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    Thanks so much for the source. This is a great contribution
  2. Thanks for the source. I've been wanting to try a classic server!
  3. I used to use unreal engine quite a bit. Now UE5 has released and it's insane to see how far we've came with new tech and software.
  4. Back before Java was taken out of the browsers, I went to play a RSPS and someone has embedded a virus within the jar file. As loon as a ran the client, I was ratted. You have to watch out for that type of stuff, even in the source code. (may not here anyways)
  5. I wonder if this has been patched on modern versions? If not, that's quite the exploit. Actually I just say this was posted in 2020, that's insane. Have you had any luck with it?
  6. Thanks for this. Will these change per client updates? I'm trying to get into packet editing but there's a lot to take in here.
  7. Imagine knowing this back when the packets weren't encrypted and we could reverse engineer the game. I think its fascinating either way. Thanks for this explanation.
  8. I run an esxi server on an r710 I bought last year. I've got about 4-5 linux vms running on it at any time . I'm about to start hosting a RSPS on it here soon hwen I find a decent source. Anyways, I'm a big linux fan
  9. I say the 2000scape remake on github and didn't like it too much. Just got here and it seems like there are a lot of good sources. I've also heard of this RSPS. I used to work on "Ragescape"
  10. I've gotten my fair share of accounts banned as well. I'm currently laid off and I think RSPS will be a good little project to take up some time. Sound like we're in the same boat. I don't have any advice, as I'm new here as well. But good luck!
  11. Nice to meet you. I'm new here as well. I may have to reach out to you sometime in the future as I get started here.
  12. Hello I'm a java programmer looking to get started with making a new soundscape private server. Very happy to be here. I am runescape
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