all you have to do is just like the video beasts discretion my channel with notations on and calm your own game name slash your forums name on so hand escapes so that's all you have to do to be entered make sure you join the discord as well and those your enter for that disk will to invite competition and for the all the race to Max prizes as you can win yourself a lot of money and not just on slated scape you can win a lot of money in real life too so if you guys are looking as forward to the race as I am and I'll hopefully see you there but most importantly join the discord cuz the discord will be the place where all the information gets announced soon if you wanna be kept up to date on everything and make sure you're not discord yeah than that I really hope you guys enjoy this video and I'll see you guys on the release so just rendered the video I also wanted to quickly discuss some rumors surrounding the service that you might have heard from like other people or something one of them being that apparently the server is stolen now if you haven't watched my previous videos around the time this drama first occurred then I suggest go back and watching them in the first place I will link them both in the description below they'll probably clear out for you but if not I'll quickly just explain it now this server is not stolen basically what happened is one of them owners of Valley as' gave us the source and then continued on our team as a developer he's still actually here today as well his name's Patrick T and on the old forums he had a thread posted I'll show you guys in discord as well because he sent me a copy of the thread he was gonna post before he actually posted it so as you can see this is pretty much it now feel free to pause the video and read through it but basically what it says is he was a developer of alias and it was a dead end server and Devine decides to shut it down and worked on a revamp version and essentially he was meant to split the profits with Pacioretty and other developers came and left but he stayed with values through all uneven Oh in the github so Devine was many responsible for custom content and wasn't really that good at developing like making errors and releasing to the game and essentially what happened is divine and scammed Patrick Tuohey he didn't pay out his job that he was meant to receive from the server so he left the team then gave us the source so essentially Devine scammed Patrick Tuohey and because Patrick Tuohey had done like the majority of work of values himself he actually wants to take the server somewhere which is why he came to me and asked if I wants to make a server then and yeah that's essentially it so the source was not Solon and another rumor was that Stewart is part of so in scape well rest assured he escaped from so landscape a very long time ago like if you don't know Hank who's the co-owner of soundscape at the moment he's one of the most reputable people in the rsps community he hates you it with a passion like even said he'd never work with him he wants him dead then he actually means that yeah and as you can see this is the client at the moment he did a very thorough virus grant as you can see there's zero stuff detected as completely safe so zero issues to worry about in the aspect and for anyone who played on the previous release as well there was never anything malicious in the client whatsoever you can hundred percent guarantee that I'd never do that to my own subscribers and we have one of the strongest development teams like crooks fake carnage Karen plebs anti-treaty of course and Hank himself and yet these are some of the best developers in the rsps scene so I am really confident that this release is gonna go well but yeah I hope that clears up any concerns you might have heard and if you do have any questions then feel free to comment in the comment section below I will answer everyone's questions peace out you
  4. hello 1 and welcome back with another espares video and today we are on rune guild airspace it is a quite new server and we will be showcasing it going through the server showing you been around and getting you familiar with it so first things first you guys want to choose a character mode there's the regular game mode pique mode Iron Man huh Carmen ultimate Armin and the kts Ironman mode for this video we'll be choosing the regular one though so you guys can see these are the artists tonic and then we are already in so yes my mode is selection is correct let's go and yes what you are no thanks I think we are in Gucci so let's leave that and yes I love the homeless look I hate so freakin nice alright so we are at the home area and before we get into the showcase I would like to know to the giveaway for this video one lucky one will get one super mystery box all you have to do is like this video comment you in-game name double-o subscribe to my channel so oh them that's very nice welcome here from these people it's obviously I think it's announced that I've looked and right yeah alright so in this little house here we have all the import stores as well as the Vote store and also all the different altars and i think this is the bank chest right so let's look into the votes so I just want to have a look what - they offer for so crystal keys for to void points of care that's an immune scroll 55 points ok daily tasks reseller and a bunch of other items you guys can donate for and also some antique lamp which probably will give you some additional XP I like the fact that they are all together here so you don't have to run them out around too much I also like that they have a skilling store with all the different skilling supplies also the hub water supplies and that pretty much we don't need to run around to find some shops alright so for the next thing we will be needing to make ourselves pretty much remember so we can choose now pretty much 2 crowns at the same time to use I'm not sure which one we want to use but I think these this is fun all right now we have another to bill in our inventory and this is very useful for the next thing I would like to show you the instance bossing managers so here we pretty much can create our own instance so well you wanna see corporal B's let's go for some corporal B's 50 kills party size this is pretty much how many people can join it it's up to you how many people can join it drop increase and the price total is 20 mil okay let's create the instance and let's see how this goes kill count is zero out of 50 so we got 15 total this old private section here where we can kill our corporal beast and I don't think that we lose items if we die to be honest let's check it out to be on and there's also time left and it's a very nice interface like in the entire like instance system is very very clean and beautiful and I like the fact that you can do this with your friends and pretty much like maximize the group size you can pretty much do whatever you want in this instance and yeah you don't lose any items and then that is something very very cool so there are some scrolls I'm not sure they are what they do but let's see can we buy one yeah we can let's see what this is I'm this gave free instance okay quite cool alright and I was told that it this is for example very useful for will the boss instances and it is only available for donators so yeah and the next thing I would like to showcase you is the quest a quest tab so on this year we can find all the general information on the server in that 50 players online right now and is quite early in the morning so it's actually quite good for a brand new server and players in the world issue right now and so on you can see a bunch of other information that we don't really need right now because we want to have a look on this here so there is the drop tables interface tool which you can pretty much check any item anything you guys can open and get a loot from you can check it out on here so okay I want to do it this is actually a nice drop table here so I want to check yes next there we go so for example next here as always you know the next thesis you've got one or 256 a chance to get one of the next pieces there's a pat also one in five thousand and a bunch of other items so you can pretty much have fun you can play around here you can check all the different lutes okay variant for example we got the variant patent we got ring of gods and dragon pickax as the rare ones and so on the next cool thing is the item database so here for example you we type in the name the item we looking for for example armed deal God's Word where is it here we go and as you can see we can see the exact set something Valley we can see the bonuses of it the stats of it and requirements as well so you can check any item you guys want for exam you probably know most of the items bought there might be some bunch you guys want to check on and you can see stats you can compare stats and I think that is actually quite cool interface next up there's they kill counts so here you guys your killer your boss clock where you guys can see all the different bosses you guys have grinded already the same works for in the skill action logs which is really cool I've never seen this before in any server so here you guys can see how often you guys have stolen from some stalls you guys can see how many amulets you've crafted and so on so you guys can see your entire grind in these four little interfaces here and all the different information you need on bosses and so on now let's say it's time to travel around this server by using our telephone system on the right hand side so this little interface opens here and you will see all the difference NBC so for example in training we got all these different embassies here we also have the dungeon so the actual dungeon for example and there are all the other dungeons as well I really like the fact that you guys can see that the best NPC for example in /our abyssal demons you guys see the little interface if you are struggling to find some embassies so yeah a bunch of different in dungeons and nbc's minigame wise where a skilled pest control jewel arena barrows find cage fight with champion scroll and gambling area and infernal wilderness twice we are let's have a look if there is the remanent cave and yes they have revenant gate very nice boss wise most interesting part probably so here we have got worst diagonal Kings Bork kalfa Queen lasers corporal beats Nexus Zora KVD shaman Adina's I strike works desert strike worms jhanas rag was chaos fanatic Scorpio crazy