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  1. do i need intellij idea program to run this server ? or there is other program . cuz eclipse doesnt work
  2. i want to try this . im kinda noob but still gonna try it
  3. same way i feel but i dont make posts i just try to reply them
  4. 718 is more like rs3 if im right and not much ppl play's it so easier and better would be for 317
  5. my opinion is customs cuz there is more things and stuff to do
  6. i dont think this is right section for this
  7. i should take Range Slayer i love range
  8. umm you need to post 10 posts or reply other posts 20 times who is not in download section
  9. thanks for info i hope someone use this guide
  10. i loved runescape since i was 8 years old but after they updated to rs3 they added lot of things that really didnt needed so i started to play osrs im for osrs
  11. i am here cuz i want to learn about rsps making and some downloads
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