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  1. been looking for a forum that promotes osrs development better than the other well known forum does, just found this site but tbh needing 10 post count is arbitrary and pointless. people will just spam the 10 post count. i posted in 10 topics i would never usually post in just to get the post count. it just encourages spammy posts, not "activity". lastly, liking and replying to a post just to get a link before i even know if i like the server or even know what to say, still promotes more spam. all you get is people saying something generic to post to get the link, not anything actu
  2. is a good server. jsut a real shit looking gfx and cache. also whats with the longs as ip addresses
  3. like and reply to see the link? this just encourages spam. nd what if i don't like it.
  4. yes i knew this, but only about 10 years ago. did you know that chickens over 1m an hour in rs3 if you bank all the eggs, meat and feathers
  5. i have definitely thought about this for a long time over the years. my tastes have changed over the years too. when i was a teenager and through my early 20s i liked a slow xp rates (anything from 1.5x to 10x) because i was a lazy bum and had the time for it. now into my 30s i don't have the time to grind weeks on end for that #1 spot so something like 50x is more appealing to me. I don't like it any higher than that though as it just becomes a meaningless achievement levelling up otherwise. i also hate it when rsps have different xp rates for the same type of account. if you're going to
  6. the problem is, people complain rsps is stale, the same shit everywhere you look, but as soon as someone does something different no one plays it. the is a reason everything is the same shit. because it attracts players.
  7. if this was an OPTION then it doesn't hurt anybody whether someone plays with these graphics or not. and they do look impressive and i would take a look formyself... but i wouldn't play with these graphics all the time. just something about the old school vibe
  8. what kind of bullshit threads are these just to get 10 post count. my favourite colour is blue.
  9. you have no idea if your "calculations" are true or not therefore you have no idea what they made. factoring in costs and taxes i bet it was way less.
  10. anything that is either really really old 2004-2006. Or anything pure OSRS i don't like messy/choppy servers that are 317 loading whatever. pure pre eoc servers are nice but not my style really.
  11. i like slayer for the variety. i am mainly prefer old school but i do like the idea of rs3 too. the new mining and smithing is actually quite fun and makes sense.
  12. I don't like to post intros but being forced to. Anyway, my name is Dan and I'm 30 years old. I played Rs since Dec. 2004 and been playing and "developing" various servers since 2005. These forums looked nice so thought I'd give them a try.
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