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  1. Running the JAR file, does effectively nothing. Doesn't run anything, doesnt open anything.
  2. I've downloaded a Server/Client/Cache folders. I Have intelij, 2 windows open, one for server, one for client. However I am getting errors. "module not found" 6 of them. I cannot figure out how to resolve these errors. requires commons.io; requires commons.lang3; requires everythingrs.api; requires guava; requires java.desktop; requires java.sql; requires json.simple; requires mchange.commons.java; requires mvgate3; requires netty; These are the highlighted errors in my module-info.java
  3. Hello, name is Chris. I am a beginner, and by that, I mean a baby, new, to coding. I want to learn how to set up an RSPS. And then learn how to code. I've downloaded a server/client/cache files. I was reccommended to use INTELIJ, so thats what I'm using.
  4. I don't like this. Lovely README instructions " Normally this is where instructions would go to get it up and running" Proceeds to give no information at all on how to get the program running. 0/10 not usable
  5. Ok, got it downloaded, but there isn't even an executable client to even open. Just a bunch of folders. Doesn't help me at all.
  6. Would like to try it out, however, even though I've reacted, and now commented, doesn't allow me to see the download !

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