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  1. TimeLord

    Buying RSPS .sql databases/ingame &char files

    u know this section is for runescape right not rsps
  2. TimeLord

    ApacheNick Complete Package + Web Shop

    lets see what he has
  3. proof that i can release it on runesuite [Hidden Content] ALL CREDITS GOES TO FEAROX [Hidden Content] Server's Core & Stability Countless months of work brought perfection to our core. Taken into account every improvement to create to totally best we could provide. Here is a brief list of core improvements and system we created to make Arrav truly capable to deliver its potential. Latest Netty networking system (4.1.19). Delivering a 'one handler' per session pipeline that maximalizes performance. Queued incoming/outgoing packets. There is also one channel allocated buffer stream per session to which we write the outgoing packets. No overheading and memory-effective networking system. Thread-safe queued logins and logouts to ensure the world integrity. Task driven server which ensures structured and well procuded content. Memory-mapped cache system which decodes defintions at a fast speed. Thread-safe parrallel synchronizer in charge of player updating. Action triggers for short interactions used by incoming packets. (considered to be a plugin system). Thus avoiding looping over countless ids to determine a button click. A unique pathfinding system which supports different algorithms including an optimized version of A* and a straight line caster. All of this is backed by the traversable map created by decoding the whole world map. Game objects (those physical ones such as walls and desks) are processed under two modes: Static & Dynamic. Static objects emphasizes on memory effective methods and are used mostly for player interaction validation. Dynamic objects are those who are created during runtime and hold more attributes. Both states have full support on thread-safe registering/unregistering. Regional based system which handles ground items, game objects and actors(players and mobs) dynamically during game play. This limits iterations used by various content-written features. SQL Pooling system which works apart from the game-thread. Content & Features All content was written to be minimal on the cycle time. Trying to avoid iterations and provide the best outcome possible. By using different design techniques, the content is written with the object-oriented-language Java. All this content relates to the official game. All parentheses will signify code design and improvements (written this way). Achievement system with difficulty (which provides stages without achievement repetition) Clan chat system with management commands (single line widget sent) Game commands (with java signature annotations) Dialogue system with several dialogue types and face expressions (supports easy dialogue chaining outside of declarations) Flexible pets following system with feeding and growing Combat is freshly rewritten but requires some tweaking to assemble the real feeling. But the fundamentals components for it are written. Release notes: Hello Dear Members of Rune-Server. You may know me or not, it doesn't matter. For those who are curious, I was possibly known as the 'ban-invader' behind this framework called Avarrocka which was later changed to Edgeville and then to Arrav. My name is Artem. I simply ask to keep this thread up as I'm simply giving back some of my biggest work in the RSPS scene. I won't be replying at all. The reason I'm releasing this is because I'm not involved in RSPS anymore since few months now. I've been doing some indie game development and I have no plans to come back to RSPS. Hence I'm releasing this server on which I've worked for several years. This server has enormous amount of quality work done. I would like to thank and give credits to several talented people i've worked with in the past: Stand-Up (stanaveli) My friend Dave Micheal Aka Chex AtomicInt_ Aka Ryley Kimmel Jire (gave many networking tips) Major (references from Apollo) Anyone else I might of forgot I'm highly grateful to this community (even though it is highly toxic sometimes) to all the knowledge it brought to me as I was starting learning how to programming by changing spawn coordinates in 2010. It was a great journey. FIXED COPY OF arrav is on top The server also reads the cache. A small star would be appreciated on github Here is a collection of some media (sorry it's advertising media, only thing I've got): [/SPOILER] For those who still hate on the previous version of this. The client was optimized to keep 50FPS at it's best. Memory usage is VERY minimal compared to any other clients with the same amount of data (530 + 667 + OSRS) Networking has been rewritten completely (1k live bots using A* pathfinding at home): [video][Hidden Content]] I've tested up to 2k, with a cycle of 60ms. Still using A*. Some fixes if downloaded before. Happy holidays!
  4. TimeLord

    SimplicityPs - Released

  5. TimeLord

    [RUSE] - Immortal X

  6. TimeLord


    download link: [Hidden Content] Media Ranging-Dark Bow Special [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Skilling GIFs] Farming Trees-Havesting Herblore-Potion Making Woodcutting-Adze Attribute Monster Examine [SPOILER=Images][/SPOILER][/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Bossing GIFs] Boss Images Zulrah Demonic Gorilla Corporeal Beast Tormented Demon Kalphite Quen Chaos Elemental Lava Dragons Crazy Archaeologist Kraken Tortured Gorilla [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Player Killing GIFs] Pvp-Pking Bots [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=OSRS Items] [/SPOILER] [SPOILER=Quests & Diary] [/SPOILER] Don't forget to leave some feedback, and leave a thanks if you enjoy the server.
  7. TimeLord

    Silabsoft 317 Client

    lets see
  8. TimeLord

    Selling/Trading RS3 Santa Hat

    got a 105 oldschool account 99 fm and 80+ combat stats willing to trade it for the santa hat
  9. TimeLord

    Gallifrey 718/885


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