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  1. Java

    Valius Home map

    Not to mention the scummy name you get by using a Release map when you can get em done for $20 or less lel 🤣
  2. Java

    Valius Home map

    The second floor w/out a roof😅
  3. [Hidden Content] make sure to check it out for the $250 giveaway!
  4. Join our active Discord channel: [Hidden Content] Recent Update: Hey guys, the Classic/Event mode + some unique rewards are finally here. you can find out more info about the Weekly Skill Event here: Weekly Skill Competition - News and Announcements - Valius [SPOILER=Media] Weekly skill competition capes Custom Halloween daily event interface Unique one of a kind weapons (barrows sword with particles) Revenant drops Active minigames + Friendly community Pvm Points shop Point Systems Custom pets + particles Master Capes with Particles Amazing custom maps Pvm & Boss points Justiciar Shield Vorkath + Droptables [/SPOILER]
  5. Valius RSPS, Your #1 custom OSRS server presents: Trials of Xeric, our FIRST of many custom raids! [Hidden Content]
  6. -A new skill is available for Classic/Event mode players: Cooking -The fishing skill has been rewritten -Credits: Fox News -The issue causing players to disconnect and stay disconnected has been fixed - Fox News -Highscores for classic players have been fixed (randomly stopped updating properly for some players?) -Morrigans axes + javelins will now work a ranged weapons (Dropped by Revs) -Morrigans axes + javelins now have a lower range bonus (it was way too high, almost double compared to the craws bow) -Dragon thrown axes now have a range bonus instead of an attack bonus & can be bought from the Bloodmoney shop for 5 Bloodmoney each -Craws bow now works as a proper bow and will do 50% more dmg to monsters within the wilderness -Craws bow can now be obtained from revenants. all reventants minus goblins and fiends will have a drop rate of 1:800 Goblins and fiends droprates are 1:1000 -Thammaron's staff will now do 25% more magic damage + have 100% more accuracy against all monsters within the wilderness -Revenants will now drop the Thammaron's staff at the same rate as the Craw's bow -Players can now buy the bone dagger (++) from the Pvm shop for 200 PVM points -The price of Karils has been raised to 200 pvm points a piece
  7. Java

    Illerai Client


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