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  1. i cant reply or like in any topic

  2. Please consider adding a "how to" guide for new account members. I joined and have literally no idea what to do here. I can only view and can't reply to any posts aside from posting my own and looking at the knowledge sections which isn't helping at all. I tried completing my profile but everytime I click net I just go right back to my account homepage. So my account can never be completed... Requesting help for myself and new account users in the future
  3. I am very confused. I cant reply on most topics. I tried completing my profile but it just reroutes me back to where I started. Is there even a guide on what to do to get the account working?

  4. How come can reply to this post and not any others............ Please help
  5. I cant reply or do anything.. Why... What is the point in this webpage........

  6. Hey all, My name is Green. I've been playing RSPS's since 2009. I am currently 23. I've always considered opening my own server someday. I tried coding back in 2013 there but with little success. My goal here is to learn how to get a client up and going for my personal use. Not really trying to host anything for the public as I have little to no experience in this field. Maybe someday later down the road. Looking forward to learning and growing in this area with the community. - Green
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