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  1. Goingto try this again, used it once before but stopped for some reason, can't remember why.
  2. Comment your IGN
  3. Oh my bad I just read that. Yeah I guess it was a troll.
  4. David and spooky bought runesuite for $43,647.00........ that's insane. We don't even have any traffic here really 😂 Edit. Found out this was false apparently. But who knows?
  5. Get a cache editor, scope for titlebox, it will be located there. Should be above runes. Edit: I see your using morytania source, yeah it's definitely in there, I had that source a while ago. Get a Sprite unpacker, it's located in sprites.dat Then replace it with whatever background you want and repack it.
  6. How would one go about changing the skybox color (the black in the distance in sky areas), what class would it be in? And what would the code look like? Also has anyone thought about making a tool for this? I heard that often times it could be located in the cache somewhere but I've scoped pretty much the whole cache and haven't found anything involving it..
  7. Clarity


    How much is your budget and is there anything specific you're wanting?
  8. Don't know if your still looking but check out RS2 tool subforum on RS there's a few different ones
  9. I can do some videos, what you're budget? I'm 1k plus subs on YouTube and good at promoting. Took down my old stuff but been thinking about starting back up again. Give me your discord and we can discuss it. Edit: Just noticed your discord was included. I'm high lol.
  10. I'll help. What's your budget?
  11. Bro there's already a devious mud source out there. Lol.
  12. And how much are you paying for developer services? What's your budget
  13. Post in the right section dipshit. Also no need to duplicate post. Idiot.
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