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  1. "This will most likely be my last post on here (hopefully) and also my last contribution. I've been making basic config editors for awhile now and figured id make this open source to hopefully make deob servers more relevant. Enjoy making dreamscapes. Some tools are unfinished & theirs a lot of extra code for various stuff I was messing with." Download Link: [Hidden Content] Media:
  2. Welcome to the #1 RSPS Developer Community
  3. TLDR what this does: Replacement for Tom's Suite Download: [Hidden Content] Credits: Me Bubbletan (cache library) Leon_ (dump map image) Tom's suite (texture image format reader)
  4. Spent alot of time making this, fixing small issues so it works properly with 317, People are leaking, reselling it, releasing data generated with this tool with no credits. So left with no option. What this does; Loads the OSRS cache and gives you the ability to dump the data to 317 format to use in ur 317 client. Download: [Hidden Content] Credits: Me ~ Output to work with 317 format, Making the tool etc. Mgi125 ~ Cache Library (I used it for anims, shouldve used it for all of the tool tbh) OpenRS ~ Cache Library Leon_ ~ OSRS reading &
  5. I made this client just for selling purposes. Used Eliminates client as base as it had great memmory usage and was clean overall. Original features by Eliminate: Prioritised Menu clicking. Perfectionist tweaking (clicking). Fixed Varp Crash. Lower Memory than before. 602 Data - Items, Npc's, Anims & Gfx. Cleaner sprites folder - Uneeded sprites have been deleted. Cleaner code. Summoning orb. All in one orbs (search for "void loadOrbs()"). Fewer bugs in general. 498 Chat area. 498 Inventory. Badger's cache p
  6. Not Poesy


    Hey poesy700 here some of you might already know me from some other place. Im starting to get back into rsps so I will release my work on here now.
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