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  1. Textured Vorago!!! Please add me on discord if you need my service Ampersand#0793
  2. Glacial armor (317) Download link [Hidden Content] Custom-fit trimmed spiked masterwork (317) Download Link [Hidden Content] if you need model services please dm me Ampersand#0793 my service link
  3. please send me a pm on my discord:: Ampersand#0793 Shenron for empire rsps Bump!!!
  4. Thankyou! i'm sure someone will use it for a project or something
  5. hi runesuite! today im going to sell some of my custom items, here's some of my work. I can also put texture on your weapon armor and npc, Wings Scythe Blade Unrigged npc (no bones / no animation) im selling this as' is find someone who can rigged it for you Shenron Please add me on discord if your interested on my models Ampersand#0793 or pm me here.. thanks
  6. thank you for this contribution its a big help for me who's starting a 718 project
  7. use displee model editor and increase the value of texture
  8. thanks PANFROST pretty clean theme
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