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  1. This is because its looking for "server1.properties" not "server.properties". Remove the 1 and it should work.
  2. It isn't fake when you grab it from a reliable source. 😉
  3. Looks quite decent. I haven't edited the files nor touched them so don't ask for me to help you run it. Hope you Enjoy. [Hide]https://drive.google.com/file/d/1E1kceSama300Z7fa_MFulbMJzDqUip7_/view?usp=sharing[/hide] Media and Information:
  4. Updated link again, my mega account was suspended.
  5. This package is from June 2020. I don't want it so enjoy. [Hide] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Jskx0_2Q5kvHZhDMBrfGMMhEmRMvuic6/view?usp=sharing [/hide] Link updated again 19/11/2020 Fix for packetsender.java add this code in. public PacketSender resetItemsOnInterface(final int childId, final int maxItems) { PacketBuilder out = new PacketBuilder(34, PacketType.SHORT); out.putShort(childId); for(int index = 0; index < maxItems; index++) { out.put(index); out.putShort(0); out.put(0); } player.getSession().queueMessage(out); return th
  6. Added him to hall of shame and banned him on forums and discord. I told ace to get rid of him from the start. Sorry for you being scammed.
  7. OSPvP Email list from around March 2019 Owned by Sprad. 13k emails including usernames Enjoy. [hide]https://runeindex.com/drive/s/ixDTmI8pHZ5KfAApHZilnaDuM4EUOE[/hide]
  8. Metal Raimon's unreleased server from july. Enjoy. [hide]https://runeindex.com/drive/s/cLDjHXaATNcpISIKBeyCl89z89QyuA [/hide]
  9. Everyone requested this comes with source, client, runelite and cache. Enjoy. [hide] https://runeindex.com/drive/s/yT4XPxcwxQVrpU8heAhL98gWf7FOWN [/hide]
  10. Norse from June 2020 not sure how updated this is but enjoy. [hide] https://runeindex.com/drive/s/95RBuullQ3bkIPSysCAMz4wBMNn5TK [/hide]
  11. Updated: OG Zen sent me the Client. Credits to him. Source: [hide] https://runeindex.com/drive/s/FTdYNfjzhmp5rqmgdQq739pHn9B3LV [/hide] Client: [hide]https://runeindex.com/drive/s/6GwvUltEjU0YJVAHXddJ5JXOtLoOzf [/hide]
  12. Really nice source and client. I don't have much media but if you look vortexrsps up it has media. [hide] https://runeindex.com/drive/s/HysmdRr5IjybUTFrf3p57RPAH2UBbr [/hide]
  13. This project contains Runelite OSRS and it looks like an updated version of Norse. [hide] https://runeindex.com/drive/s/u4YQ9ZzvLzCGJg8C1y5MJrRmxEDzhA [/hide]
  14. Custom RSPS Download Got it today... Enjoy. https://runeindex.com/drive/s/nL0b0myjOLksoX4usTMbDcO0EBchuo Backup: https://mega.nz/file/fyJlTarT#Ix_qVkOy0AN1F65LJw16qyj-YQE2uNniAYY9AJzPI7U