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  1. Awesome. Cant wait to try it out!
  2. Thank G lets see how she works
  3. The Internet is free and infinite. YouTube videos did it for me
  4. Lumbridge. Remakes are my favorite rsps
  5. Hmm. For cars it's black or white. For clothes it's black
  6. Even if budget was infinite, I'd still make a pre-eoc remake lol
  7. Moscow mule for mixed drink bufwesier for beer
  8. I like the remake/normal side much better. The custom stuff is just too much for me and kills the nostalgia.
  9. I'd kill for graphics like this but I don't see jagex ever implementing this
  10. 14M? Man j really dropped the ball on not getting involved a decade ago... Lol
  11. Lol looks fun to me! Meme emojis are always appreciated
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