ecologist and the list continues can see van Annette is Callisto very and council mental barrel chest harbors a bizarre demonic gorillas lizard made shaven Kraken that beast whatever that visas the and isn't that a gently nearing boss I think that's an engineering boss I'm enough creation of Earth of destruction I see Queen Nomad and dude there's so many bosses balance elemental band this avatar and unholy course beer wow that is a bunch of bosses holy moly right skilling voice you guys can pretty much click on any skilling you want to do that's actually quite nice and then you'll be teleported to the required area and then we got a bunch of cities which you guys can also teleport you okay so I wanna have a look on these unique bosses knockers I've never seen this before I think on any server and holy crap look at this interface here I mean this is own word it's gonna spawn or whatever unholy course no dude he will kill us please don't Agra me don't ever me okay we have to teleport away I don't want to lose my stuff but damn looks really really nice never seen before also that place it looks like abyssal sire to me but it's like a completely different boss okay interesting alright let's have a look on one more which was it yeah that one ballast elemental this also dropping all that huge ass okay look at that is this like a custom boss no I don't think it's a custom boss I mean why do we attack them are we stupid that doesn't make any sense teleport home okay we can actually sit here and watch them okay so that three of them here there's a ranger there is Emelia maybe a major I'm not sure no no no no off me bro I don't want to die your little shaky boy so balanced I meant to 454 level that is actually why hi damn and finally I would like to show you the world the boss can see it's here I cannot attack it but it's the giant rock so this is the what was that it's very nice this is like another community content which I I love so much about servers because they pretty much get the people together and that you guys can grind for it and obviously will give really good loot let's help the people here kill it with our short bow okay we are actually okay we can use this bow that is actually okay because we are we are 99 range okay let's help them kill it dude it's so nice I would love to know what it's actually dropping let's see if we can find in our database because that's quite interesting to know okay we examine it and it's open to the joint Rock interface here and we can see the how much speed has attacked and so on and so on skills I want to see if we can see the lutes where is the loot information okay click here to view drop table okay so it's dropping okay we have to run away a little bit off me bro okay there we go so joint rock edge drop tables view the drop tables holy crap it's dropping freakin ancestral pieces it's dropping Elder Wand it's dropping dragon across mystery boxes clue scroll it leads there oh two harpoon the pickaxe Dragon and the dragon axe very nice dungeoneering Cape okay interesting and it's always dropping a random event gift so that is actually very nice let's see if we can actually get our one of these boxes for for pretty much just participating but apparently you need 715 damage to get a loot I don't think that we will make that damage but it was nice to help these guys look how they're struggling is like six seven people here trying to kill it we're about to actually kill it very nice yes we are about to kill it die bro okay it's I think it's 1hp come on how much be your left bro and the next thing I want to check out this the mystery box loot okay there we go that's my loot some rune oh no actually it's not my loot that's some stuff people have fun as you can see here all the lutes are also in the old Chen and congratulations to everyone but mystery box where red drop on it right so let's have a look what we can actually get from these mystery boxes so okay whole elixir odium shards that is very nice some rockin hosta that's the spirit Third Age okay we got a bunch of drink boots as well okay this is some interesting loot people this is some interesting loot I think we should do a box opening soon then that is actually some really sick loot here all right I think that was it for this server - I hope you enjoyed it if you guys want to play the brand-new room guild airspeeds make sure to check out the description to find out the all the links to go to the forum's download the game and have a go it's quite a good morning as I've said there are 15 people online so it's a quite small server but it's quite used so they're looking for stuff that looking for new players so make sure to give it a try and yeah that is gonna be it for now thanks for watching everyone have a great day and Peyser Reno
  5. yo guys I forgot to mention during the video but if you do use arts as your referral code you do get a free mystery box y'all what is going on guys is ours here and welcome to new video and today when a brand new RSP is called no vite the server's actually releasing tomorrow so I'm actually gonna be streaming the server's released tomorrow so that's gonna be really hyped we're gonna be doing an Ironman and I'm just really excited because they actually do have a lot of cash prizes for the server currently there is a countdown on the forums if you guys would like to check that out the link is in the description that way you guys know exactly when the server is releasing just make sure you guys register on the forums to claim your names and stuff you don't want to get free conjoint but yeah i'm really excited to announce that giving away $100 on tickets as well this is $1,000 tickets to one lucky winner I have to do to enter this giveaway is leave a like on this video coming your inga name down below and subscribe to my channel guys it's literally all you have to do to enter and it's a free chance of $100 this will give you a huge head start because you can literally buy like a blowpipe a second time I love magic and like there's a bunch of stuff they can buy with this like this is worth a lot of money organ just hold on to it and you know use it to like sell it for straight cash eventually like I'm sure people wanting to buy these but yeah hopefully you guys do enjoy the video and yeah just remember I will be streaming the release tomorrow so if you guys would like to jump into the livestream that's gonna be super hype I'm really excited to be a lot of fun the server looks really solid not gonna lie so I'm very excited say if you guys don't know there's actually a crazy crazy competition going on right now with over 1500 dollars in prizes we're gonna go ahead and go over that quickly before we actually hop into the content so first to max completion and rewards we're not gonna take too long on this but first place on the standard mode there so there's different game modes obviously we got the standard mode Ironman mode in the ultimate Ironman but I'm definitely gonna be playing Ironman I'm gonna be streaming that tomorrow so I'm actually really hyped about that that's gonna be fun having a new server with an Ironman it's gonna be a lot of fun to try it out it's been a while since I've done a new service here we go we got the $200 for the first place second place can get the $100 so you get cash money bro this is Amazon money about or you can switch ring game credit if you want but you can literally just cash this out for IRL bow go buy yourself some Twinkies name is on pantry and then we got the Ironman mode so basically it's just the same price all around do I might have to go for this $200 bro bro I might do that I might just grind down max cape and try and get a prize like even if I get third like that's still 50 bucks dude might have to grind that myself boys ultimate definitely not gonna do that myself because I'm just not a fan of not being a little bank PBM a competition rewards first rare item from raids this chambers so they do have chambers and they had TOB guys so that's gonna be a lot of fun seeing how that is on here hundred dollars if you guys get the first right now only to get the first rare but you also get rewarded with the IRL cash to you that's kind of crazy so I really like that seemeth of TLB that's really cool PvP competition and rewards so pure NH tournament there's gonna be first-place winner for a hundred dollars or so turn game credits the details for the tournaments will be announced soon in the main Derrick I'll definitely be participating in this Derrick one for sure that's actually really cool of them to actually do this this is actually like crazy $1,500 cash money bro for a brand new server you don't see that often say you know what a server is giving out huge like crazy cash prizes that's when you know the server's not going down anytime soon so daily points are we're gonna kind of just take a look around the server I don't really care about the shot strip so I'm not gonna go around showing shops like I don't know it's kind of weird oh I'm not really into that but I'm gonna look at doing Restorick so I'm curious myself so oh they have discounts so I wonder if these are daily or weekly where they change these and have discounts at certain items that's kind of cool I really like that they have to the same things that's uh that's awkward so a jest for example would be on a huge discount let's see items so that a just 350 tickets and right now it's literally sent one so I think obviously this is probably gonna reset when the servers actually at least cuz I'm on the beta currently 600 for an Ellie so as you can see what the spouse and were giving away you can actually get a crazy I'd start like you can get a blow pipe a serpentine oh my go straight to Zoar even a magic thing I can literally buy a blow pipe circle magic thing just save a fur trident afterwards and go straight to zola and grind that out dude that's this is a lot of money if you think about it so Cosmetics got all the party hats you can buy party out with this if you win the giveaway that's actually really nice I like this I like the store bell these boxes uh oh my god also if you guys didn't know if you do I'll probably mention in the intro if you guys want to use my referral code arts in game and it will give you a free mystery box so that's awesome I kind of want to see where raids are I'm very curious so they do have a really cool interface here so if we go to minigames I assume it's gonna be here oh they have rise of six that's cool they have Inferno so where would this be is embossing maybe they've all