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  1. Ill take this files aswell thanks.
  2. Leaker

    OSRS Website

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  3. Who ever has the files, hit me up.
  4. Share Src for luls
  5. Lets see them pictures.
  6. Also whenever you tried to get it to work, you even used WRONG SOURCE that wont work. After a while a nice guy came and told me to unpack another src in this package you sent me and it worked... You didint even know how to get it to work... Because probably someone did it for you.
  7. Do not buy, selling broken source that he cant even get to work.. He tried 1h to get it work, even tho before i sent money he said it will work, but apparently he wasnt able to even get it online himself. So he had to leave and told me someone will add me in a FEW and its been almost a day, now hes ignoring my messages whatsoever.
  8. Leaker


    Hello and welcome!
  9. Leaker


    Worth to check out.
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