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  1. + Always up to date with RS3's cache on a PRE-EOC client (718 loading 912); + Full Archaeology skill, including all collection logs, restoration logs, mattocks, mysteries, collectors, relics, etc.; + Full Invention skill, including most devices, ALL perks, item leveling, disassembling, etc.; + Full Divination skill, including Guthixian caches, transmuting, divine locations, etc.; + Full Dungeoneering skill, including all 60 floors, 6 complexities, lots of puzzles, tons of rewards, etc.; + Full Prifddinas city, including the Max Guild, Agility course, pick-pocketing, etc.; + Loads of collection logs to keep you busy - slayer, treasure trails, boss, etc.; + All Slayer masters, including Reaper Assignments with a fully stocked rewards store, and Wilderness assignments with bounty emblems; + Mining & Smithing rework, including (Trimmed) Masterwork armour, ore boxes, all new items, ore & bar storages, etc.; + Real dual-wielding, with 100% correct combat formula's and bonuses taken from RS3's cache; + Land out of Time - Anachronia - with all Slayer mob's, Agility course (+ shortcuts); + Different EXP and Game modes to choose from, including Drop boosts.
  2. Hey, I'm Sandstorm! I'm currently 24 years of age and am residented somewhere in the EU . I live with my girlfriend in our new apartment in the heart of our city, it's pretty busy here. We're also waiting for baby, currently 2 months in. Pretty scary, but we're both happy! No pets.. we were thinking of getting a kitty, but that's probably going to come after our newborn. As for work - I'm registered as self-employed and do freelance jobs, anything from website to software development. In my free time I work on Velheim which is my passion project! Gaming.. hmm, I don't reall
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