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  1. RSPSi Map Editor v1.0

    skiddy pop
  2. [OSRS] Lost-Isle Released

  3. OS-Royale release

  4. OSRS 156 Data

  5. Zaros - Released

    thanks for this!
  6. Blank OSRS Deob Server

    thanks for this.
  7. Arios 498 & 530 Developer Release

    sweet man thanks for this.
  8. Astrect/Lost-isle

    you didn't tell me shit until you made that reply an hr ago rofl.. you spammed my skype when i was sleeping you twat, I don't have time for rsps drama anymore and yes, the community is toxic as fk.
  9. Astrect/Lost-isle

    Yeah I already know who took those screeenshots, it is that idiot Teemo. His skype is ibbow98 I sold him a copy of astrect that isnt even up to date anymore compared to my copy as of now and if Teemo thinks that his copy has raids he is an idiot. Teemo didn't even know what xteas are rofl.. I am Greco btw, used a different username on this site.
  10. In need of Virtue 865

    This is how my scripts folder looks atm for skills: [Hidden Content]
  11. In need of Virtue 865

    The 865 Virtue is in the projects section on rune-server. My version of virtue has a crap load of content. I may open source it
  12. Elveron 742 - OLD Source SRC Released

    Here is Elveron's full source from October 4th 2015 along with the cache and the deob I was on their development team and had it backed up from that time. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]

    Thanks for the quote
  14. My Future Goals

    best of luck!