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  1. Wzrdary

    DAT Maker.

    Nice, thank you for this download!
  2. Bump, really want to understand this!
  3. Afternoon All! Just a quick one, I'm trying to get Keris to hit more against Kaphite NPC's. Here's what I've written, and for some reason it isn't working? in PlayerCombat.java public boolean hasKeris(Player player) { int weaponId = player.getEquipment().getWeaponId(); return weaponId == 10581 || weaponId == 10582 || weaponId == 10583; } also in PlayerCombat.java if (target instanceof NPC) { NPC n = (NPC) target; if (n.getId() == 1157 && hasKeris(player)) { double strengthBonus = player.getCombatDefinitions().getBonuses()[CombatDefinitions.STRENGT
  4. Bump! I could really use some help on this!
  5. Hello Everyone, I have just downloaded a new 718 source and client, and I'm logged in to begin testing for suitability. I have noticed Kuradal's 'Get Task' option doesn't do anything. I obviously want to get this working but I'm having difficulty getting it right... Does anyone have a working 'Get Task' option they could show me? My attempt is below, probably embarassing... Kuradal.java public static boolean getTask(Player player) { //stuck here! player.setTalkedWithKuradal(true); if (player.getTask() == null) { SlayerTask.random(player, Master.KURADAL);
  6. Will definitely give this a go. I'm using this! Epic source! Was looking for Feather 718/742 for ages, glad you've released this! Small error in bank.java, I have fixed, if anyone is struggling to fix this let me know.
  7. Definitely have to check this one out!
  8. This is almost a part of history, good stuff!
  9. Good looking release, wish I was interested in 317's.
  10. Good looking release, not sure if I'll look into this myself.
  11. Good watch, I'll check this out, thanks!
  12. Hello All, I'm creating this list of goals for myself to look back on and complete as I go through them. If anyone has advice on any of the below I'd appreciate it. Download a suitable 718 source, client and cache. Set home into my favorite place in the game and deck it out with NPC's and teleport methods. Learn more about the process and host the server to my friends. Begin creating my own content. Silly one really, but add the three tokhaar-kal capes from scratch.
  13. On the hunt for Feather 718 Source and Client, a cache would be nice too!

  14. Ignore above I've posted in 'Complaints/Issue Reporting'!
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