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  1. Hishina

    DreamScape Homepage

    A full mirror of DreamScape's Homepage made by, a Rune-Server user, Maxence. Links [Hidden Content] Images
  2. Hishina

    AhoyPK Website Release

    Contains homepage design and store. Download Link: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Images:
  3. Hishina

    [IPS] Forum Theme - Empyrean

    Price changed to $10 a copy.
  4. Hishina

    [IPS] Forum Theme - Empyrean

  5. Hishina

    Bandos Website Release

    Unfortunately, no.
  6. Hishina

    Bandos Website Release

    Found a copy of Bandos' website. It's quite aesthetically pleasing with its design. Sadly, HTML and CSS only. No PHP. File Download: [Hidden Content]
  7. Hishina

    [IPS] Forum Theme - Empyrean

    I made this theme for Empyrean, but it isn't going to be used. It was created using IPS 4.3.6. Price: $10 For $30 more, I can change the colors to what style you want: Green, Blue, Red, or Gold/Yellow. Contact: Setup#6577
  8. Hishina

    ApacheNick Complete Package + Web Shop

    Appreciate the release! Thank you 😄
  9. This was released on Rune-Server by King Fox/Foxtrot Studios. It uses Phalcon. File Downloads: [Hidden Content] Release.zip [Hidden Content]
  10. Hishina

    Elkoy - Old Website Release

    Contains only HTML and CSS. No PHP. File Download: [Hidden Content]
  11. Hishina

    The Lonely Anime Club

    Big fan of anime or manga and want to join a community full of people with the same interest? Join The Lonely Anime Club, a new brand discord server focus on building an anime community!
  12. Hishina

    OSRS Data 174.4 - Missing maps

    Thank you for this man
  13. Even better c: [Hidden Content]
  14. Hishina

    What Have I Been Doing Recently?

    Recently, I've been working on forum themes out of boredom. Nothing really goes on inside the RSPS scene anymore, so making forum themes has been quite fun for me. Here are some previews of what I've been working on:

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