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  1. [img]https://imgur.com/XkqYcrp[/img] -Welcome to PhantomX - PhantomX is a brand new Custom RSPS, we are still in the development stages of the server and we are looking to bring on a investor! I'm going to answer some questions you may have in this short post! What makes you different to other servers? We are different because we have a good management team, which devote everyday listening to the community and their wants! We thrive on excellence And want to become one of the number 1 RSPS out there, We have a strong development team, but we also need to look at
  2. Stolen GFX nice man. if you're reading this go fuck yourself
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    Hello everyone My name is les and I am 32 years of age. I started truly playing RSPS in 2010 but only played here and there before hand, from 2010 I started to pick up on how a private server works and wanted to create my own. I found a few packages floating around and tried to see what I could do with them, I realised I was not coding and that I was actually leeching someone else's work. I wanted to do more than just leech so I decided to find some people that could help me with what I needed to know. That is when I met some of the best Java developers there is out there and th
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