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  1. For those wondering, we will be doing a Halloween event this year It will feature an exclusive outfit that will be tradable and [B]not [/B]introduced into the game again. Alongside an item that everyone will obtain from the event!
  2. Bump, flower poker is now out. Mobile coming soon :) We've also been focusing on our core a lot to ensure its good for the current state of the server and in the future.
  3. Bump - GIM is live, mobile is making great progress! On the side we're working on polishing any existing content and then we'll be working on the nightmare boss and such
  4. Bump - group Ironman and mobile client currently in the works.
  5. Realism mode is being released later today! It will be announced in our Discord when it goes live. The 1st to max will receive 300m or $600 in store credits, 2nd to max 100m or $200 store credits and 3-5 will get $100 in store credits.
  6. Bump, make the most of the 30% bonus experience and Wilderness points while it still remains active!
  7. Fresh economy, LOADS of events going on and plenty of activity. Hop online and join in on the fun! 100m OSRS GP PvP tournament later today also
  8. Bump, come check out our latest update which features item staking and 100% OSRS combat mechanics.
  9. Bump, the next update is likely to launch tomorrow or Sunday! Its going to be a good one...

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