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  1. Was suppose to do a few patch notes that we agreed upon after he was paid the OSRSGP, he delayed when he would start & then finally decides to show his snake self https://gyazo.com/a069174ebd7cf840bc64490b1c2ed256
  2. appreciate you for this release going to check it out
  3. RevengePS is a brand new OSRS revision RSPS. We strive to become the best possible server out there to suite everyones needs. We are a PvP Based server but we also offer countless bosses and skilling to choose from, which can also be used to make a lot of PKP, server is packed with tons of content so you don't get bored, osrs combat formulas for perfect hybridding. Features: - Client Launcher. - 100% Uptime. - Ultra-fast Dedicated Server Hosting. - Presets. - PvP Zones. - Automated Tournaments. - Donator Shops. - PKP Store. - Gambling Zone. - Duel Arena. - PvP Tas
  4. thank you for this my man big help a lot!
  5. thanks for this my boi always come through
  6. thanks bro i can use this i apprecaite it a lot
  7. good stuff bro appreciate it thanks man i like it
  8. thanks for this bro appreciate it alot bro thanks
  9. thanks for this bro really aprpcaite it a lot tahsnk
  10. thanks for this bro appreciate you! very much
  11. can i see this amazin leech i can take tyvm
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