the holder in here it is great old so I'm curious is it just the boss or is it gonna be the full rage is what I'm wondering just the boss but I mean I'm not gonna complain because that does make it easier so I'll make it an easier grind for the iron man that you end up making so I'm not complaining one bit I'm just curious how they like made the drop rates you know because if it's only the boss the drop rates must be a little late they must be quite rare but maybe we could check that out and see what the drop rates actually are in a second here okay so basically they have this drop table and a drop simulator but the raids verdict TLB or old chambers Eric's aren't on here for this current beta it's gonna be in the update obviously tomorrow though so for example we can search up blow pipe and we'll hope that doesn't work just kidding we're gonna have to search up the boss instead so if we searches Alaura he should pop up there we go and if we click on them it shows like all the statistics and stuff which is kind of cool and then obviously it shows the actual drop table so you get the all these straps like it's it's already I don't really have to go over this but I kind of want to see what this simulator is all about dude and enter your mouth to simulate so say we killed 100 Zoeller well we get then we get to braille we get screwed we get to onix's now let's try hundred again a mutagen Oh God well I'm getting I'm lucky Bing and onyx - bro give me a tanzanite finger right but okay well what if we killed 500 we were guaranteed get attains anything right like we need a bulb by then one magic thing or one onyx I like this though this is cool you can actually see oh my god bro this would be so unlucky dude imagine killing 500 zola's and not getting a freaking blowpipe there it is see that time we would have got really like we've gotten two plus magic think plus that what if we did a thousand Zora we'd get everything so I really like this so that's kind of cool let's go ahead and search up another NPC I'm kind of curious how this what about um let's see let's search cracking I like this this is so cool I feel like a lot of people are just gonna sit here and mess around with this thing just because they're curious I 100 see if we get lucky easy tried an ant tentacle bro maybe the drop it's not as high on this one now let's see 1000 we've got four so it's like a one and two hundred rate for one of those see a thousand again yeah yeah show Kraken isn't that hard to grind that's actually really nice only one just as well how many can I put type of ten thousand Jesus Christ Oh you can only simulate 10,000 drops Oh so that's like on the dot I really like that that's actually super sick I wish more servers out though that's really nice so you can like get a rough is tomato what you're possibly gonna get is super nice I love that I so another cool feature I want to show quickly is the daily manager over here if you go to daily tasks and see what your daily tasks are like my thing is spin fit 250 flax and I get in mystery box five mill cash one I'm not really sure what that even is and six cake craft makes me that's actually really cool we have another one right here you get another mystery box for fletching 2000 airships like that's really easy and it's a free mystery box you know that's pretty nice a global challenge make a defense potion and you get a legendary box that's actually so nice that is cool I love this idea and then also you get points I bet I guess I guess that's what that plus thing I think is let's see I think that's what this is at the point so if we go ahead and trade in we have the shop here mystery box two points lamp one point so yeah it's like pretty cool shark this I think these are good for scaling for fishing so that's actually really nice and you get brawlers and they're only a point each as well that's actually really cool so yeah that's actually very useful and awesome thing to do because you get free mystery boxes and if you go to a store here mystery boxes are worth quite a bit of money where are they they miscellanea yeah 25 tickets so it's worth quite a bit especially this one it's like a hundred well it's literally ten bucks dude anyways I hope you guys did enjoy today's video again if you guys would like to join the giveaway feel free you know how to enter that already I'm excited for the server release it's tomorrow this is the countdown on the website make sure join discord as well and join main phoebs discord as well always saying contact with us I'm actually really hype to stream this tomorrow so it's gonna be fun hopefully you guys are there to watch with me and hopefully you know we get that max cape I don't know how long it's gonna take out no XP rates are gonna be so hopefully it's not too long and I can maybe I can bust it out in one stream I could do one long stream get that max cape and get some easy cash prizes so yeah hopefully you guys do enjoy today's video if you guys did make sure to leave a like as always and I appreciate you guys I'll see you guys the next one let me know if you guys are gonna be joining down below in the comments section below yea that's pretty much it boys I'll see you guys in the next one and
  6. I've actually decided I'm gonna go ahead and spend some at mage Bank let me show you guys why so there is an item called a wilderness cloak which is Auto keep and untradable and if we press ctrl as you can see we lose to strength bonus but we gain 6 range strength another +7 magic accuracy it's just a very good very strong tribrid cape and it can be used to edge PvP things like that so we're gonna go ahead and drop about 7.5 K tokens on it and then I'm just going to check the rest back in the TP I love how the demon was just mewling him through the gate if this game was coded properly I would have probably T beat him for a black orb I just see BA there's no way that didn't kill him in oh my god I actually no way okay I have the wrong helm on but it's fine who what do we get for that holy he actually had loot on him I wish I put the Yoshi down I honestly I was just like panicking I thought he's gonna tell you soon toxic staff full pvp Setzer pal oh please don't TV me he just expect a green dragon okay all right toxic staff wait hit two tought wait this guy had loot on him I got two toxics to Serbs eternal boots Morey chaps holy that was a nice kid that was like seven bill or so maybe even a bit more maybe pretty close to 10 honestly oh my god I found someone at Larenz this guy is gonna have some stuff on him Oh what do you have what do you have please have some I need to put the Yoshi down man 300 mil cash is that it uh I thought he'd add more to be honest this guy is a tier 7 on him kind of spooky but good luck boys please there it is oh he didn't risk anything really oh we got a symptom let's go dude no we just stole this tier seven oh yes that's actually so helpful because I'm trying to get cursed avoid and I need a ton of tier tens for that so that's actually so helpful man if you guys didn't know the reason I got is tier seven is because of the emblem snatcher perk from the blood fountain on my second daily for this pledge session I guess you could say and I finally get an arcane demon I didn't get one for the whole last daily 73 of this daily so I was almost 200 dry hopefully I can get something nice at least giving me a shard please good luck I didn't get man that's so sad it shards only one in four and I didn't get one that's the second demon where I didn't get anything either so feels bad probably last kill for a daily number two and I didn't get a single shard drop that's kind of unusual and unfortunate but we've got 4007 tokens profit this time which is about 16 bill or more so I'm pretty damn happy with it plus we still have the caskets though 20 bill tasks I'll take it okay so I just woke up so sorry for sound like but you probably saw that in the last clip err so my friend gave me a twisted bow he actually bought it from me while I waited for my TP to finish selling while I slept mostly this alien that was kind of the big problem but as you can see we have 197 bill here and then we have another 17 bill here I need to make another 25 bill or so before I can actually pay him back I might just give him this and the five dollar bond I think he'll be ok with that or I might even check in the Le crossbow just so it's a kind of a bit over since its items hey I didn't want you guys to go he's taking a low into the some again now I'm actually paying for it he was just giving it to me while it was cheap in the TP all right well after trading him all that stuff for my TP I have 210 mil to my name currently oh well good thing we have a TiVo to start making some money boys oh and we also have the cursed orb so that should be nice who dat who dat who dat on your insta Oh fie he'll cash that time dude oh well that's one way to die 450 bill I thought he aged yes she monkeys in spa Nobles and he just age yes me as 79 well I took off my armor and avenged but I didn't think my Nobles could hit 79 you know the max hit wait he was actually risking what the I love when people talk and then die is the best feeling he had a Larenz key what the brought all these people have stuff on him why we see risking an eternal glory I understand these PV embers bro you can literally check what you're risking time to trade in 40 or tens wahoo 20 mil bounties oh I need another 23 mil for a void kit but I actually think I'm on the bounty max Cape instead very Opie yeah you're you know baby I just hit a 55 with a barrel chest cannon oh my god he's dead dead holy I got a lot of stuff eternal boots wyvern shield why do you know dragon crossbow and a bunch of random money okay this guy has stuff oh my god he died to that another eternal glory that's like five today to10 I don't think I have stuff on him what the hell this guy is such a spastic man he keeps pee jiaying me this is the guy that's like you think you're gonna kill me I'm gonna kill him again like that what did I just find let's go baby wait I just got a grin Crespi's wait hold on I have to go see how much that is wait he had that on him okay I need my mic holy I actually just obliterated him for a ballista Tanz helm toma fire full pvp tribrid set basically goliath gloves I just got the stank off back there holy dude I blasted him that was a nice kill right there man good fight bro
