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  1. oh yeas wow i like this alot
  2. thanks for helping people with graphic deisgn and i like the effect alot
  3. cross1025


    yeah post should be removed theres nothing even there.
  4. change the rest of the letters in leak to white and it would look better.
  5. number 3 is really nice others kinda suck
  6. the fitzhq logo looks really badass good work
  7. number 2 looks simple but professional. the first one is just plain ugly
  8. cross1025


    learning where the buttons are is the hardest part pretty easy if you just follow tutorials until you get a grasp of it.
  9. ms paint all the way. fuck gimp
  10. hi im cross, new here. been looking around and lots of servers recently and been pretty displeased with alot of them so want to make my go at trying to build one to my liking and maybe even have it populated one day