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  1. Vernox RS3 Release

  2. Battle-OS - Released

  3. [RUSE] - Immortal X

    , ,
  4. [317] Kronos Release + Deob

  5. SCAPEHD Released

  6. Updated Volantis server

  7. Falador

    This is the Ruse based Falador by Affliction on R-S there is no project thread on it
  8. Armadyl - Combining Oldschool & Newschool

    Respond on skype you duck
  9. Armadyl - Combining Oldschool & Newschool

    It was released on Rune-Server and its not the updated version
  10. Armadyl - Combining Oldschool & Newschool

    Lol host ready? It would be just like any other PI, unstable, same content as every other server, and buggy. 3 developers day and night, would need at least 3 months with 100s of updates. The project I am on took a host ready server, with 3 developers, and we have been working for about 7 months and STILL aren't host ready. If you want a quality server than you will need a lot more effort than 3 developers and a few days. Just trying to inform people who think they can download and host this. The updated Volantis release is better than this and has more of a chance of becoming big.
  11. Armadyl - Combining Oldschool & Newschool

    This HAS to be a joke lol. I was a developer for Jay and this is absolutely filled with bugs and needs tons of work. Half the skills aren't even properly done, just saying.
  12. looking for frontier

    Wow this looks good