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  1. Just comment out MySQL on server startup or see if there's a boolean for MySQL in Game Settings/GameConstants/Constants class whatever it might be. If you have the database, https://www.apachefriends.org/index.html install and run XAMPP with modules Apache & MySQL running, got to in your browser and import the database, then change where the MySQL is trying to connect to "localhost", username root, password leave empty.
  2. public static int WORLD = System.getProperty("user.home").equals("D:/RSPS/Server 1/Galvek_Master/galvek-game-server/") ? 1 : System.getProperty("user.home").equals("C:/Users/name/") ? 2 : System.getProperty("user.home").equals("C:/Users/name/") ? 3 : 1;//else 1 should fix your issue. When pasting in directories IDE's like to try and be helpful and change your route from: D:/RSPS/Server 1/Galvek_Master/galvek-game-server/ to D:\\RSPS\\Server 1\\Galvek_Master\\galvek-game-server as \\ symbolis
  3. Affliction


    <dependency> <groupId>org.projectlombok</groupId> <artifactId>lombok</artifactId> <version>1.18.8</version> <scope>provided</scope> </dependency> into your pom.xml if you're using Maven, if not download the latest available jar for lombok, assuming you're using Java 9 or above.
  4. NpcDefinitions is where your ints go, look at other custom NPC's (if there is any) for other examples, models (depending on Client, which you've given us very little information on) are usually packed inside the cache, either by using Tom's Cachesuite (or something to a similar effect) or if your client has repack index methods, by creating an index1 folder in your cache directory, and enabled cache repacking for index 1.
  5. is the central server Also, you may be used to older revisions, but that error is still self explanatory: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4.CommunicationsException: Communications link failure It's failing to connect to the MySQL Database.
  6. Until I opened Zanaris last year, I was out of RSPS for 4 years, since Zanaris was hacked and leaked, I've not touched RSPS with intent of hosting (lockdowns been hard, worked on multiple just for fun projects, but nothing with intent of hosting). Last year nothing had really changed, except for people (including me) using Runite/OS-Scape/Vorkath, I guess my questions are: What's changed? Are they thriving, dying? What do the top servers have to offer? What do you think needs to change in the scene?
  7. I'm not sure why you'd want people to be able to teleport out of the instance, that's beyond me (just leave the instance through the exits? or die?), anyway find the method that casts the teleport (I'm unsure what class that is, presumably it's the same line of code that checks your teleblock timer) so I suggest checking there, there's probably a check if(player.getLocation() == Locations.FIGHT_CAVES) or something, just take it out, again beyond me as to why you'd want to remove it.
  8. I recently deleted the repo for this on GitHub (and don't have any of the files, by the way, the repository was public on GitHub long before the server was attacked, why? I just didn't really care if anyone had the files.), if anyone wishes to use this, I really suggest taking the time and looking at the odd bugs that resulted in other bug fixes, (to be honest, I really would suggest not trying to make a project out of this).
  9. Spaming will not be tolerated do not abuse the limited char system
  10. OOf big oof, thought they were doing well, no?
  11. because other versions arent working
  12. Neat, thank you Spaming will not be tolerated do not abuse the limited char system
  13. Neat, thank you Spaming will not be tolerated do not abuse the limited char system
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