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  1. Thanks for the release! Interesting to see so many excellent sources floating around.
  2. Nice leak! I needed this for the API/Update/Game server!
  3. Aren't we all? Anyways nice quotes.
  4. This message will go down in history 🤣
  5. Actually been interested in this after seeing some people creating custom homes/etc. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I definitely feel it should say somewhere at like the top that you need 20 posts to access certain parts. It took me a few minutes to catch on as well, so I assume every new person runs into this.
  7. Just find a somewhat reasonable way to contribute while gaining your 20 posts. Surely there is somewhere on this forum you can contribute something somewhat beneficial to someone.
  8. I enjoy OSRS, but don't mine some pre-eoc packed in with it. My problem is when servers just run 100% based on selling max items for donations.. Ruins any chance of an eco/etc.
  9. Insane but I wonder how much of that was charged back? I assume anyone donating 1k+ is highly likely to charge back, and as I assume most know paypal isn't the kindest to the sellers.
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