  7. hello boys and girls and welcome to you another video on my channel in this video I'll be teaching you guys how to program and develop your own real scape private server now the main topics within this video that we are going to cover is general basic Java knowledge general usage of an IDE known as the clips we're going to cover a few basic rsps things like npc spawns shops we might even touch upon the up opponent visitors who knows button clicking bosses cranial NPC's etc so we're not quite we're going to delve quite deep into this RSS development but yeah I saw a program in garage 6 7 months ago or night when I started there wasn't much help around within the orestes community I mean you had read several but they weren't really helpful I mean they weren't we're 24/7 there wasn't much tutorial well there was quite a few but you'd have to have some basic knowledge to understand and to follow the tutorials so I figured this would be a perfect opportunity to make my own series where I cover our ass this development and the series going to quite long I estimating around 30 minutes for the first episode and yes so let's get right into it so firstly Rooney nitty is a rebase rsps private server the link for the download of the source and the client oopsy's the source in the client will be in the description so once you've downloaded it and you downloaded this ide eclipse so once you've got both them done and you got your files on your desktop you want to go to file create a new project a Java project and then you want to locate the location of your file and once you hear it you don't you just use you'll get both of these up here so once that is done you want to get there you want to get a client running and before we get the client running we need to set the default IP address locally we need to we need to host the client locally so today that we're going to SRC com2 Alanya and then we little profile known as configuration Java now in this file you have a string and in the string you have IP address and this is the default local IP address and you want to leaveit as that so if one two seven zero zero one so that's the default IP address and then you got a Jag grab host and in the screen you to write localhost so and then you have the port will get that layer and any of the client names you can set this to ever you want your server name so for now we're going to set this is test we're going to say this as our SEO so we'll look at witness a Tercel subscribe subscribe and like so we're gonna stay as that I'm going to leave the client version and the rest you don't really need to know these these are just packet sizes etc we'll probably delve into that real later on because those can get confusing so once you've done that all let me just quickly relaunch it just to show you how it's done so once you've done that you're not go to client you want to hit run as then you go to java application and then you can see client com2 on it so then you wanna click OK and then it's be compiling and processing all your code and then you want to go to source and you do the same you'll see something called server and you sort of hit is really Suffolk time for you guys there's not much confusing about it so once you go up and running you're probably wondering how do you make yourself owner rank so I'm gonna quickly damage that you wanna go to your folder which is called data and in this folder you have another folder called saves you know go into that and then you have a folder called characters and then you see a JSON file with the count folder pre-created already created and then you go into that file and you want to set your staff write as owner or developer I personally prefer developers they have more more tools to help you programs all right so what that once that being said you should be a developer ranked and then you could go and now you're ready once you've done experience ever you are ready to do some awesome programming so what should we get into first alright we're gonna get to the NPC spawn as you see I'm messing around with a few previously we're going to get into MPC spawns we're going to go head over to a file which is located within the data folder and then you go to death with definition and then you'll see two files a text file which contains items of text so this file contains all every single item within the server so this is quite a large file and I highly recommend you do not toy around with it unless you know how to use it so we'll just I'll show you a quick example of how to use this file so we're going to go ahead over to Dragon Claw okay dragon close and see the item id is one for for a four so if you were to spawn that item one for for a four we should get a pair dragon tools appear in our inventory and then there's an example the value so the value means see we have a general school hidden under the Cerberus because I mess around with the value is 8 million you can set the value here guys if you want I'll mess around with the earlier so you can change that 12 u 1 and that's the alchemy value so how to explain is so if someone were to allocate or something long the lines that and then you have stackable true you do not want it to be stackable nor do you want it to be noticed so wiki does falls double handed yes equipment type weapons so what that means is if I would say it as weapon it would slot in this little placeholder right here if I were solo photo crayons helmet you'll swap in the helmet of course you don't want to do that I'm just an example and then we have is weapon we'll leave that as crude the value is true let me have the bonuses so let's say we want to change the bonus to 100 this for example and we'll change this to 100 will change everything to 100 to show you how it works and let's just basically change the item stats and 100 requirement so the skill is 0 I'm not sure why that's 0 but whatever so we shall save that and if I were to do a command I think it works the same I didn't before we load reload selecting close not too sure I think it was let's see if it wasn't we'll just restart the server and I'll show you all right it was reload your classic see our stats has changed so that's pretty much how you change items starts we're going to cross the route and let's get into NPC now let's say we wanted to change let's say ok say we have MCC definition now this is the file which defines the MP now let's say we wanted to spawn less empathy for a goat either seven - so the NPC ID for Scotty's o is 7 to 8 6 - file you have the definition to combat this size if its aggressive all retreats blah blah blah restored and you can alter these you can change whatever you like so here we are going to replace Cerberus with this and I got some on you guys make sure you're careful with data files they are really tedious in my opinion if you make the slightest typo error it will just cause you a daunting error and you do not want that so yeah I highly recommend make sure you're careful with this and files so once you've done that you're going to relaunch the source we don't need to relaunch the client so you're going to realize that an we should be able to replace the servers with goatees though we can also set the coordinates also I forgot we want that to be false yes and we want the radius to be 0 so coordinate meaning do you want this NPC to move no so we said false the radius would keep the 0 so once that's done loading it should tell you in the console that is launched and yep let's see if it worked and there you have it boys you have Scotties oh of course you don't want that but this is just an example meaning that you can change your home to wherever you want it to be now before you guys do download this 7 client make sure you guys do you give me right make sure you give me credits and the 3 release of course because you know a lot of my hard work went into the space I've been working on this server for a couple of months before I released it and hosted it say I would that being said that's NPCs pretty much done sorry about that simply he's pretty much done so we can cancel these two files as we don't need it now let's get into the shops so as you see we have shop donation 1 or donation school 1 let's say you want to change some of these items so I think even have a blue dreadful shield you know what I'm not too fond of custom so we're going to remove that we're going to look for the item ID 1 8 9 0 3 let's load up this small little coolant phase you hit ctrl F on Eclipse and if you load it so this basically just searches for the whatever you want on the specific value read and once I can give me that guy's our our Cindy disappeared neotec boys I hate when happens helping running like that okay cool that looks better alright so one eight nine zero three we're going to do is we're going to open up the console within the game and we're going to search for what item are you guinness search or let's search for lets you up success to do so nothing comes up okay fine alder moles do we have an endo mode yes we do alright so item four for by zero so we're going to replace that we're going to replace the boob dread filled with an elder mo one four five zero I think that was the right correct item ID okay now - four four five zero so there you have a voice so we just simply replaced it and now for the changes to be to take effect we do colon colon reload shops give it a second and okay oh wait nevermind alright so mmm okay I made an error let's not use an element that is a bad example as I completely forgot we had another move it less search for magma blowpipe magma blowpipe I'll find magma okay one 297 item one 297 one so this is a magma bull pipe we're going to replace it with al the mall one mm ID again it was one 297 one 297 so Isaac see we just replace the donation store the elder mole with a magnet above the Magna Bowl pipe so if you to do reload shops imagine a blowpipe should be in there there you go boys so here you have a magma magma blowpipe so let it cost $100 points now let's say you don't want it to be one written a donation box you want it to be ten donation put or four or sixty donation points let you have 60 sounds like a reasonably price price so we're going to head over to our source and we're going to look for container in Pole and now within this package we have a class file which is old shops dot Java now this code is pretty advanced I do not want to go into it as they take well way to learn so these are just pretty much final integer ideas of the item id it's a more accurate way of defining and number strings of light name straying meanings let's say you wanted the string is basically a letter a word a yeah a word it's basically a word and you