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  1. sad this got leaked but i guess people will continue with this
  2. Nice release, will be checking this out
  3. Galvek Custom barrows boss, Scylla The Queue PvP arena system with elo: Nightmare Raids 1 - Muttadile Blast Furnace Inferno Wonder what makes Kodai stand out? Find out https://kodai.gg/forum/index.php?threads/kodais-custom-items-content-and-areas.92/ Gamemodes: Ironman - Limited from certain shops, and cannot trade. Ultimate Ironman - Ironman, but cannot bank. Hardcore Ironman - Ironman, but only has one life. Duo Ironman - Ironman, but you can choose a partner you'll be able to trade with. Gilded Ironman - Ironman, but 5x OSRS exp. Group ironman - Gilded ironman, but with a squad of up to 4. Galvek Skilling task shop Skilling tasks Chests that can be obtained from bosses TOB stats Cerb Mage arena 2 Quest-tab info Examine for droptable & Wyverns Cluescroll Gorillas Pets Buy Instances Wintertodt KQ Pest ctrl Rune & addy drags Catacombs NPC map Sire Smokedevil Vorkath Zulrah Kraken Rooftop agility Staking Skotizo Minnows fishing Rooftop agility Blast Furnace Raids 1 & 2 in-depth media Raids 2 - Maiden Raids 2 - Bloat Raids 2 - Nylocas Raids 2 - Sotetseg Raids 2 - Xarpus Raids 2 - Verzik p1 Raids 2 - Verzik p2 Raids 2 - Verzik p3 Raids 1 - OLM p2 Raids 1 - OLM p3
  4. oo custom server nice ty for release
  5. nice let me see how this is
  6. let me see what this has to offer
  7. Should of took more time doing your thread
  8. Lmao never seen anything like this before

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