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  1. [317] Kronos Release + Deob

    Nice, ill check it out
  2. OSRS 156 Data

    I got it, thank you!
  3. OSRS 156 Data

    I did indeed, Clarify packing map_index, replace the old one I suppose?
  4. OSRS 156 Data

    Fuck. All I see is black
  5. OSRS 156 Data

    Coords for new areas?
  6. OsWorld Release (LATEST)

    Ill check it out, pretty sure I already have the latest but w.e, nice release.
  7. ruthlessps Release

    Nice release.
  8. OSRS Map Editor

  9. Requesting Base

    Ah weird, the client looks like Exotic/317. Especially when you are in fullscreen.
  10. Requesting Base

    90% sure thats Exotic
  11. Exotic - Raids, Inferno, & More!

    I assume it was hardcoded? lol.
  12. 718 /rs3 client

    Ye same, Cant get it to connect. Dont even get an error.
  13. Vernox RS3 Release

    What rule is that under?
  14. Start on rooftop agility

    Forcemove vars are aids, did Varrock, Al kharid and relleka for Lost-Isle
  15. Not a leak, this is released on Rune-Server..