have the item currency original stock so it pulls up the stock of item which is ten from the items or text file string name yeah baby boolean values we will go into them later on but let's teach you how to do the shop so I'll probably go into that it was the end video so if you're looking for the more advanced stuff you scroll over to the Nvidia's so we're going to search for a donation we're going to search for a donation store second ok so here we have the donation store Agassi donation store 1 which is nested within an elephant an if statement to explain those quickly we'll just quickly giving any example of what they do so an S statement is really self-explanatory so if the condition let's say the condition was if item is greater than 0 if item is greater than 0 it will execute whatever is in this scope so let's just say if the item is greater than 0 we want it to send them a sender string something like this is an example of the hello world this is a very poor example for over so an if statement works like this so if the item is greater than 0 so if whatever is in the in here is true then it will execute whatever is in the braces it's tight if the if it is false then it will not execute where everything is race so basically took some way up if it's true it will execute whatever whatever is inside this if it's false it won't that but if it is folks so let's say if it was false you can call something like an else statement so it'd be like if and you redo that if and then so if it's false you can do else execute this so if it is false execute whatever is within these braces that's pretty much an elephant if statement they can get really advanced you can have nested if statement else statements you can have wild do loops there's so many so many moved pre pre made very premium methods so back contract let's get into the donation boards so let's say you wanted magma bull pipe to cost sixty donation place so here we have a case oops okay we're going to leave that sixty again so here we have the case now within this case we're going to input the item ID so one to ninety seven one to ninety seven you can add a semicolon which closes up the case so the way the case works is the case so for all of these item IDs as we here it will return the value of sixty donation points so all of these items are have a case value and they are rich they have a return value so they have a return value basically it's kind of complicated to explain it I'm not sure I'm honestly kind of confusing how to explain to you but basically we're going to read we're going to read we launch the source and I'll show you what I mean so the design bubble pipe if I'm correct should cost sixty donation points so with this black once the server has loaded so yes boys oops is currently loaded and I see am a global price currently costs sixty donation points so that's pretty much how you do it guys that's how you pretty much the same method applies to every single schools in this game you can create your own schools are probably going to die into another lesson but yeah we so far we've covered NPCs spawning NPCs with we've covered shots now let's get something tad more disco which will command now here you have the command files this can be found in the source SOC and it can be found in the packet import folder and then in head over to command cracky interface now this basically handles come on now if you're unfamiliar was called commander here : color command is pretty much this is claim train all of these helpful commands I will just help you get by so these commands of course certain players have selected commands so those are coded within cases is basically a case was made for each rank and then you have a bunch of different variables I guess or predefined methods that will create it and so an owner rank has access to all the play commands all the super Dominator extreme legendary we were a member help moderator administrator owner and developer commands that's pretty much it so yeah let's get into actually coding small but let's say you want to take three on command we're going to do that right now so let's say you want to create a command for example barrels let's say you want to create come on two barrels which teleports you two of course you have the interface for it whereas it borrows minimun let's say you want you want to do you want to run the command to teleport you to barrels the mini-game okay so we're going to need later on you can access these files right on the button just below your skate buttons and hitting data and live so here we have the code alright so we're going to keep that and let's say you won it yet so let's just really use an if theme and I've touched upon this briefly before so just create this so if come on this is the friggin a if I want is command 0 equals hey just ignore okay and we're going to in the brackets I'm going to have screen barrows okay so if it if it if it come on if the come on okay so basically what this is saying is if the user enters the command within the strength which is barrows so if the user enters the barrel air burrows then execute whatever happens whatever happens so execute the code within the braces so the code in the braces is going to be set oh yeah completely okay over here we're going to change up these positions I'll explain what this is entirely new three five six lies all right three five six five three three one three all right so I'm pretty sure okay I'm missing a breath of music okay so to explain this if the user enters the command barrels it's going to execute the code within the braces rotators the teleport handler is teleporters we still oppose the player to the coordinates which are entered within this bracket and the teleport ID is going to be a normal type that's going to it's just the wrong size all right so that's pretty much commands done so actually once we launch a server it should work my stuff's at done alright now we're getting to the more advanced ER so this is pretty much the basic telephone of course doing sermon guys only do not reply me I mean you know get yourself out there all right just just try your hardest writing reasonings every day so here in the source you know you have a bunch of the way looking for you these are known as packages now packages the way the work is you can have you can have a protective value which you okay so you can have protected methods methods are only a execute within the package so it'll only execute within this package if I am a protective method so we we create our own method which is bed so yeah like I mean an actual bread a bed that you sleep on so I already went ahead and defined some of it as you see we create a package and we create a class a class in Java is the small little files they basically like blue prince in java to create objects now we defined our object we defined it we defined it with a string a name so we're going to be has a name we defined it with the size and integer which an integer in mass is literally numbers so it holds a size a few a few if you're going to use maps with coding and you're going to make methods make sure they are int then you have a byte which is more accurate version of an in a car number the exact value holds but it's just basically how long the bed we lost then you have a double which is a decimal value so a double is basically let's just let's just give an example so let's just say we wanted a way to be away equals v 54.4 this is just a clear example of course critical errors but yeah let's just say the weight equals that a Z because we defined it as double community should work a flow is also an accurate number economy exact value hold it was a really large number is like 2 to the power 31 2 minus 2 to the power 31 something along those lines I'm not too sure then we have a public brilliant so brilliant is basically true or false so I went ahead and decided to find a bed as you of also if there if the bed is comfy if the bed was a console so basically it's better some fee we're going to write comfy for example equals true meaning the bed is going to be comfy that's just an example and then you have a public site integer number of pillows so Alex C static static or just basically if it makes sense you stay well there's no read there's no real definition stack I mean use module once you get a hang of Java you'll soon come to realize wisely so here you have the number of pillows and of course that's pretty much the message job of course is so much more this I mean there's loads more that come to our I control my methods predefined methods etc then you have primitive operators now what primitive operators also spirity integer some okay so oh you know what we're going to do this outside of the bed class because we we do not want to close errors so we're going to create new clothes we're going to do over okay this sub project groups my bad we're going to create a new cloth and we're going to name this size yeah we're going to make me a size size double should've made the capital but oh well so in the size we're going to import import okay we will do the import a up so we're going to do integer size 1 equals 50 plus 10 integer size 2 equals some size 1 2 that's 66 we're going to do integer size 3 equals 2 sides 2 plus plus size okay with my body size 1 and size - so what this basically means so a size 1 is equal to 60 50 plus 10 is the equivalent 60 size 2 is equal to 60 plus 66 size 3 is equal to size 1 plus size 2 so we're just we're just using primitive operators the same applies with subtraction so if we were to copy all of this and add in oh wait we need to manage to give them new names because we already call upon them we'll name it to mine we could do - you can do division subtraction modulus is so many primitive operators within Java but yeah that's pretty much adding extracting and maths I mean there's of course there's a lot more mafia maceió maths random you have so many more there's so many more math operators in Java another thing I wanted to carry I will show you was increments and decrements so what they are is basically let's say if you to give let's see if you assign a value it equals to five let's see to give a value of five and let's just say okay okay let's see we have two values okay wait my bad all right well we were kind of grasping at straws here so let's see I went to your number one and you had any anomaly - we're close to 10 if we did num - so that's equal number one and we just add it in there so that's equal ok wait that's causing error give me second guys all right so if we had num - number one me distinct give me now just gonna cause errors of course so basically what this is so let's say here into your num 1 or into your num - so basically num 1 will be 6 this will be 9 I'm not sure why I'm going into this in fact the same irrelevant period when any of us cooking our squares all right this is so cool it also just the lost by list the actual power bar beds and all of this this actually you d you do need to learn more about this so make sure you guys get it up and let's see what else we can get into so we have all the code for the zora this is it's not fully done I mean I was working on it but it skillfully may be fully having completed then you have all the combat the combat scripts for all these bosses you can create your own combat scripts they do tend to get quite advanced as you see next course does get quite advanced so make sure you guys obviously do try to get better I mean one day you might be able to be able to code your own combat scripts so yeah I mean that's pretty much the end of episode 1 guys I'm not sure why what to say I mean I did say was going to get very basic this is the flash episode guys so if you guys are fine is too easy then of course it gets a little harder I mean we stop we will hope to soon gain two interfaces client work packet sizes etc so yeah hope you guys did enjoy this video please be sure to leave a like and if you do download this base source or client I released on rune server make sure to let me guys and I'll see you guys in the next video without please
