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  1. After months of work, we are pleased to announce that we will be opening the doors for public testing. Friday, June 11th, 2021 3 PM EST Please note that the beta is for testing purposes only and no items will be transferred or kept after the beta is complete. Players will need to link their forums account to their discord accounts to receive Beta access. On the day of release, players will not be able to obtain the beta rank and will have to wait until the official release to play. You will be able to log in using the same credentials as your forums account. We are looking for Beta test
  2. Daily Rewards Every month there will be different items available to claim each day Calendar will automatically change the month even when server is live Rewards are randomly generated with certain parameters Items at the end of each week are of higher value & can only be claimed if the player has logged in for 4/7 days Items at the end of each month are the highest of value & can only be claimed if the player has logged in for 65% of the month Certain safety measures have been put into place to prevent farming High value items
  3. Thank you, hope to see you around when server is released
  4. Hey @Super Appreciate the kind words, this is a project we have been coding from scratch, you should come check us out if this Revision interests you!
  5. There is a lot more cool features that are different then 317 come check out our discord we release lots of the features in there before we make a global update post. Hope to see you there!
  6. Thank you! We have lots of unique content out every update be sure to check it out on forums, we also have sneak peaks on what will be on the future updates that is on the discord server be sure to check us out. Sure does, One of the reasons we started this Project. Hope to see you in game! Thank you! Thank you means a lot. We are only getting started
  7. Hello everyone I know we are way overdue with an update for where we are at with Battle614, I am truly sorry about that, that is why we are here now to show you our latest update! This is only one of our many updates. We will be more active on Runesui
  8. Battle614 is an innovative and unique PvP server that offers a variety of content never seen before. Built on our own custom framework, Battle614 will take the 614 scene by the storm with its perfected combat system and fluid gameplay. The development team of Battle614 is committed to providing quality and well-balanced content that will surpass any expectations. We pride ourselves on good user experience and we listen to all feedback and suggestions that our community provides. Yoko - Owner & Game Developer Exabyte - Game Developer BladeX - Client Developer P
  9. Battle614


    Hello lovely community Am glad to be here.
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