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  1. Thanks for this. Awesome release. Wish the guy was around so I could actually purchase it.
  2. If anyone has a link to the 910 deob, let me know, the mega link in the other post is down. This will have to do for now, thanks for the upload. Edit: This link is also down, if anyone has a 910 deob mirror let me know. Looking for one.
  3. Been looking for a feather mirror for forever. Thanks for the post.
  4. Thanks for the link to the cache. The deob is still up on another form. Edit: This link is also down, if anyone has a 910 deob mirror let me know. Looking for one.
  5. You're looking at a lot of work. Even minor revision changes are a beast to try and "hook up" properly.
  6. thanks for the upload, definitely worth checking out
  7. Thanks a bunch for the re-up this has been a pain to find
  8. Thanks for this, you're a legend. -Link removed
  9. Thanks a ton for the contribution! Appreciate ya.
  10. Ty will definitely be checking this out. If anyone has any tips on how to map edit please dm 😛
  11. Everythings been pretty much picking up because of the virus that's spreading currently. People don't want to pay for membership so it's driving a lot of people to private servers.
  12. Woahscam


    Hey Silverblue, nice to meet you. If you haven't already, start learning the basics of Java instead of just looking up snippets/tutorials for code. Make it truly yours! There is a ton of info out there too. Start by looking at a couple of different rsps sources and read over the code to get a basic understanding of what's going on. If you need help or have questions about development, don't be afraid to ask Alex
  13. Hey Bacpac! If you want to start to learn how to create a rsps, You should take time and learn java/ look at other rsps's source code to get a better understanding about how a server functions. If you need anymore help don't be afraid to shoot over a dm 😛 Alex

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