  8. alright guys how's it going this is the game hubs where a new channel on YouTube you might see night intro ready that's just a quick preview you probably can't head up but that's our current in true you would have seen it the beginning of the video as well this is a start of my well our tutorial going to wigan them from 317 upwards on how to make runescape private servers we're going to be starting off with the beginner version which is free 17 and we're going to be making that this tutorial will be in parts probably I'm not sure and there will be other tutorials on how to add stuff how to update stuff how to do with some of crap I'm going to be using a client and server code XE on spell exi 0 n download link will be in the description it's very easy to set up and shouldn't take you that long so once you download it going to climb go down and look for client Java nope client class no is kinda Java open that up and then sir 0.0 0.0 from 0 you get it in this server you're going to need hamachi for this which I've already got you can see I've got Alex on how much as oh he's another person so what you're going to do is you're going to go over to network and create a new network myself is going to goodly for DK I'm just make it air so now we have a server you can see my hamachi IP s 5.1 90.8 number one more to live to serve them put 5.19 189 foot 11 to click cancel and save it so now you can minimize that and we're going to head over to server now and we're going to go to run now you're going to need something called Java to do this just about me bored too so you've got Java now I die in there my my job is not dead another note my GD k is over but this is where my GED keys they key is Johnny's done a jdk and it does take about an hour to you know so jdk 1.7 point / underscore 01 so i'm going to go to run the unusual end it will you oh no no and i'm going to go to when we're going to go to compiler right click and edit now as you can see this is the wrong version completely on the wrong area so i'm going to change up to x86 i'm going to go to 0 and then i'm going to change this to 0 1 the pizzettes the version just click Save go to bin right click this and click Edit you can change your title to go to compiler edit undo the same again we don't we 6 because for me it's it'sit's vehicle probably should be program files close up and go over to client I'm just going to check if you do need to edit implant it will probably be the compile unload yeah as you can see you need to edit again so changeover up to XE six seven point and a slow save me it's usually over bat files which have Java you need to edit now we're going to go over to run so that's our client you can see that's working fine fit serverwe're going to run our server hopefully that'll work yep server listening that's not meant to happen I don't I don't think anywayclient or going to get to run so you got your client is going to log in and put in and around the reasoningpassword youtube password password now connect so as you can see it has a lot of features XP lot so this is our home area and we're going to be let you can find out other tutorials on my youtube channel how to edit this I'll meet Cornell and that's basically you can create an rsps in about 20 and 80 about five minutes that's all it really takes I will have other guides how to make it non machi web client always edit in on this server which might help you and error fixes I'm going to upload their afix now that you might have and hopefully it will help you so you've seen what you have to do it's pretty simple actually let me just open the I might know why is that I think we've got open this one answer and open I'm just going to see if is in the Sun I don't think that Myers oh yeah that's why you've got to compile your server that's the reason it didn't update for me to head over to compile here the compiler will run wait for it to load that should work I don't know ok I'm going to change Oh nope i mucked up earlier that's the reason why it's doing this I wouldn't worry you also won't do that it's because I did sink earlier and it ruined it basically I'll fix it now and you can see all just so I can she does work i hope you'll fix it and delete it peace the back i made a backup when I got this so now I'm going to go and go to client dot Java differences and change that 5.1 the two this is my match ok so now i'm going totry or a list it runs now got compilat hopeful it'll work hateful ok oh yeah we gotta change d 7 i'm spot 016 save compile I don't think I think it yet though again now you can see the clients running push the server up that's a zero point zero point zero because that's my this is the server and it's running on my computer which will be zero point zero and zero now hopefully we login would be it would lovingly youtube com oh yeah that's all so yo got our account everything's fine now we've got it's connected to machi and i'll show you bit on Ed's in the next tutorial thanks for watching hope you enjoyed and this is the game hubs with Luke on how to make an rsps 317 thanks for watching ratecomment subscribe subscribe in any takes a second say please do and I'll see you all later
  9. hey guys the game hubs here with Luke I'm going to be doing a tutorial on howto fix an error using your rsps this is for room 317 and I'm going to show you a preview the area you might get so you made your rsps looking pretty cool but you haven't tested it yet you've edited your all your stuff you know everything's fine and then you run it and you get this error and try to run the client as well and you also get thesame error and you'd have a clue what you're doing a very simple fix to this I know you've a solution on how to fix this it's not actually about hard and it shouldn't take too long if you want to fix this go down to your computer it's program files or program files x86 and get to Java run open JRE 6 and it's bin and no it's not it live let me just find it nope so I've got the wrong go to java and go to jdk it's a bin and you see you will c java application 170 kb copy that and once copy go down to your plant folder go to server and paste in there then go to climb and paste in overall now you've got that in there there is actually nothing else to do that's how simple it is just click run and your server all run perfectly blu-tack lion run and your server run perfectly it's pretty easy to do and that's basically how to fix that error that was just a quick video and how to do that rate comment subscribe it and takes up and subscribe this is game hubs of loop showing you how to fix the java error with 317 runescape private server thanks for watching and see you later
  10. all right guys um a lot of you guys have problems with Java and your environment variables for runescape servers and I previously made a video on Windows XP and this video did on Windows 7 but this way will work exactly the same for Vista first you the first thing you have to do really just download java unless you already have it you need the latest going I think this one so far is 6 update 20 and to see if you actually have it um go your computer go to your hard drive and either go to your Program Files and it's not there then you put install it to your Program Files x86 and that's the mine is right here and there should say 6 one point six point zero underscore 20 which means you have the right one now a lot of people do actually have it downloaded but it still doesn't work really it's because of your clasp and your environment settings and so what you have to do is go to start computer go to system properties now it might be a bit laggy kill hypercam it just likes like crazy anyway go to your advanced system settings and wait for that to load and I'm lagging right over here it says environment variables click 'add now over here which says user variables for your name here that's not my name is my sister's computer um what you get to do is click new call it class path and for a variable put this over here I'll put in the description and get in you press ok and then you and do path and for the variable again I'll put in the description all right now when you go for system variables you have to do bu class path again you can make this one capitalized it doesn't matter on how to capitalize and for the variable put this now over here where it says show you better or does program files x86 if you have installed your Java and your regular program files and delete this part if it's in your x86 and leave it and then press ok and then do it again for path and the same thing if you have it like that delete that that's basically it if you have a compiler problem try to show you it I had one too but I fixed one I'll show you my compiler here you as you can see it's working out before we tell me I'll have Java installed when I did okay you're gonna right click and edit oh okay um now this will messed it all up I didn't want to work it's because this wasn't here for me it was deleted but really my Java was not in my program files in Program Files x86 so I could fix that also winning and it wasn't gonna work now also if that's a fuse or a compiler stuff but you want to run your uh what's called your client or anyone elses clients not working a lot of people do run as an initiator and this is what happens for me when I try to do that oh my as you can see did not work it says cannot find the main class GUI program elects it but if I double click it it does work as you'll see if the clients gonna learn in a second it's good time I become is bad cable doesn't want to live right now anyway that's basically it area as you can see it's actually loading here videoalright that's basically it after you did all these steps it should actually work you shouldn't have a problem with it and if you know you don't have Windows Vista 7 and you have XP you know I'm going to do this then you can watch my other video in this channel and if you want to join my server we did need people to join it badly so you want to join it I'll put the the forum link and get down the Klein in there it's a pretty fun server so yeah if you're future one join it you go ahead anyway thanks
