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  1. Can blame shitter hahaha
  2. He sold files to splitpk for 1b not even worth 100m hahaha
  3. nah but if you check out the discord in sneak peaks [Hidden Content] aswell as website [Hidden Content]
  4. So as i've left Malice due to the owner trying to sell this to multiple people. I thought i would release for the community. No help will be given to run this. Includes- #190 cache #Basic Nightmare script, if you want this to work you will need to rewrite the rest. #Custom home #Json loading player saves/Items and much more Overall I would advise using this base to host, however some things would be nifty to rip from. Credits Hoax - for doing 190 cache F-16 for Json loading Player saves/items f0f8126dd41b35
  5. Gonna give this a looksie...............
  6. definitely going to use this thank ya
  7. looks somewhat decent i guess looks somewhat decent i guess looks somewhat decent i guess
  8. will take a look at this..........
  9. 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
  10. bro, your'e amazing thanks for release
  11. will have a look at this, thanks mate
  12. Thanks mate for the release, will be checking this out
  13. will deifnitely take a look, thanks for release
  14. will definitely give this a look at, thanks for release
  15. thanks mate, gonna take a look at this
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