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  1. Arithium


    Thanks for the release!
  2. Arithium


    Thanks for the release!
  3. Arithium


    Updated link, not sure why it broke. https://mega.nz/#!eFsi2SKQ!eonjaHtWku8oZaCJkhTBfrbKCJomeP5C40uFc7YwdnQ
  4. Arithium


    I wrote the nav bar myself. It was made to replicate ikov.
  5. Arithium


    Ruse is a compilation of multiple servers put together. There is code from desolace, zamorak and asteria. The problem is Gabbe is an idiot and wrote crap code on top of code he ripped from other servers. While ruse is definitely better then project insanity, it still has a lot of bad design choices.
  6. Arithium


    Your right, project insanity is worse.
  7. Arithium


    Since the person decided to not pay me what was left and dispute his first payment, I'm just going to be releasing the source. And since they removed it from rune-server, I'm going to release it here. Basically Ruse with swiffy's updated combat & some other features such as player owned shops, anti aliasing, fog, osrs bosses, etc.. Download: https://mega.nz/#!eFsi2SKQ!eonjaHtWku8oZaCJkhTBfrbKCJomeP5C40uFc7YwdnQ Media:
  8. If it counts, I'm the one who actually started http://zamorak.net and helped build http://near-reality.org up to 400 players.
  9. I have no clue, I was going to help him learn until he decided to tell me he couldn't afford to pay me.
  10. You only need a packet size of 2 since this is all your reading. int clientId = c.getInStream().readSignedWordBigEndian();
  11. I see your problem. Line with the // 140, count them from the start. 140, 141, 142, 143, make 142 and 143 with a packet size of 2.
  12. Are you an idiot? Samar owns deviouspk.
  13. Samar actually wanted me to work on this for him but couldn't figure out how to set up git. He then began to tell me some youtuber ripped him off for $500 so he couldn't afford to pay me either. Shut that shit down quick.
  14. There aren't even enough threads to post on for it to matter.
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