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  1. OsWorld Release (LATEST)

    Thank you.
  2. Anyone have a leak of this? I want to study the source code [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  3. Hi

    Welcome Brian
  4. Must post

    Hey man, welcome to the community
  5. HI

    Welcome to the community deaneo88.
  6. I must post an introduction.

    Damn, I've never seen so much salt.
  7. I liak this

    Welcome to the community
  8. Future Leaks

    Anything you leak is good, but if you leak during sex you might want to see a doctor. Okay sorry for the joke, but serious should release Alora.
  9. Battle-OS - Released

    Ah yeah that I know, but I mean between the two servers "Battle-OS" and "OS-Royal". Wasn't OS-Royal a different project? Or is it just the same project under a different name. Also I agree, no one should download the R-S version I tried out both and they definitely tampered with the R-S version and removed content that's essential for it to work properly.
  10. You must post an introduction!

    For sure would like to get to know the community a bit better
  11. Battle-OS - Released

    What's the difference between this and Battle-OS? On his thread they both look identical.