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  1. Here you goooooooooo I had to remove the .git archives as it was 2GB originally that was the ONLY going through that was done. This is a good release if you can get it working.. Enjoy. Source / Client: [Hidden Content] Cache: [Hidden Content]
  2. Logan


    Hello! This is MagePS (source only) from 2018 (according to the user who asked me to release it) This leak has been sent to me for release by @Jack so thank him. This is not my package and has only been verified to be real, no intensive checking has taken place. [Hidden Content]
  3. SiteSpace was acquired by Zonode last year. If you can wait a few days, I will have my newest venture out and online and more details be posted. IF you can't wait a few days for a new host, there are a number of hosts out there I'm sure you can find one.
  4. P.S., I started this base so I'll finish it ;-) Gielinor 317: [Hidden Content] Gielinor Arios-based Website: [Hidden Content] Gielinor #163 convert: Thread: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] This one is for your Jay Gatsby and Corey from R-S
  5. Logan

    Aeros- Leaked!

    This actually looks decent, Thx
  6. Logan

    Ivory #742

    Here is Fuzen's Ivory revision 742, Enjoy! [Hidden Content] Media: [Hidden Content]
  7. here is an Arios convert that has all (or so it says) packets completed... #155 is what the rar says, I got this off the person who made Vernox.. please scan if anyone has a chance. [Hidden Content]
  8. For those of you OG's in the RSPS world, I'd like to bring you some memories... Here is a Lightrune base that Square made (I think?) It has some half-assed content but the framework is really nice. [Hidden Content]
  9. Here is a reupload / re-release of Fury v5 as R-S is no longer the place to release anything anymore 😛. Media: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  10. I don't have a lot of info from this, it's old but it's a true 666 before he made Dementhium... [Hidden Content] If someone could post a virus scan that'd be appreciated. I am downloading off my External to take media.
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