  11. Top 10 Reasons why Players Quit Runescape Top 10 reasons why players quit runescape RuneLeak asked around and we were able to come up with quite an accurate list I think anyway I hope our readers enjoy RSPS. 1. Bad Updates Bad updates are common throughout the history of runescape, there's been a lot of great and wonderful updates but in alot of players opinions there has been more bad updates to runescape than good updates. Evolution of combat Free Trade Hp Change Item remodels Removing Wilderness Many many more.. 2. Gambling & Staking So many people have actually quit this game and returned only to quit again because of the dueling arena it's a real addiction that can get out of control if you let it, just like gambling your own money away in real life and some people lose millions and millions before they ever walk away from that place. Staking can be a lot of fun but only when you win and sometimes luck has a lot to do with it and you won't be so lucky. whenever you go stake at the duel arena you should always prepared to lose what your staking that way you won't end up quitting like a lot of players do when they go all-in and end up losing every gp they have. 3. Getting Rekt & Losing Bank A lot of players quit Deadman mode because of this but it's to be expected on those servers but sometimes even in the main servers players will end up quitting when they die and lose something that they work to get for months and months it's just a part of runescape most of the time those players end up returning but nobody ever wants to die and lose their items even when you're a low-level. If you're going to play this game you really have to be strategic about everything that you do and sometimes when you're going into something really difficult like pausing or peeking you almost have to prepare yourself mentally that there is a possible chance you might die and lose your stuff. 4. Time To get anywhere in RuneScape you have to spend a lot of time on this game which i think is why some players take it so seriously anything worth doing in runescape is going to take a lot of time and some people just don't have the kind of time that is needed to be put into this game especially when you might have. to sit on a laptop for hours on end or at a computer desk there's always real-world distractions and when you're distracted in runescape because in real life you literally will never get anything done on runescape for some players simply put they just don't have enough time to play the game number. 5. Getting Scammed Getting scammed is probably one of the worst feelings you can have as a player especially if you lose something extremely valuable that you worked hard to achieve there are some players out there that don't take this into consideration even though they'd probably feel the same way if you scam them there's sort of a shock factor that takes over you when you get scammed of something you really worked hard for and that initial shock and sometimes make players just immediately press that logout button but most of the time they usually end up returning and even though what happened to them was wrong it probably was a learning experience. 6. Membership Status Running out there are some players who simply can't pay for membership they either use their phone bank account or sometimes their parents if they're too young to pay for it themselves unfortunately when your membership status runs out the only way to reclaim it when you can't pay for it with real money is paying for it with in-game money which can be hard if you're not that rich of a player to make matters worse ever since membership bonds came out in old school runescape their prices have been skyrocketing well over 2 mil and you never really know what their prices are going to do next and for some players grinding in free-to-play to get 2.7 million 7. World of Warcraft Some players prefer other games over RuneScape, RuneScape is one of those games where you almost have to have been playing since you were a child to really understand its appeal and with new games always coming out constantly with amazing graphics and multiplayer features that are very different than RuneScape. It's easy to sort of forget about RuneScape in my opinion it has never had any other game take over life as much as runescape has but we're all guilty sometimes with just simply gaining more interest in other games for a while but we do always end up coming back to RuneScape because it's one of the first video games we ever played as a kid. 8. Getting Banned\Muted Jagex takes reporting very seriously if they didn't this game would probably be ruined, sometimes players make bad decisions and they either get banned or muted or maybe even permanently banned or muted sometimes Jagex punishments are harsh. but then again it's incredibly easy and takes no thought at all to avoid getting banned or muted but some players out there never learn and they keep getting banned and muted and they wonder why and they end up quitting altogether because of it. 9. Growing Up You almost had to have been playing this game since you were a kid to really understand its charm and appeal however the older you get you're going to run into problems and you're going to have to deal with adult priorities over video games and I think that that is what has happened a lot throughout RuneScape's history and is probably the reason why not many players play today that did play years ago when you grow up life gets hard and unfortunately gets way more serious and that can sometimes make you lose interest in things that once made you happy as a kid. 10. Toxic Community In some players opinions the community of runescape is very toxic but that's how any online game community is if you really think about it there's scammers there's people who want to learn you there's people all over YouTube who boast phishing links to try to hack or steal your account there's DDoS everywhere on this game and most of the time the main thing we end up seeing on this game is that people just love to fight with each other and nobody really takes it into consideration that they're talking to an actual person behind a computer monitor instead of just a pixelated character the rights words above its head don't get me wrong you're going to make some great friends on runescape but you're also going to meet some of your worst enemies here and we think that some people just run into way too many enemies instead of friends
  12. How To Create Your Own Runescape Private Server Ever wondered how to create your own RuneScape Private Server (RSPS) ? No worries we will help you out! How To Make a Runescape Private Server The area of game enthusiasts flourishes in a realm of servers. The video games which draw most range of gamers are usually of multiplayer kind. The quests, the battles, the goodies and so forth. Maintain the game enthusiasts unswerving to the video games. The gamers also can have interaction with different players as buddies or foes while gambling such games. The mmog or vastly Multiplayer function playing video games are one among the largest draws for lots of gamers. Runescape is an mmo, owned by Jagex. This is a client-aspect medieval world recreation walking on Java platform with excessive best 3D rendering. The game is primarily based in a medieval fantasy realm in which players, within the position of customizable avatars, traverse the world and gain revel in through doing various obligations and finishing numerous quests. The storyline of the Runescape isn't always linear owing to the reality that players set their own desires and goals. However many game enthusiasts now-a-days prefer gambling on Runescape private Servers. Why to play on RSPS? A Runescape private Server is a privately owned server which has got not anything to do with Jagex. It's miles absolutely ‘the alternative Realm”. The gamers do now not log in with log-in credentials of Jagex server. The private server can suit any revision furnished the consumer and cache are gift. Plus there are brought advantages. You benefit experience faster as the server isn't always the unique one. You may do all of the sports carried out by way of contributors free of charge, along with shopping for uncommon items or exploring the vicinity. There may be nearly no criminal hazard concerned in gambling with RSPS. The game is in reality loose and no costs are to be paid for any subscription. Why should you host RSPS? Running RSPS can become a good business prospect, provided you can get more subscriptions. Rare items can be doled out for free. Some companies even pay to put up advertisements if your Runescape Private Server can garner enough subscriptions and become popular. The Legal Pitfalls Running Runescape Private Servers may not be illegal but they are not perfectly legal as well. Some legal pitfalls include: Copyright infringement and violation of End User License Agreement may lead to shutting down of the private server. Less popularity amongst the gamer population, resulting in lower in-game population. Certain items may still need being paid for while the value of character remains same. They are generally not up-to-date with Java servers and the 3D rendering may not be as smooth and as rich as the original one. The private server do so much messing around with the original server that game-play may not even feel the same as that of the original one. here are the best Runescape Private Servers of all time? 2Speced ikov Alora Ely SoulSplit FuriousPk Spawn OSRS UltimateScape Dreamscape OS-PKZ SoulPlay Simplicity PS PkHonor Hydrascape OSRSPS Battlescape Visit RuneSuite
