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  1. YvngSkid


    Watched some videos on it looks interesting
  2. not sure what this is hopefully it helps
  3. Thank you for this, I always wanted to make a more improved skill guide.
  4. I would say Slayer is a great way to incentize PvM on servers I would love to see Construction used better as well skilling made more unique with maybe custom late game items.
  5. So during this quarantine I kind want a project to work on figured it would be fun to work on just customizing and learning to change things around on an RSPS. I have been playing RSPS for probably over 4 years now my greatest play through was over a year and a half on a server called Manic RSPS where I built a youtube channel and grew it along side the server until the owner allowed the cash flow to get to his and continued to sell "customs" til eco died. So anyways enough ramble what I am asking for is I only have an entry level understanding of python when it comes to coding. I was wondering what concepts I should look to understand before I take a pick at sifting through an RSPS source ! Also not sure if this wrong sub forum
  6. YvngSkid

    Hi Guys!

    Hi People, I am YvngSkidCraft I did Youtube for an rsps a couple years back and my channel and that server grew togather but after it died I got bored and deleted my channel. This quartine has me so bored, I decided I want to learn to code I figured it would be fun to find a source code to play with it and slowly try to add things that I would want as I learn. I have a basic understanding of Python so I am pretty new to the world of coding so wish me luck. Sincerely, Yvng Skid

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What is a RSPS?

A RSPS, also known as RuneScape private server, is an online game based on RuneScape, and controlled by independent individuals.


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