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  1. haha, it's a pile of shit james i wouldn't bother
  2. Can blame shitter hahaha
  3. He sold files to splitpk for 1b not even worth 100m hahaha
  4. nah but if you check out the discord in sneak peaks https://discord.com/invite/esxPQj9sVH aswell as website https://osmalice.com/
  5. So as i've left Malice due to the owner trying to sell this to multiple people. I thought i would release for the community. No help will be given to run this. Includes- #190 cache #Basic Nightmare script, if you want this to work you will need to rewrite the rest. #Custom home #Json loading player saves/Items and much more Overall I would advise using this base to host, however some things would be nifty to rip from. Credits Hoax - for doing 190 cache F-16 for Json loading Player saves/items https://www.dr
  6. md

    OSRS Cache Editor

    Gonna give this a looksie...............
  7. md

    RSAM Download

    definitely going to use this thank ya
  8. looks somewhat decent i guess looks somewhat decent i guess looks somewhat decent i guess
  9. will take a look at this..........
  10. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
  11. bro, your'e amazing thanks for release
  12. will have a look at this, thanks mate
  13. Thanks mate for the release, will be checking this out
  14. will deifnitely take a look, thanks for release
  15. will definitely give this a look at, thanks for release
  16. thanks mate, gonna take a look at this
  17. thanks for this, will definitely be giving it a look at
  18. Thanks will check it out11111111
  19. md

    Hold your breath

  20. md


    cheers lads :')
  21. md


    anyone has free's RSWP? for anyone who doesn't know what i'm talking about https://www.rune-server.org/black-market/virtual-items/selling/639293-runescape-wiki-parser-rswp.html
  22. i checked his forums, nothing in terms of "development" logs has been listed.
  23. i believe dylan hasn't done anything actually, just changed the home lol.. correct me if im wrong