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  1. More World666 Media: [Hidden Content] More Vencillio Media: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content]
  2. Setup

    RuneSuite 2.0

    new theme looks clean, good job
  3. And another one of my themes yet again lol
  4. If you paid for any one of those poopies, I feel bad for you On Topic: shitty rips once again
  5. thanks man. I'm gonna check it out and try to confirm if it's authentic . Edit: uploaded to IPS 4.4.10 (latest version of IPS 4.4). I don't think it's legitly downloaded from the Zenyte AdminCP (unless Zenyte is using IPS 4.3). There are a lot of inconsistencies with the theme, however it is a good remake.
  6. Brought to you by @Setup and @Vip3r @everyone Smite is an emulation-style Oldschool RuneScape private server with a major twist. Enjoy extremely fast paced action in PVP or good old fashioned RuneScaping; with over 40 bosses, every possible skill emulated & a haul of custom minigame activies/OSRS minigames in their full detail such as Raids and Raids 2, full 69 wave Inferno- there is nothing you can't do on Smite. We launched a public beta in November and with the help of over 50 players we fixed over 1,000+ bugs and added 40+ pieces of additional content including The Nightmare, Gauntlet, OSRS Achievement diaries, every Oldschool RuneScape skill working exactly as it does on OSRS. We've concluded our beta program and we are getting ready for a brand new launch. Website: https://smiteosrs.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/rPKxZad Media:
  7. thank you for this. will look into it
  8. thank you for this. will take a look.
  9. Setup

    Ruse Staff Pannel

    looks interesting. thanks for this
  10. I believe the DreamScape office is located in Thailand.
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