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  1. I wanna see how different this is with the other other one.
  2. Thanks for this, looking for some easy content for my elvarg.
  3. I guess I'll look at this for some interfaces and stuff.
  4. Guess I'll look at this like everyone else.
  5. gonna take a look at this, using it to do a service.
  6. Guess I'll check this out like everyone else.
  7. Usually people that are trying to learn and want to start understanding rsps, usually go with something closer to base and doesn't have a lot of content. I personally started with vencillio and went on to ruse/elvarg because they are the easiest to understand and didn't have that much content involved. I personally don't like PI because it's messy and probably the furthest away from java standards than the other two, if I would give a specific suggestion I would try Elvarg and see what you can do with that.
  8. Hey everyone, if I did services for you, or helped you in the past, vouch for me 😘.
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