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  1. Bananastreet

    Crandor - The #1 Pre EOC Server! [RELEASE]

    Might actually use this one, thanks for the upload.
  2. Bananastreet


    What is this post.
  3. Bananastreet

    Valius 171 Re-release

    Download Will post pics later.
  4. Bananastreet

    Arrav | Edgeville | Avarrocka - Something Special

    Thanks for the upload, planning on using some content out of this.
  5. Bananastreet


    I doubt this is any different than the original release.
  6. Bananastreet

    Buying Custom Server

    If someone found me the models they wanted added to a server, I could probably put together a decent custom server tbh
  7. Bananastreet

    RSPS Youtube Tutorials

    This video is how I pack data, or at least how I did it.
  8. Bananastreet

    req help client jar

    Well, make sure you jar in eclipse as runnable jar, and make sure your main method is picked correctly.
  9. Bananastreet

    Asteria OSRS | Stable Base

    Thanks, I'll take a look, kind of interested what people like this bring to the table in the rsps community. EDIT: Interesting, already had an older version of this.
  10. Bananastreet

    SoulPlay/SoulSplit source

    The way I understood, is that the soulsplit source was for sale, but they wanted a really large amount for it and no one really had that much cash, so it just disappeared with them.
  11. Bananastreet


    You guys are annoying, I'm locking this thread, please keep your unjustified opinions to yourself.
  12. Bananastreet


    Welcome to Rune Suite, if you need any assistance, please consider messaging me here, or in the discord. Thanks!
  13. Not gonna lie, looks like any ruse release.
  14. Bananastreet

    OS Royale Farming

    Please refrain on posting content that is unrelated to the original post.
  15. Bananastreet

    ApacheNick Complete Package + Web Shop

    Ay you're welcome, might get some other stuff in the future, just be on the lookout.

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