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  1. Crown

    Heart Cape

    Appreciate the share very good looking cape.
  2. Crown

    Donator Capes

    Appreciate the share, clean looking capes! Appreciate the share, clean looking capes!
  3. Sadly the images are broken but according to the posts nice job!
  4. Crown

    comped acc

    You mean that you have completed the completionist cape?
  5. Crown


    The image does not work would like to see what it looks like.
  6. Crown

    post 8

    This is not really how you should get the 10 posts but okay haha
  7. You did a pretty good job on that GFX right there!
  8. Crown

    Just a sword

    You did a pretty good job here, looks pretty clean to me.
  9. Well this looks like a post that didn't go quite as planned.
  10. That looks pretty funny haha, but definitely original.
  11. Crown

    Fav quote

    "May you attract someone who speaks your language, so you don't have to spend a lifetime translating your soul."
  12. Always been interested in the RSPS scene Mainly a C# / Javascript developer.
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