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  1. Blank OSRS Deob Server

    Cool release.
  2. Moparscape 30/3/2017 Source & client

    cheers. in the future delete the .git folders
  3. VirtuePS

    gladly compare benchmarks of your PI vs Ruse if you want. never thought I'd see someone arguing PI is better than another source.. especially in 2017
  4. OSVernox

    yeah both dylan and trikru are idiots. leaching idiots who think changing pre-existing content in their astrect/lost-isle leak is 'development'
  5. OSVernox

    I literally looked and compared the source to Mayhem. There's classes that I added and were never used that are also in this base. Did you just copy those over for no reason? What about the numerous comments that are word-for-word copies of ones in Mayhem? You're a leech and that's all you are. Just like your current project is just a bunch of shit edits and no actual development.
  6. Katagon\Impact-RS

    Still looking for this. PM me if you want to setup some sort of compensation.
  7. Anyone have guthix?

    OS-Brutality is basically Guthix.
  8. OSVernox

    all this base is anyways is other people's work with his shitty interface editing. not even his 'shit'
  9. Armadyl - Combining Oldschool & Newschool

    Server was released a long time ago. There's nothing special about it, besides the somewhat decent construction base and revision switching.
  10. req this tool

    might post the source to it in the future.
  11. Katagon\Impact-RS

    PMed.. Anyone?
  12. Katagon\Impact-RS

    Someone has to have this still.
  13. Arrav

    Still looking.
  14. What source to host soon?

    Underlying base of it is shit, horribly optimized every action takes years to perform. Content is half assed. If your team is so "good" as to fix that, start from a real fking base and not a leached os-pvp copy + pasted and compiled from 10 different servers