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  1. This is the $100 rank of RuneSuite and now people trust me more with transactions
  2. Nice job madara, Might check this out.
  3. Think i've seen this somewhere else, But thanks for the contribution
  4. Thanks for the contribution, Might check it out.
  5. Still looking for the key if anyone has it
  6. I believe he means lets come together and make our own framework. A base we can all contribute in hopes of the community using it as their own base and working off of it, Pretty neat idea
  7. Welcome to Runeleak my friend
  8. RuneUnity was Simplicity, Which i was the developer for. Then i sold it to bas after leaving the team and he ran it as arlania then sold to adam. Neither of them did anything.
  9. FishyRS

    Custom models

    Decompile dreamscape, grab the ints > Dump the models you like. Find any online somewhere, Unpack to .dat if you deem necessary or just cache pack as gz and voila
  10. This isn't a good way to do it, Would of been alot better to release a tutorial showing the noobies how to cache pack. Since they obviously are stumped on what exactly their doing. But good job anyways, Well put.
  11. I removed some stuff, it's all there just gotta figure it out
  12. Looks good, Looking forward to see how this turns out.
  13. FishyRS


    Look good buddy, @Satdown
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