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  1. Hello every one! I'm not going to reveal a whole lot about the server itself, however I will tell you that we have very ambitious plans and we intent to create a server that has never been seen before. I can provide more information over private message. We are looking for creative, outgoing and organized people to join our team and help us come up with new content, plan our release and help moderate the server. The people we bring on the team will hold a staff position within the server once the server launches. If you are interested in applying for this, just send me a private
  2. May i post my spotify playlists/account here? I have a playlist for albums that have come out every year since 1990. Most of which have 300-500 total songs and they are exclusive to the year they are representative of. I try to update them as much as possible and yeah, It's something I'm very proud of and I'd like to share! I won't however do so or post ANYTHING without the permission of the community and the people in charge, I do not wish to break any rules or make anyone upset so! If anyone has any info about this question I would love a response!
  3. Over the next few years I'd like to better my knowledge of javascript and RSPS development. It is currently my goal to start a new RSPS and I will hopefully be doing so very soon!
  4. Welcome to Runesuite friend, I hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. Hello, I'd just like to start this off with saying that I do have quite a bit of experience with RSPS, with hosting RSPS as well as making tweeks and changes to them, I am not however fully versed in any form of RS coding. That being said, I'm not a child or teenager anymore. I'm looking to fund and host a private server. I have lots of incredible ideas and plans ready to be put in place, I just need a person willing to help me make that happen. Depending on your experience we can talk about payment, however that would strictly be on the "by project" basis. A little bit about myself.
  6. That's my name, don't ware it out. I'm currently looking to create an RSPS, but I also work full time so I will be making posts about help for that. I'm an adult over the age of 21, I'm TRANS, and I love my cat, her name is Gaia.
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