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  1. Okay now this will be interesting- thanks
  2. Thanks will help a lot! Much appreciated
  3. People often talk about travel being a gateway to the soul but it is hard to recognize just how true it is until you have done it for yourself. Travelling doesn’t even have to involve flying to the other side of the world to become a Buddhist monk for a year. The benefits of travel can come from something as simple as a weekend away in a foreign city in your own country. Travel not only opens you up to new people, new cultures and new experiences, it also helps you grow as a person by reminding you that there is more life going on outside of your own personal bubble. So get out
  4. I don't like 'em putting chemicals in the water that turn the freakin' frogs gay! -Alex Jones
  5. I'd rather not but thanks for the offer
  6. Say snakes one more G*d*mn time!
  7. Pecking at the ground sounds pretty painful
  8. Goddamn haven't heard that name in awhile. Good stuff
  9. Hello how's it going guys! My name is Anthony been learning Java and Python for the last 8 months on and off and looking to just work on a project on the side to get exposed to and work on a bit of code. Not looking to get too in-depth in RSPS's but played RS awhile back and thought it might be interesting. Not sure exactly where I'm gonna start but I'll figure it out! Happy coding!

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