  13. How to Have a life & Play RSPS at the same time Does RSPS take too much of your time? Are you falling behind on RuneScape & work? No worries we got your back here is how to multitask & play rsps at the same time. How to Have a life & Play RSPS at the same time As a gamer, every player has their own world created within the small world of downloading games. every moment playing taking part in, the player will realize their adrenaline rushing. Gamers like to explore completely different aspects and what else will be a lot of satisfying for a player aside from obtaining a large vary of games to play on-line. With the appearance of toplists and its growing quality, the net has matured on to become a platform for globe and gamers don't fall behind this race. If you're amongst the assorted gaming enthusiasts WHO like to explore new games on-line, then if you have got an online affiliation half of the method is won. The gamer’s destination Online lets one discover a range of video games and sessions. Once whilst it was once all limited to the individual to play a game online, the web revolution has made it viable for players to connect to one another throughout the globe via the web and play simultaneously. RSPS make the impossible possible by connecting greater than 3000 gamers throughout the globe at the identical time thru their servers. A product of Jagex, introduced on 1 January 2001, Runescape has earned extra recognition amongst gamers. It is one stop end for gamers. Each game in Jagex are fondly referred to as as the “world”. Servers for connecting gamers Servers function in accordance to their functionality. Each and every server have unique norms. Simultaneous participation and sharing are regularly impossible, allowed on few servers. With Runescape private server, connecting to tons of players is made possible somewhere in the globe. Runescape servers make a vary of chances viable, connecting players instantaneously without complexity. In addition, RSPS are recognised for their fantastic and fast connectivity. Multitasking is the key to modernity Multitasking has became out to be the important thing of today’s life. Each person is making an attempt to create a balance between his or her RSPS and play. Who else apart from a gamer can understand this better. A gamer’s life is always quoted to be the maximum taken care of. They know to have the right balance among game and RSPS. In case you are a gamer and together with playing need to earn some greater pennies too, this is all taken care of flawlessly via runescape non-public servers. Along side supplying you with the adrenaline rush, these servers additionally can help you fill your wallet. Earn actual time cash via virtual world the products referred to as “objects” right here can be traded for cash. Not artificial or false money, however actual money via trading gadgets at runescape servers. These “objects” may be amassed by way of killing the monsters in the game. Whenever a monster gets killed, it's going to eventually drop an item and the player will need to seize it for you to exchange it for money. With time, many distinct versions had been delivered with better updates, that have created pretty a steer many of the players. Isn’t it a cherry at the cake, when your ardour meets your need and collectively they turn it into reality. Runescape non-public servers help connect this dream to truth and convey the 2 awesome worlds collectively. Now, now not simplest are you able to play and refresh your senses, but also you can add more money to your kitty all by using playing.
  14. Why are 718 RSPS's the Least Popular? Could it be because of these few reasons? Why are 718's the least popular RSPS revision? It's been an endless debate over the years.. "718s suck" "Any revision is better than 718" "Nobody likes or plays 718 servers" So on and so forth. But why? I believe there a few reasons that can explain why this has been an issue and I'll start with the most pressuring reason. But first let's define exactly what revision the 718 era is. 718 is the build number of Runescape (around 2012). It was one of the last few build numbers/revisions right before Evolution of Combat was introduced. It was Runescape 2. My most fondest memories of RS existed in this time-period of Runescape's history. So why are 718 RSPS's regarded as a waste of time and pointless to attempt? 1. Little to no development & releases in the category. There has been very little development in this era. Very few people have the knowledge & patience to deal with the 718 revision. It isn't the all-familiar 317s or lesser builds - it requires a bit more knowledge & understanding especially when working with the 718 clients. For the ones who have spent the time developing in this era it is mostly kept close and not released. There have been 718 releases however they are majorly lacking in many, many areas. Leaving them far from any decent state of development even when purchasing one's work that hasn't been freely released. 2. Lack of tools & resources Another area in which the 718 category is lacking and hindering public development & releases is there are very few tools & resources one can use to advance & assist them in development of their 718 Pre-EoC server. This does not mean they are not available - they are out there but a majority of any worth-while tools are kept under wraps and help privately and never released to the public for free. This makes the ones who want to advance and build a highly development 718 RSPS must write & build their very own tools, which are then kept close and held privately within their own teams. Compare this situation to the lower revision servers in which you can download 100's of freely released tools. 3. Most hosted & playable 718's sucked The issues outlined above resulted in most 718's that made it to launch were 95% of the time extremely under-developed and lacking enough content (and functional content, at that) to gain any worthwhile traffic & maintain players interest. Over the years this caused a majority of players to just dismiss most higher-revision servers. In the past they were under developed & lacked enough content - at least compared to the other lower-revision server's that existed out there that were able to boast much more content & functional content. Why aren't talented developer's interested in 718? Due to the common belief that 718's are not popular they assume they cannot generate enough money to make them feel putting the work in; worth it. However I've seen this to be very far from the truth.. In the last year or two things have changed.. If you frequent the RSPS Toplist's you will notice more higher revision servers are appearing at the top of these lists. How? What happen? The answer is simple - these specific server's have spent years in development and are full of great, functional content. Most of these server's have even - with great success - added the latest OSRS content into these Pre-EoC bases! They are highly developed, with every skill fully functional, achievement diaries, 120 skills & capes, countless bosses, tons of minigames - long story short they can now boast not just "as much" content as the lower revision servers but in some cases - even more. For the first time in many years these higher revision servers are finally popping up but this time they are actually worth checking out. Not only do you get the great Pre-EoC content but you also are getting OSRS mixed in as well! One server in particular, Ely RSPS - loads TWO world maps. The Pre-EoC 2012 version AND the full OSRS map, NPCs, bosses, items & much more. You can truly now get the best of both worlds on this one server. Even while playing on their main, default 718 maps & graphics you can still toggle old item looks, even toggle OSRS graphics such as changing the floors to match OSRS more closely. With all this said.. It is really nice to see time put into development of these 718 servers and get the attention and recognition after all these years. While they still do not compare to the "big" lower-revision servers in terms of player count - it does not reflect their development and content they can offer now. While at the same time, I've seen these servers peak at nearly 100 players daily during the summers and the money they can generate would surprise most people. I believe these types of servers are only just starting to get realized and gain some traction in the players and toplist sites & who knows where they will go as they continue to grow & advance. Want to play a 718 RSPS? I'd recommend Ely - check it out below. Website Discord Play Now
  15. What is a Custom Runescape Private Server? Many of them are available to play free! Have you ever heard about Frugooscape or SpawnPK? The basic definition, what is an RSPS? Some of you may not know what an RSPS (Runescape Private Server) is. To define it shortly, a Runescape private server is independently run, based on the game Runescape. All Runescape private servers require no membership fees to play. What's a Custom RSPS? In the private server community such as RuneSuite, (a forum based on Runescape) a custom server is known as gameplay that consists of many custom items weather they be vibrant pink wings, or even lava textured items! These are pleasing aesthetics to many players! What are the origins of custom RSPS? The origin of the first official custom server remains a mystery as thousands of private servers launched after the release of Runescape. However, a particular server FrugooScape, prominently set the standards of honing custom content and items as "a record of 8,000 users online at once and was in the top 10,000 USA domains." A promotional video highlights some of FrugooScape's best moments: https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=frugooscape+promotional+video Custom RSPS aren't a thing in the past That's right, they are plenty of custom RSPS to choose from, below you can choose from a wide variety of options ranging from Dreamscape to RuneX! Take a look a below for unique custom servers! Dreamscape MagePS SpawnPK RuneX What are you waiting for? Click one of the links to play them today!

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What is a RSPS?

A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.

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